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Sam Soriano
02:27 28 Dec 23
Been going for years but recently got my Boyfriend addicted to these tacos. When we want fast tacos, this is it! Love it.
Christina ODonnell
01:20 10 Nov 23
Super nice employees. I left my ski jacket and called them 2 hours later and they had saved it for me.Also cheese quesadilla is good
Semi-Feral Promotions
01:04 29 Oct 23
I can not think of a single bad thing to say about both the chain and this particular store! so good!
Breanna Ruiter
20:51 24 Jul 23
It was our 1st time trying Jimboy's Tacos. Maria was very attentive and sweet with helping us. We will be back
Jon Newsom
19:58 30 Jun 23
Great deal for good Mexican fast food.Best deal:6-pack of taco's to go.Very good beef tacos, great price, easy to heat up for a later snack if you have a couple left over.Their El Gordo is a great giant taco, and you can add extra quac and or sour cream cream.Combo dinners are available ad ccx well
Jason A
16:56 19 Jun 23
This is a great Jimboy's in my opinion. It's an older building ... And it hasn't been updated to that new "fancy" style Jimboy's.However, the food is great and they are always quick to get your meal out and extremely friendly.Thanks everyone for making our Jimboy's Tacos how I remember them from when I was a kid! Also, always try a taco burger.
Halle Bentley
05:34 19 Apr 23
I decided on 14 tacos to be clear. I've never had them before. For the students who are leaving the program, I host a Taco Tuesday event at my school. I refused the drive-through. I believe that the appearance from the outside is for some purpose because it is very hardly convincing. They are in front of a sizable casino; the business might lose interest. No indication of a change in plans is present, but it will happen later in the day. I was there to go get tacos. Whatever is said about the tacos, they are fine. Unquestionably, the type of taco that you can eat right away or later and still enjoy it. Delicious, no glaze, yum yum.
21:33 24 Feb 23
This place never lets me down. Great food if you're in the mood to chow down. Tacos, burritos and the nachos are fire.
Rebecca Valdovinos
20:26 10 Dec 22
To Be clear I went for 14 Tacos. I have never had them before. I do a Taco Tues event for my school for the students who are exiting the program. I stayed in drive thru. From the looks from the outside the appearance is very much uninviting, I believe this is on purpose. They are across from a major Casino, the company can careless. There is no sign of intent to make changes, but at the end of the day. I was there for to go Tacos. As far as the Tacos they are alright. Definitely the type of taco you can eat now or eat later and yet still good. Gluten free, delicious yum yum.
Jarrod Rowe
12:18 09 Sep 22
The crew here definitely gets underpaid for what they do. These guys are awesome! They always execute my order in a timely manner, very professional, as well the crew is very polite and respectful. I'm one to make difficult orders and they do it without a complaint! You guys are the best and we all appreciate the hard work and commitment you put into that place to meet our satisfactory needs. Keep it up!
Paul Smith
17:03 20 Jul 22
Enjoy getting a meal here when I travel to Reno.The location could use some updating and maybe fix the pot hole at the drive up window.I always recommend Jimboys to others.
Anthony Dobson
17:47 30 Jun 22
Are you 1. Drunk 2. Stoned ?If yes to either, follow Google path to this location.Upon arrival, accept reward!
Patrick Lussier (Rodenka91)
05:23 22 Jun 22
The beef taco is the one to get, it’s so well seasoned and has a good amount of cheese as well as a dusting of cheese on the tortilla shell itself. Absolutely incredible, I was heart broken when I discovered there HAD been one in the Dallas area that apparently didn’t do well enough to stay open. Had I known about the place I would have single handedly slept them in business!
Paulina Arcos
21:21 12 Jun 22
As a mexican love that they called the place american taco fantastic!!!! Try the parmesan taco...a cheap and tasty place in Reno. Love it.
Josh Sims
15:21 07 Jun 22
Their bean and cheese burritos hit different and they have great shredded beef tacos! A bit spendy but good nonetheless.
Thomas P. Meader
13:32 13 May 22
My wife had never been, so I took her and one of the first things out of her mouth after the first couple bites was "I think this might be the best taco I've ever had!"
JT Satterfield
04:00 13 May 22
Classic Jimboys... Quick and ready when you are. Lovin' the grated parmesan still after forty plus years... (If you eat Jimboys, you know what I mean!)
Michael Jones
12:40 17 Apr 22
Taco shells are delicious, burritos are average. Price is decent friendly staff. Ill be back
Ray Newman
16:49 30 Mar 22
One of the first places I stopped every time I come to Reno very good
Jacquie Allen
17:22 18 Jan 22
Probably the best one in town, which is saying something because all of them are great.
renee saunders
00:29 08 Jan 22
I love the original tacos!! They sprinkle parmesan cheese on them!! Yum
Carys Flynn
02:58 30 Dec 21
me and my family have been getting jimboys for a couple years and it is the best food you will ever have in your life i’m not kidding. it will immediately become your favorite fast food place. 15/10.
Linda Radler
20:43 28 Nov 21
First time there based on my friend saying you must try. I don't even like Mexican food but this place was amazing for fast food. Fresh fresh fresh. Meats are not over processed, everything good!
Colt Hill
20:14 19 Nov 21
It's a acquired taste and once you get it, you'll crave it all the time! The soft tacos are amazing!
Debbie Mann Mazzulla
20:23 21 Oct 21
Always love them they sell bottles of their hot sauce now too.
Marlene Reed
18:09 06 Oct 21
I so miss having access to the amazing tacos here. Haven't lived in the area for 20 years, but it the one thing that was a must!
Graham Berry
02:14 08 Sep 21
Fresh food. Happy people. I love it here!
Megan Svetz
03:07 14 Jun 21
The family deal was a steal! Four tacos, for burritos and choose and queso for $25! Service was great, food was delicious! Will definitely be back.
sungod L
17:31 05 Jun 21
Today I was craving tacos and boy did I get them.they looked great and tasted better. I couldn't give them a 5 because I tried ordering through the speaker and they didn't take my order. I had to go to the window to place my order. The first woman had an attitude and was clearly annoyed that I was there. The second woman was nicer. Will I come here again maybe. I'm not saying no I'm not saying yes.
Philip Galbraith
20:49 29 May 21
Wonderful service.I don't know how they season their ground beef, but it is amazing
Marlena Nobles
05:47 25 May 21
The gentleman was very sweet and extremely helpful. It was pretty late and near closing when we went. It was the only thing open in and around my neighborhood at that hour. We went through the drive through and it was hot, fresh and very delicious. I am thinking about going again. I am not sure if I can walk through the drive through though? Perhaps I could call and ask.
Theresa Stackhouse
05:36 28 Apr 21
Delicious food, but it is on the greasy side so be sure to get extra napkins!
Meechie M
19:03 20 Apr 21
Soda was out but the tacos are good when you pick up or eat there. I don't like the delivery service because everything is always messy and cold.
Generose Preston
03:03 19 Apr 21
I tried all the tacos , my fav was ground beef. Very good tacos
Jen Conway
22:00 10 Apr 21
The tacos were very good. They need to be eaten pretty quickly though. The grated parmesan on the outside was interesting and really good.
Maria Marie
18:00 09 Mar 21
Still awesome! 27 years between visits and the food remains delicious!
Pattie Miller
04:15 03 Jan 21
One if not the second best mexican restaurants I have ever been to. They have the absolutely best tasting, perfectly cooked, down-home(so-to-speak) Mexican cuisine I have ever tasted. When you walk in everyone has a smile on their face and actually seem to love their jobs and cooking all that wonderful food for us. Hands down my favorite place to eat.
Gina Mafiaa
08:36 10 Dec 20
I Ordered #15 On The Menu Which Is The Steak Tacos And They Booooommmbb. Highly Reccommend The Steak Tacos To Try.
Sandra Ford
01:48 08 Dec 20
Delicious! Delicious! Delicious! Delicious! We ordered 4 different tacos and each one was absolutely delicious!
Kimberly Turner
22:57 06 Nov 20
Luv the Chicken El Gordo. Taste the same from my high school days. Luv Jimboy's. Wish they were in Vegas.
Some Guy
20:01 08 Oct 20
This place rocks. Food has always been great.Now that we’re are in the Covid-19 days, it’s great to see that the staff do an outstanding job keeping the establishment very clean. I literally said, “Wow this place is clean”!Keep up the good work, we appreciate it.
Zubeyir M
14:38 28 Sep 20
I was running errands with a friend when she suggested we eat at jimboy's. I was a little reluctant at first because of the very fast food nature of the place. It is, indeed, fast food. But it's pretty good and priced extremely reasonably. I'm definitely adding jimboy's to my list of fast food places I'll go to.
Terri Van De Mark
09:02 28 Sep 20
I love their beef tacos. I havem't tried anything else on their menu.
jesse gomez
01:07 17 Sep 20
The best fast food tacos on earth!
Darren Lopez
21:25 16 Sep 20
The food and the people there are great. At least every time I go in is always bomb.
Wendy Soucy
21:17 10 Sep 20
Best tacos nothing else to say
Angela Ackerman
13:13 01 Sep 20
Ground beef tacos!!! No need to say more.
Carlos Zuniga
05:20 31 Aug 20
Always gets my order correct and just really good food.
Jennifer Skaggs
02:28 30 Aug 20
These are the best quick and greasy tacos! The shells are the perfect combination of savory, crispy, and chewy so that they don't break and spill your filling. The parmesan on the outside is an amazing addition.
Marlene Cameron
22:10 26 Aug 20
Great food
Balin Roi
11:20 24 Aug 20
They were nice, VERY clean on the inside, the outside I was sketchy, but as soon as you go in, it's actually nice and they clean a ton there. Everyone is friendly, the food is AMAZING, I love the burritos too, I'm always down to eat 6 of those. Thanks guys for lunch!! It was good as s***, totally diggin your famous tacos too!!
Samuel Valenzuela 111
21:24 15 Aug 20
Take my girl all the time. She loves their tacos.
Mr. Jackson
00:15 03 Aug 20
It might surprise people to find out that the best tacos in the world are originally from Kings Beach California. Jimboy's Tacos has grown in the number of locations and although it may not be the fanciest looking restaurant I assure you the tacos are delicious
Kenneth Shervey
18:31 01 Jul 20
We went on a reno taco tour and my girlfriend chose this place as the best.
William Dean
13:49 16 Jun 20
Had the ground beef tacos, and had them add in some tomatoes with it. I found them very delicious, maybe slightly on the salty side. Remind me of the tacos we make it home. I recommend eating them soon as it's not a good idea to let day shells sit for too long. Definitely going back again when I'm in town.
Melvin Hasselbeck
02:04 31 May 20
Yeh this is a good spot. Great food. Will miss ya on to another adventure
Keith Dames
04:55 27 May 20
My new favorite Mexican (but Americanized) fast food joint. Good carne asada burrito, great queso, and I love the parmasian dusted taco shells!
Daniel McCarty
01:42 13 Mar 20
Unbelievable tacos, best I've ever had! Must try! Great service too!
Jason Eberle
04:54 13 Feb 20
This place has great, greasy, junk food for anybody who likes Mexican food. But in all seriousness, the food is really flavorful & good & a really good price. I love how they put the Parmesan cheese on the tacos. Definitely one of my favorite places to go in all of Reno.
Jarrett Malilay
20:39 04 Feb 20
Delicious, authentic, south of the border food. Fresh lemons or limes come with many of the entrees.
Steven Johnson
02:02 28 Dec 19
There food was made by real Mexicans and very good.
Leah R Fischer
04:27 23 Dec 19
Delicious food. Very consistent with all the other Jimboy's. Tables were a little dirty but as soon as I let someone know. They cleaned all of them which was good because they got really busy.
Roxanne Scott
21:08 16 Dec 19
Love there original beef tacos. We have to drive from carson city to reno if want Jimboys tacos
Tad Mattox
23:03 08 Dec 19
Absolutely fantastic food and great service.
Jake Rich
19:58 04 Dec 19
Hands down, the best Tacos in Reno. On Sundays the tacos go on sale all day. The beef quesadilla and beef burritos are are delicious.
Jess S.
02:42 18 Nov 19
Soooo good! So glad that we somehow accidently ended up here. The chicken taco I had was great and so was the customer service.
Larry Read
04:30 18 Oct 19
Went through the drive through for a quick dinner taco fix. I ordered the steak tacos,, they were filled with steak & Pico Di gio, with steak in their crispy corn tortilla. They were very good. It took about 5 minutes to get my fix but the wait was worth it. Thanks Jimboys
carl oberle
00:44 06 Oct 19
Tacos unquestionably great taste add touch of cheese it different and good one of kind tacos
Dana Tucker
18:06 29 Aug 19
I've been eating jimboy's tacos for over 50 years. This particular store taste closest to the original.
Dimitri Vouros
00:31 25 Aug 19
WowSo friendly so sweetDrive up window was fast and super friendly. And fast
Terri Green
22:02 23 Aug 19
GREAT tacos, slow drive-thru (but worth the wait!).
Randall Glasgow
04:33 17 Jul 19
I love jimboys! The food is the best, the employees are congenial and it is so clean which means a lot to me. 5 stars!!
Megan Evans
06:16 15 Jul 19
Food and service is awesome. Prices are more than reasonable and the staff is super helpful.
Quinn Shepherd
03:03 04 Jul 19
Fast, friendly, and delicious. Clean lobby. What more can you ask whilst devouring delicious tacos and whatnot?
Dragon SourceRa
05:04 06 Jun 19
Jimboy's is one of those unique places where it can be anywhere from one to five stars. Which can be very challenging and some dishes could be one to two stars and some dishes five stars. For me I have 3 five star dishes: ground beef tacos, chicken quesadilla, and the veggie burrito. Go to this location, order those, sometimes it's a little bit greasy, sometimes less, BUT it's always DELICIOUS! =)
Dustin VonVicenich
00:54 12 Mar 18
Pretty tasty tacos, dig the parmesian. Wish they were a little fuller but good eats
Peter Laca
06:00 08 Mar 18
Always the same great taste. We have been going to Jimboys since 1964 in Kings Beach in Incline beach. Tacos were 19 or 29 cents each and the line was 15 or 20 deep every time we went there.
Dawson Lange
16:14 24 Jan 18
If you love tacos then you have to try Jimboy's. I haven't had a bad thing off the menu yet. If you live in Reno, this should be a staple in your diet. It's fast food but it's good food.
Michael Gawthrop
22:12 19 Jan 18
Really good food, fairly fast service, prices aren't great, but aren't horrible, overall a very good, but not great, restaurant.
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