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Tim Wright
21:08 03 Sep 21
It was good. Got the bean burrito and taco combo. I'm usually not a fan of ground beef but this was a surprise. Salsa was great also.
Leslie Gary
15:09 06 Aug 21
I grew up with Jimboy's, our babysitter worked there. Always brings back Great Memories. Excellent Food & Service.
Chris Gale
01:05 05 Aug 21
A little pricey but better than Taco Bell and better service
Adam Stillman
22:33 15 Jul 21
Nothing bad to say. Other than the local crazies, its a typical fast food joint.
Rhonda Stephens
21:31 17 Jun 21
Got the 6 pack of tacos. It was super fresh and tasty. Excellent service! I come here every time I visit Placerville. I just love this place.
molly turley
00:26 09 Jun 21
Fast friendly service. Delicious food.
Tambrina Carlson
02:36 05 Jun 21
Tacos are always a favorite, and these didn't fail at all. Is it parmesan cheese on the outside?? I don't know, but I'll eat them again anytime
Shirley Milner
15:20 24 Apr 21
Carnitas taco was to die forEmployees were great ... the best
Rae Lynn Nixon
04:23 01 Apr 21
The Placerville Jimboy's has good food. Service is good. We have never had any complaints about the service here.
Susie D.
05:24 25 Feb 21
We grew up on these ground beef tacos at Kings Beach! Can't beat them!!
R. D.
02:12 23 Feb 21
Been eating the ground beef tacos since I was 6 years old in Kings Beach, (1960)never disappointed!
Simeon Jewell
08:16 14 Feb 21
A unique take on tacos, but a tasty one. Staff doesn't bat an eye when I come in and order three dozen tacos (you can get them in six packs!) to take home to family who live too far away to visit regularly. Good stuff.
claudia cruz
01:10 05 Feb 21
Tacos so good. There isn't a Jimboy's near where I live so we try to get some when we see one while traveling.
Gabriel Hathorne
04:08 03 Feb 21
Amazing place! So much better then Tacobell, except they need bajablast. I even left a nice tip.
Gabriel Lopez
22:02 25 Jan 21
The drive thru can take awhile, but well worth it! The food is awesome!
Ed Hibbs
19:04 24 Jan 21
Tasty food but the governor's indoor dining shutdown means eating in your vehicle and crumbs to cleanup.We'll be back given the opportunity.
Mark Diamante
07:04 12 Oct 20
Good food. I was In the drive-through line 5 minutes before they Were closing. They were taking the order in the car in front of me and they turned off the lights to the menu. They would not serve me. I understand That Employees want to go home but they should make it a point to put in Orange cone behind the last vehicle that they're going to Serve. They have An Orange cone By the drive-through so maybe they normally do that but they should be doing that each time. I drove quite a few miles to make it to Jim boys prior to closing which I did but did not get service. Pretty tacky.
Robert Frantz
17:20 29 Sep 20
Stopped by to do some work and all went well. Had another taco that tasted great. Great location.
Lockedown Design & SEO
02:30 28 Sep 20
Good place to get food before or after visiting Apple Hill. service is friendly, some indoor seating during COVID. You can get taco and burrito and drink for about eight or nine bucks. Good value for the price. Stop here before you go to the Apple Hill shops.
liane emmsley
03:29 11 Sep 20
They got great Customer Service. Their food is delicious. We enjoy their food.
Mike Walters
01:34 05 Sep 20
Taco Tuesdays and just the best taco period. Also like there meals as well. This facility has the easiest on/off day access in all of Placerville. If you're towing there is plenty of parking right across the street.
John Baradin
03:50 04 Sep 20
Tacos are good
Ivan Nunez
00:40 26 Aug 20
Great people and good food
Linda Ochipinti
16:59 23 Aug 20
Wonderfully deliciousWe had a traditional Friday outing and we were up in Apple Hill and traveled to Placerville, CA for our Jimboy's Taco lunch. So very delicious.
Joe Egan
22:32 28 Jul 20
This food is the best, for drive thru meal time. The Tahoe burrito is tasty as well as the taco's and the rest of the menu.
Chris E
22:00 20 Jul 20
It's a tough time to be a restaurant. We were traveling and stopped for lunch. I enjoyed a chicken taco and beef taco. My family also had burritos, chicken and beans. The young girl who helped us was super cheerful and so helpful. Prices are reasonable, on par with Taco Bell. I have no complaints at all except with a family of 6 (mostly over 18) it's hard to find outdoor seating. Jimboy's only had 4 tables and a total of about 6 chairs (taken) so we had to drive around to find a place in the shade to sit down.
Jack Johnson
20:21 21 Jun 20
Consistent food nice employees and they don't advertise pretentiously as Mexican food It says right on the sign American tacos!
Brian Gough
22:29 15 Jun 20
Great place. Friendly people. Good sized servings.
05:03 13 Jun 20
Really friendly staff! The best fish tacos around.
Erin Thomas
04:08 10 Jun 20
They have a very unique gr beef taco that I think is super yummy. Salsa is very good. Other items I've tried and enjoyed are fish taco (good size, one is all I can eat), nachos (plentiful as well), guacamole is tasty too. I try to eat here whenever I visit family in the area. **Thing to know is... the tacos must be eaten right away tho, they aren't well suited to take home 'cause they lose their crunch by then.
Vicki Flam
21:08 28 May 20
Food is very good but a bit to pricy.
Tammy Martinez
03:48 24 Feb 20
Amazing tacos, my favorite - Keto Taco
Jack Killough
07:17 15 Jan 20
I got food there several times after seeing favorable reviews and I wasn’t disappointed. Good prices and decent Mexican style grub. Not quite the menu of the nearby Taco Bell but what they have is excellent for the money.
Rachel Maldonado
02:24 08 Jan 20
Love jumboys... I wish they were more affordable. But they are amazing.
Katrina Charan
15:04 28 Dec 19
This food doesn't upset my stomach..
Timothy Reynolds
00:09 27 Dec 19
Wonderful old fashioned ground beef fried tacos. Reminds me of my childhood.
Linda Hainsworth
23:01 16 Dec 19
Delicious but a little spendy for lunch. we bought 4 tacos and one kids meal came to $16+ change, but we felt it was well worth it. The salsa bar was fresh and clean.
Linda Hainsworth
23:01 16 Dec 19
Delicious but a little spendy for lunch. we bought 4 tacos and one kids meal came to $16+ change, but we felt it was well worth it. The salsa bar was fresh and clean.
debra mcdade
18:29 16 Dec 19
Good food nice people
Tiffani Klausing
08:32 21 Nov 19
My kids love their burritos because they grill their tortillas. However, I wanted to try one of their salads. It was roughly $8. No where on the description did it say it had onions. I got home and had to throw it away. Not only do I hate onions, but I couldn't even pick them off, because by the time I got home, the entire salad smelled like onions...Next time I'll know, I guess...
Francisco Cruz
03:29 17 Nov 19
The tacos here are veary crunchy and cheesy with alot of meat 5/5 best taco place
Jim Earl
01:50 17 Nov 19
Don't get to a Jimboys very often. Today was the day! Had the #2 two taco plate. Was yummy!!
Ruzty S.
02:27 03 Nov 19
The breakfast grande burrito with chorizo is really good and everybody needs to try it
Bill Kolstad
22:53 26 Oct 19
Best Jimboys Tacos within 100 miles! They make them just the way they did when I was a kid. If you are anywhere near Placerville, it's a must do. The staff is great and the food is the best!
Linda Teter
15:11 18 Oct 19
Awesome selection..Good suff
Rico Suave
02:20 21 Sep 19
Tacos had real ground beef. Not that fake stuff Taco Bell uses.
Chris Stevens
20:04 14 Sep 19
Great tacos. The guacamole is fresh
Wade Bell
12:47 28 Jul 19
I've been here a couple of times and I really like their carne asada burrito. I just wish they wouldn't charge for guac.
Susan Metcalfe
02:50 26 Jul 19
It was really good, I enjoyed it, lots of flavor!
Elaine Moralez
22:04 12 Jul 19
Great customer service and food at the Cameron park location!
David Gomez
22:01 30 Jun 19
Service fast, people friendly and bathrooms were looking clean
S.K. Kingman
13:41 09 Jun 19
An unplanned very pleasant surprise on our way to South Lake Tahoe. Easy on/ off HWY 50. Clean, quiet, excellent menu and prices, heads and shoulders above other "fast food" tacos. Will stop at Jimboy's again on next trip.
Saharah Friztgerald
18:37 08 Jun 19
I LOVED these unique style tacos. VERY flavorful. Nice staff. Good parking. Good price.
Saharah Friztgerald
18:37 08 Jun 19
I LOVED these unique style tacos. VERY flavorful. Nice staff. Good parking. Good price.
Thomas Marshall
21:02 31 Mar 18
Always liked me some Jimboys tacos,. Know That.. Especially back in the day when @ Denios (Roseville) tacos for 25 cents each umm
Chris W
14:34 18 Mar 18
Jimboys is HANDS DOWN my favorite ' quick yet healthy' places to drop by. And come on, its right off the Schnell School Exit?? What more could you ask for?..⚠⚠
Arezu Monika
06:49 15 Nov 17
They are always very nice. Only seem adequately staffed 50% of the time I am there, but I can only imagine how the employees feel about that. The best tacos. Nothing else matters.
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