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Kevin Ritchie
23:19 17 Apr 24
Great food and good service. Classic Jimboys! Can't go wrong with those tacos.
Elissia VanTassel
18:47 11 Apr 24
Always happy with Jimboys. It's a fast food restaurant it's not going to have the ambience of an upscaledone in experience. The did is excellent quick and friendly staff that treat you as they should, grateful for your business.This is one of my favorite establishments for quick great food.
11:09 16 Mar 24
This was my first visit to jimboy's. One of my old work mates who lived in Marysville had spoken about it on occasion, saying that it was quite good. On the way home from Sacramento and decided I would give it a try.I was definitely pleasantly surprised! On this visit. I just ordered the basic ground beef tacos but I have to say, they were great!It's a shame we don't have jimboy's in Chico because they would probably be constantly busy. Way better than Taco Bell or del Taco. I won't compare it to locally owned Mexican restaurants because they're two different things. Locally owned shops tend to be more authentic, and that's just a given. Given. Jimboy's has its own place in the world of Mexican style fast in that the quality seems very good as do the flavors. If I were to describe it, I would say it's kind of the In & Out of Mexican style fast food. And that's meant as a compliment. Freshness and quality are good! And the food tastes great.
Anna Welker
02:29 15 Dec 23
First time using the Mobile App. Was not able to utilize the Free Taco for signing up on the App, but the Employee at the drive thru window was very helpful. She provided the Free Taco at the Drive Thru & the Free French Fries for the 12 Gifts of Christmas. Was asked to pull over for my order. She brought it out to me & made sure I had a variety of sauces. Fantastic Service! She stated, "If you are unable to utilize the Free item on the App just come inside & we will take care of it for you.I food was Hot & Fresh. There was a Homeless individual sitting in the cold on the curb, so I just gave him a Warm meal. Brighten someone's day...a small way to Warm someone's belly & heart.
Jessica Samson
15:53 11 Dec 23
I had never been here before it was very clean and the food was very delicious definitely recommend if you've never been also my friend recommend putting ketchup on your tacos which I've never put ketchup on a taco before but it was really good so try it only on Jim boy tacos it's actually really good
john hanley
00:45 09 Dec 23
Good quality and fresh food, can be a bit pricey but that's everywhere these days. I recommend a try. I use the drive through but when in once just to see. Average ambiance. I Like the street taco's the best.
Andy C
15:57 17 Oct 23
First time trying jimboys. The staff was very nice and quick. Thw tacos were not bad. Better than Taco bell or Del Taco but still felt like not authentic. I liked that they had a salsa bar. Overall not bad.
Vince Oblak
02:12 11 Sep 23
The Tahoe Burrito is insanely filling, but absolutely awesome. You definitely gotta try the ground beef tacos! That’s what they’re famous for. They come in their own special shell with Parmesan on the outside. Absolutely delicious. Jimboy’s is a California original and local favorite.
Leo Baker
05:09 25 Aug 23
I had never been to Jimboys before. The tacos will change your life.My friend dragged me there during their lunch rush, and we ordered enough food to feed his many children, wife, and the two of us. (We are not small men.)There were a couple of things missing from our massive $100+ order when we got home. I called them up, and they were happy to make it right, plus a large drink.I am now a customer for life.The tacos are amazing, and the Tahoe burrito will fill you up right.
Sandra T.
22:41 23 Aug 23
Based on this visit only owner their and my husband and I were satisfied all the way around. We got a tad round as well since the burrito was full! Different day good & bad service. So if you own a business in my opinion do regular check ups for top results!
Christine Douglas
14:43 08 Aug 23
I have been eating at Jimboy's Tacos for over 60 years in various locations and the food here is always delicious. Consistent between all locations. You can always count on having your favorite item prepared exactly the same no matter which location you are at. Most recent visit was in Marysville and they were friendly, efficient, and the quality was still there. I love Jimboy's Tacos. I got two six packs of tacos to go and brought them home to Chico.
Crystal Berger Wullenwaber
19:31 01 Aug 23
Nicest Jimboys I've been to. Couldn't give 5 stars for lack of menu options that I've seen in other locations.
Karen Rohl
22:21 11 Jul 23
I love their shredded chicken and cheese burritos. Simply delicious always, at least once a week. The sweet ladies at the drive-thru are always smiling and friendly. The one downtown across from McDonalds is our favorite. They have been in business for a longtime because they are that good. For sure recommend!!
Jess in Prescott
05:57 28 May 23
I remember having this as a kid at the Roseville Auction and how excited we were then they opened in the Wendy's that closed. A trip down memory lane took us here today. Still delicious!
Dubzz D
17:46 19 May 23
I eat here at least 5 times a month. The food is excellent and service is fast and friendly. Thank you jimboys.
Susan Voss
23:37 23 Apr 23
This was an old school Jimboy's but was very clean and well kept. Tacos were the best I've ever had at a Jimboy's with way more meat than I'm used to getting at other locations. Service was very friendly and prompt. I will be back next time I'm in the area!
20:29 23 Mar 23
Got a curro and burrito with beans and cheese, very fulfilling. 10/10.
Zach Cross
04:14 15 Feb 23
This place is pretty good. Sometimes the fake Taco Bell stuff doesn't cut it, definitely not what you would call authentic but damn good tacos/food anyway.I started out eating these tacos at the very first Jimboy's at the Denio's Flea market.Sometimes you feel like a real taco.....
Big Sean Cotten
02:53 24 Jan 23
It's jimboy's what can I say been eating there tacos for something lime 30 years. Best fast food taco in my opinion. The greasy tacos of my dreams.
01:16 13 Jan 23
I love the chicken tacos, however my wife got the combo plate with a beef taco and boruto. There was plenty of refried beans but no meat. She did not share my opinion.
Jessica Cucuk
17:02 07 Jan 23
Got a grilled chicken burrito and it was huge! Worth the $8 it cost. The guy behind the counter was nice enough but didn't really want to be there.
Brent Harwood
21:43 21 Nov 22
Food is always good and fresh. Only 1 error at the drive thru and we go a few times a month
Cindy Rothschiller
15:15 16 Oct 22
Jimbo's tacos are always amazing and always good I get my tacos for the drive-through and head on home and eat him in peace love this place.
20:57 17 Sep 22
Food is great.. But service is a bit slow.. Except long wait times inside and thru the drive thru.. But again.. The food tastes great!
21:39 26 Aug 22
My favorite here are the shrimp tacos! They have a wide variety of items to choose from, you can also chose an array of different salsas. They must make their tortillas in tortillas heaven because they are DELICIOUS.Restaurant is always clean. Staff are super polite. Food comes out fast. Have an ice cream or churro while you're thereGetting in and out is a fun adventure due to the location, BUT don't let that stop you! They also have a drive through.
Kristine Calvillo
16:39 06 Aug 22
If you like Jimboys, then it was a pretty good Tahoe steak burrito. There wasnt a line at the time I went but I hear it dies get pretty busy and the wait can be very long. I got lucky I guess. The girl who helped me was nice, but rather short with me when I asked questions , but Im not holding it against her. I get it, her job isnt the easiest and very hectic at times.Overall, the fiod was good, hot all the way home and then some til we ate it. Id have to say I may give the place another try and get something different on the menu. I like trying everything.
Joseph Mailhot
21:47 05 Aug 22
The building was clean and cool. The food was delicious. I can't wait to go back. Loved it!
James Wilson
04:21 28 Jul 22
Their drive through Always had a little wait with or with out other cars in line BUT the food and service has always be better then expected.
Joey soon
16:44 16 Jul 22
First time visitor. Good product and service. Price value better than box store taco. Smart limited menu to keep overall cost controlled.Will return.
Cydney George-Abatecola
13:18 08 Jul 22
Great tacos! Freshly fried shells and fresh ingredients make for some great tacos. Will definitely return.
Jo C
23:33 15 Jun 22
Just as I remembered it! Food size was same or big, prices increased greatly. Asked for salsas, specific ones and amounts.... Perfect.Everything was right, even for the dogs.
Joseph Mailhot
01:48 11 Jun 22
The building was clean and cool. The food was delicious. I can't wait to go back. Loved it!
Yul Rhodes
03:39 03 Jun 22
New to the area. Always eaten Jimboys in Sacramento, but these were fantastic. Great customer service.
Joseph Mailhot
22:01 30 Mar 22
The building was clean and cool. The food was delicious. I can't wait to go back.
06:31 21 Feb 22
Greasy but good. A place that sells you tacos you enjoy. You want anything else cook at home
Elizabeth Anderson
02:53 13 Feb 22
Nice prices. I appreciate the lunch special on Sat. The sesame chicken is out of this world. Service is fast.
S Mize
12:33 09 Feb 22
It was actually really good haven't been in years did notice they put a little less of the cheese on the shells these days but very good looked clean inside to
Lupita Angel
05:49 18 Jan 22
I’m obsessed! They put a ton of meat on their nachos… yummmmm and they are not stingy with the salsa.. favorite lunch spot.
17:17 03 Dec 21
This restaurant is on a very busy corner with people who work hard and fast. Best Customer service... I really appreciate the personable was fresh and hot. And still taste the same from 1996...I love that didn't change there recipe. If you like ground beef tacos that are crisp lightly crunchy sprinkled with parmesan cheese with lettuce and cheese. Evenly made. This is your place. Thank you Jimboys for being the same. And thank this restaurant for having proficiency.
Marsha Robinson
00:55 18 Nov 21
Love those Fish Tacos that they make! Best no matter what town or city you're in.
Victor Rector
01:05 12 Oct 21
Nice people, good food. Definitely not cold. Thanks. Didn't know Jimboy's was so expensive though. Haven't been in a few years so maybe I just didn't remember them being so expensive. Anyways, you get what you pay for and my experience was good.Thx
Jan Kraus
20:35 20 Sep 21
I like Jim boys. Sometimes the service at drive up is slow, but then I remind myself it's made to order so it takes a bit longer. I had the combo meal taco rice beans and enchilada, they need to work on their sauce for enchiladas, not great, just ok.
Joseph Mailhot
22:52 02 Sep 21
The building was clean and cool. The food was delicious. I can't wait to go back.
victor velazquez
00:45 15 Jul 21
Every time on our way to Oroville, this is the place to stop and eat, my favorite is the shrimp burrito and shredded meat tacos, love salsa verde .there is an employee who is been working for more then 20 years, he is an excellent customer service, keep it up my friend.
Kimberlee Rogers
19:01 28 Jun 21
I love Jimboys, but the last two visits they forgot the salsa. Last time they gave me green when I asked for red and this time they forgot it all together. Disappointed.
Aaron waymire
20:43 01 Jun 21
Taco burger is my favorite. This place is pricey but makes the best tacos. If your looking for a friend taco this is the place to go.
Scott Simpson
00:09 17 May 21
Driven by many many times and decided to stop by this afternoon and it was so good and I will definitely be going back!
Margret Manuel
17:11 22 Feb 21
Very original. I can always count on that yummy flavor here. No in or outdoor seating. Drive up window really fast though.
Smeegal Gollum
07:41 23 Nov 20
The best food! More expensive than Taco Bell but worth it. Shredded beef taco is really good!
Kathleen Reed
18:22 28 Sep 20
Would give a 5 but the wait can be a bit much. The fried chicken taco is the best!
Oscar Camacho
05:09 19 Sep 20
Best Shrimp tacos
Todd Pearson
16:40 18 Sep 20
Best Jimboy's in the whole Valley! The way they prepare their food is like no other and I'm from Roseville/Sac area. I always hit it up when passing through Marysville for work!
Laura McMeyler
04:39 13 Sep 20
Fantastic tacos, tacquitos, burritos, everything!
Sara Palacios
04:30 12 Sep 20
A quick, tasty go-to for Mexican-ish fast food
Dan Graffious
20:37 03 Sep 20
I liked their hamburger tacos better then the new fire grilled chicken tacos. personal taste.
Ramon Estrada
23:23 27 Aug 20
Food is always good and fast service , i like the original tacos i having try anything alse
Janine Johnson
04:59 04 Aug 20
Delicious!!! Pretty fast for a drive thru good dinner these days!!
Tina Ricci
20:50 30 Jul 20
Jimboys bean burritos are the best and I also I love the chicken toquitos
Alyssa Calhoun
07:45 29 Jul 20
Great food made me feel like it was fresh.
Shauna Heidelberger
01:26 06 Jul 20
the first time I ever ate jimboy's I was in the sixth grade and I'm not going to tell you how long ago that was but let's just say I'm pretty old. Jimboy's in Marysville will not disappoint you. I always eat the same thing. Ground beef tacos with extra cheese.The staff there is always so friendly and helpful. It's set up for Health and social distancing.YUM
Marcy Morgan
20:50 04 Jun 20
I always stop at Jimboys when I go through Marysville! Love it.
Christi James
06:25 24 May 20
The food is amazing. And I've always been treated great by the workers. Food is always on point, so is their customer service. Definitely will be showing my.face there many many more times.
Miz Purple
16:18 02 Mar 20
This is the best of the best. I love Jimboys, but this location still has the old Jimboys flavor that I was introduced to years and years ago at the Roseville Flea Market Booth.
Robert Angus
05:18 23 Feb 20
I wish we had a Jimboys near where I live now, the crunchy chicken tacos are amazing! I dont really ever try anything else here since they're so good so I can't speak on any of the other items on the menu.
Craig Warner
04:15 17 Feb 20
Go inside and order. Wonderfull salsa bar. Great ground beef tacos! A real treat.
Joseph Blevins
20:33 03 Feb 20
The tacos are amazing and they have Dailey specials. Mondays are enchalada,taco ,rice,beans,bevarage and salad for 9.25$ sooo good
Sherri Sanders-Scott
04:24 19 Jan 20
GreatBean...Burritos.. Not Salty..Loved it.. Great environment
Sue Gillming
21:25 14 Jan 20
I tried the ketogenic taco today. It was great. The Jimboys in Marysville is always great.
Aaron Daniels
06:00 08 Dec 19
Surprisingly filling meals. This location is good but tricky to access from the main road.
Andrew Stearns
04:44 07 Dec 19
Jimboy's. Standing I enjoyed the Taco Burrito ground beef what you mean Joy the steak or the chicken outstanding rice they also have senior discount enjoy it I did
Diane Boatright
01:19 01 Dec 19
Love the food. Always stop here when traveling through!
Patty Walker
22:06 21 Nov 19
Great food servers very nice. Definitely will return.
Heather Kenny
12:24 17 Nov 19
The food is great. Mexican fast food doesn't get much better.
Tom Clabough
15:44 30 Oct 19
been my favorite taco place since the mid '70s. They use a corn tortilla shell and sprinkle parmesan cheese on shell while frying it. Just the way my mom used to make them!!
Nyome Coc
23:41 20 Sep 19
Fresh friendly staff clean restrooms food fresh
Chris Anderson
13:27 13 Sep 19
Jimboy's was very good. I really like their tacos with the parmasian cheese sprinkled on the outside of the shell... I wasnt sure if these would be good or not but I was pleasently surprised. They are very very tasty and the price was right. They should make a meal of 3 of these tacos and a drink because thats what i ordered and i was very satisfied.
Jeff Borges
00:48 06 Sep 19
Great food for a fast food spot. Tacos are the only thing I've tried, but we're great, the shells have a parmesan cheese layer, very flavorful!
Jeff Borges
00:47 06 Sep 19
Great food for a fast food spot. Tacos are the only thing I've tried, but we're great, the shells have a parmesan cheese layer, very flavorful!
Crimson Sparrow
04:34 12 Aug 19
I just love this place. Such yummy tacos!
Estrella Pwny
06:42 06 Aug 19
The name and exterior have kept me away from Jimboy's far too long. I always assumed it would be worse than taco bell, but it's so good! Real tortilla shells fried fresh and crispy with a parmesan coating, generous portions of real shredded meat. The salsas are great. My favorites are the carnitas, ground beef, and smoked brisket, though I couldn't detect much smoke flavor. The chicken and asada were both pretty bland. I will stop at any Jimboy's I come across from now on.
Charlotte Elmore
22:43 10 Jul 19
Much tastier than taco bell. A little more money but so worth it. The potions are bigger so I think it's worth the extra money. The taste definitely makes it worth it
Charlotte Elmore
22:43 10 Jul 19
Much tastier than taco bell. A little more money but so worth it. The potions are bigger so I think it's worth the extra money. The taste definitely makes it worth it
Nick Knuckles
09:44 22 May 19
Staff was great. Food was served quickly. More importantly though, my order was correct and hot. The tables and salsa bar were all clean. Even the bathroom was noticeably clean. Staff maintained a level of professionalism generally reserved for upscale dining. I was a bit surprised, yet pleasantly impressed.I don't travel to that area of the state very often, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be a stop on my route, anytime I venture through there.
Linda F. Riddle
22:10 01 May 19
I love that place. The girl at the window was very polite and efficient. The food is always fantastic if you just want fast food.
cody daniels
16:21 26 Apr 19
Delicious food! It was hot and fresh when it came out. I had a fully loaded burrito with carne and it was wonderful. Perfect late night meal
Therlo Stallings
23:16 23 Feb 19
Good food, good pricing. And fast
Mike ECV Trindade
00:20 06 Apr 18
I've never been disappointed here. A very good but slightly different style of mexican food
Tyler Sands
02:56 13 Mar 18
Nice and clean, quick service, good food, restrooms, disabled parking, children's high chairs, salsa bar, TV, all u can drink machine. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great location, plenty of parking, easy to see off hwy. Variety of items off menu, desserts, beers, breakfast,lunch and dinner.
Janice Nelson
03:40 06 Mar 18
Serves delicious food. Nice relaxing atmosphere plus check out the sauce bar. Jetson style soda machine serves lots of flavors of drinks and or sodas. They keep it maintained and clean. The wait is not bad you can watch the big screens. Enjoy!
Vickie Bell
06:44 20 Feb 18
I make this a planned stop on any trip through Marysville... WITHOUT A DOUBT BEST TACO NORTH OF SACRAMENTO. Don't even get me started on the delicious salsas!
Renee Cambra
00:29 16 Feb 18
Pretty good food. A little pricey but my son loves their tacos! I'm looking forward to going back.
Shauna Marie
15:45 01 Feb 18
Great customer service, and good food. I ordered the Avocado Bacon Chicken salad, it was good, huge, and fresh.
Mike Pacini
19:26 19 Aug 17
The service was quick and the employees were very pleasant to deal with. I really love the unique crunchy tacos they serve with the parmesan cheese. The location is clean and the price is reasonable
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