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Scarlett Goodale
04:22 14 Dec 23
Look... this is fast food at it's finest, it is greasy and full of flavor. It's hardy and filling with a great price point for the amount of food given. The guacamole in my experience has always been very fresh and great when paired with the salsa. The beans are also quite flavorful and topped with cheese. I highly recommend the family pack which easily feeds 3-4 people
Zohara Ankaoua
07:10 17 Oct 23
Yummy but pricey for average person like $2.99 ground beef taco about $4.99 for chicken taco & 1 drink soda medium is $3.00+ large is $4.00+ staff is nice & tables not crowded the con side is there's no bathroom privileges available for customers which is weird because food places suppose to provide that since they sake food dah! & grocery stores offer bathroom so as Am/ Pm stores. :)
21:32 27 Sep 23
Have anime needs? Pops, figures, model kits? Check them out. I just picked up an AE86. We also got some key chains and charms. Definitely check them out if you're missing anime conventions!
Toni McCartey
15:18 15 Sep 23
Love the tacos and fries bean burrito w/extra cheese. Prices have gone up quite a bit.
Cindy Terrazas
15:39 12 Aug 23
I love Jimboy's. It is my favorite fast food restaurant. The only thing I wish they would do is lower their prices a little. Other than that they're perfect.
judge me not
19:27 23 Jun 23
This location is rhe best jimboys I have ever had and the customer service is spectacular. Carniitas is so good and I don't eat ground beef tacos but I ordered one and I am a huge fan now, so good. Happy eating family
Darryl Johnson
14:59 17 Mar 23
They have been in this location forever I grew up in a Greenhaven pocket Land Park Land Park neighborhood including across the bridge West Sacramento Broderick bright community including why I used to live in Ashford Park Apartments and went to Kennedy High during the time of the McKenna years when coach McKenna was the coach so I have always been this location Jimboy's you never go wrong with the menu and the place is always clean everything they have delivered follow suit accordingly no complaints here plus I'm a green sauce fan hands down on the green sauce I'll tear the green sauce off with no hesitation drink like water
Michael “Mike” Leipski
22:18 23 Feb 23
The food is good. But not always consistent. Sometimes it's great. The nexted time not so much. Just wish it was the same all the time.
22:22 06 Dec 22
This Jimboy location is awesome. Very good customer service. They also accept their reward system. And they have Samsung Pay.
Evie Renee Beers
20:30 14 Nov 22
Ordered from them for many years, always good food and friendly service!
rsng frce
05:26 08 Nov 22
Pretty good tacos, a bit higher level than Taco Bell "fast food". Quality beef, though lacking some seasoning. They fry the taco shells rather than taking them out of a package.
Erik Fremstad
09:12 12 Oct 22
I've eaten here for 37 years. Post pandemic prices are brutal, but Jimboy's is Northern best. Friend of mine calls Jimboy's food "Old Man Heroin".
Bree Homer
22:23 09 Oct 22
Never had bad tacos at Jimboy's. I've been eating their original tacos since I was in High School out at Denio's Farmers Market and Auction in Roseville, CA (17 yrs young). I'm 60 yrs young now! LoL! Yep! I'd say they were doing something right.
Joe A
21:33 10 Sep 22
Fast and reliable service, good location with plenty of parking. One of my favorite jimboy's
Renae Hartin
05:53 11 Aug 22
Love my enchilada combo plate really good food lots of it for the price. Tacos on the combo plate not so good they were sort of soaked and hard to eat and meat didn't taste as good as the other jimboys. We'll go back and try tacos again and see if they're better but I will go back for my enchiladas.
Kenneth Jackson
03:14 06 Jul 22
Love the food here. Excellent
Alan Hirotani
21:47 04 Oct 21
Had their Monday Special .. Chicken Burrito Bowl. Tasty .. would get again.
Lady C
00:03 19 Aug 21
The food came quick and hot. The staff was friendly and nice
Brian Won
03:41 04 Aug 21
I mean it's a Jimboy's. You know exactly what you're getting-- a greasy hard shell taco and a salsa from a packet (usually). Hard to fault them for being something other than what they aspire to be-- cheap fast food!
Marquis Byrd
21:07 01 Aug 21
Hella good. Always a must in the sacramento area
Doua Moua
22:27 04 Mar 21
Typical Jim Boy’s restaurant. Good greasy tacos or a plain salad if you prefer.
Keto Cutie
17:40 23 Jan 21
Great food, young ladies that helped us were very nice.
family first
21:27 08 Jan 21
Always the best when I pay a visit. Food was made with quality and very tasty!
M3 Oboi
06:51 28 Dec 20
Too exspensive.. I luv there beef tacos with the works.. Thats how they GO!!! Get em..
Jill Buffington
21:42 01 Nov 20
Yum! I'm new to Jimboy's Tacos and this place is so good! I had a carnitas taco which comes with cilantro and onions and a couple lime wedges as well as a ground beef taco which truly is the best! Im a fan.
Michael Hernandez
03:40 18 Sep 20
michelle glenn
21:46 03 Sep 20
I love jimboys I've been to almost everyone so far.the greenhaven one was first time visit and my experience there was just a good as the one fair Oaks xa
08:59 02 Jul 20
What is it about these tacos that I just can’t resist?? Too good.
Jeff Scott
22:33 01 Jun 20
Jimboy's Greenhaven has always been our go-to place for the best tacos and burritos in Greenhaven! They are also locally-owned and it shows. I like to support our local businesses, especially the deserving ones. Thank you Jimboy's Greenhaven.
Big Idea Advertising & Branding
13:21 09 Mar 20
Had tacos in almost all their branches and the taste is always great and the same accross all the branches.
Douglas Louie
23:47 08 Dec 19
The tacos were vety fresh and yummy!!
A Class Driver
15:57 04 Nov 19
I always enjoy this location. They have changed the menu, making it more difficult for me to find my favorites. They changed the names of the items, and I'm lost.Otherwise, friendly staff and a very comfortable environment.
Teddi Deppner
04:48 29 Oct 19
Jimboy's has consistent quality where ever I go. My favorite is the chicken tacos. But whatever your favorite is, they'll probably make it the same each time. So good! A step above Taco Bell. A more authentic taste. We use it for date night. Yum!
Serena Pardue
01:04 23 Sep 19
So good!! Delicious food!!! Staff was super friendly.
Rachel Fuentes
04:41 08 Sep 19
As always, their food is very delicious and they have a large variety of choices to choose from.
Rachel Fuentes
04:41 08 Sep 19
As always, their food is very delicious and they have a large variety of choices to choose from.
Love Bubble
09:23 18 Aug 19
I love this Jimboys! Everyone else does too so make sure to allow some time. Everything I have ever ordered is fresh, hot and delicious- every time! I love Love LOVE the taco burger!
Love Bubble
09:23 18 Aug 19
I love this Jimboys! Everyone else does too so make sure to allow some time. Everything I have ever ordered is fresh, hot and delicious- every time! I love Love LOVE the taco burger!
Greg Garavello
05:36 17 Aug 19
The regular tacos are great and my two boys love them too.
Aussie G
06:49 12 Aug 19
Just be nice to the employees. Tell them exactly what you want and you'll get it. Many speak Spanish, but many speak English too. My favorite things on the menu are the Tahoe burritos with refried beans instead of whole beans and their super nachos. I've been eating at the location ever since it opened. Many good memories of my passed mother are associated with Jimboy's. Yes, it's more expensive than Taco Bell, but you're getting real hand cooked food. They're also checking ID with every card. Debit. Credit. Bring your ID and your card unless you want to pay cash.
Stacia Felix
20:49 24 Jun 19
Tacos are life and Jimboy's gets it right. However this site has no public restrooms and their salsa bar is usually depleted. We keep coming back because the food is that good and the location is quiet.
Ray Portillo
17:04 22 May 19
Typical Jimboys. I prefer the one on Franklin. They give much better portions. Green haven takes a bit to kick out the orders
Trevor Perkins
17:16 14 May 19
Good tacos, fairly priced. A great balance of American and Mexican cuisine. If you're wanting something a bit more authentic and better quality than typical fast food tacos, this is a great place to go. You'll pay a bit more for it, but again, the pricing is fair for the quality of food you'll get.
Sean brown
15:25 09 Oct 18
The best
J Khayree Jones Wilborn
00:54 05 Mar 18
Surprisingly good tacos. Loved the parmesan added to the "hard" shell tacos
Lazlo Gutierrez
20:03 27 Feb 18
It's kinda pricey for what you get, but I do love their saucy shredded beef tacos.
Daniel Gilliland
08:50 07 Jan 18
Not exactly authentic, but very tasty Mexican food. Plenty of grease, cheese and meat. I like the parmesan sprinkled on the taco shells, makes a difference. Quick easy food.
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