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Stephanie Hall
06:19 02 Dec 23
The produce was fresh. Everything was delicious. The only thing I didn't like was the menu doesn't show much. To find out what is available, you have to ask at the counter. It would be easier if the menu listed everything.
Marissa Ly
20:05 31 Oct 23
The tacos here were super tasty. It had real ground beef and the taco was super crunchy. Absolutely loved it.
Lori Guevara
03:33 07 Oct 23
The food here is always excellent, however I am leaving this review because of the amazing service Angel provided today! He was super friendly, comfortable to talk to, and made the experience perfect. Working late on a Friday night isn't always easy or the most enjoyable, however he seemed very happy to help all the customers that came in!
Michael Rech
19:48 30 Sep 23
Pretty good service. Of course a bunch of us went in the location in woodland,ca and the cashier wasn't too happy considering they close at 9pm and we came in at 8 40ish. But I would tell her thank you for the awesome service and the tacos were very good. The only part that I didn't like was the menu we were all.lokking at there was no prices on it. But, considering it was a newer menu it's all good with me.Oh and before you start to chomp down on the tacos.............get a hand full.of napkins cuz there tacos are messy but most diffently in a good way. Who really wants to eat a perfect clean me! Enjoy
Gytha March
14:19 10 Sep 23
We seek out Jimboys whenever we are in the area. We LOVE it! Always consistent and delicious! Don't change anything! Hank you for years of great eating!
Matt N.
01:38 22 Jul 23
Easily one of the best burritos I've found. What the heck w the AC in the blazing hot dining room ? You trying to kill your crew ? Please get that fixed , this is a great spot with very good six-star food.
Stephanie Green
06:07 22 Jun 23
He stopped here for some tacos on a road trip. The employees were friendly. The place was pretty clean and nice and cool. Our food was ready quickly. We'll be back!
14:53 21 Jun 23
Love Jimboys! Gentleman behind the counter (bearded dude) was friendly, courteous and professional. The store was clean and the atmosphere was great. It just seemed pleasant. Looking forward to our next visit.
Jerrod Tejeda
21:29 16 Jun 23
Overall I gave it 4stars. The guy at the register was great very friendly and outspoken. It was during the lunch rush and was rather busy. The wait time for the food was moderate, nothing too. The food was okay, nothing majorly standout about it. However it was good enough that I'd return in the future.
Lean. Nolasco
23:28 02 Jun 23
If you're ever in woodland California going to this jimboy's make sure you see Justin and say hi and tell him the ladies from Redding told you to.
alexander lepley
00:49 27 May 23
I've been going to jimboys forever and the food quality has never been anything but great. Nothing tastes quite like their ground beef tacos. My parents started bringing me here when I was a young boy so I have fond memories of the two taco value meal with a Mr pibb. Although prices have increased the quality of food is still worth it especially when they have daily specials to choose from.
Quin McPherron
18:39 05 May 23
As always the food is great but I’d give this 6 stars if I could for the guy up front and his way above and beyond customer service. I can’t see his name and don’t want to weird but he’s got a beard and wears some chains. Whoever he is, he deserves a raise.
Prima Diva
16:47 04 May 23
I really enjoy this fast food option because it doesn't taste like fast food. Last time I was in, the cook brought my meal out to me. His service was warm and much appreciated.
Weezle Gardner
18:40 02 Apr 23
Haven't had the food yet but the customer service alone from Ms. She-Ron (the server up front) get this place 5 stars. She's so awesome and personable. Even overheard other customers said she's a ray of sunshine. Thank you for your service ma'am
Gregory Thomas
02:11 03 Mar 23
Food as expected, its a quick service restaurant normally would never write a review but the employee at the counter, Deon, was awesome. Great personality and was engaging with every customer as they walked through the door all the way till they left. Well done Deon, that is what it takes to stand out in the post covid era and you knocked it out of the park.
Michael C
14:06 20 Oct 22
Let me lead with the steak burrito is fantastic, so darn good. What I like about this place is that people are moving and working whenever we are in there. Nothing worse than going into a busy place to eat and you see the workers kicking back. And the food is so good and very reasonably priced. I would suggest they get another soda vendor, it does seem every other time we come in the soda machine is limited. But we will continue to come for the great food!
lisa schumann
02:07 14 Oct 22
We went today at 630pm Thursday the 13th the cashier lady and cook went out if their way , super friendly, excellent customer service. The best we have had anywhere in years. My husband is a supervisor for a large company and he said he would hire both of them in a heartbeat. They need recognition for the service they provided. Great dinner too.
andre williams
00:14 14 Jun 22
Best tacos. Love them. Alot!!! GET THE 6 PACK. Best deal!!! Jimboy salsa is the best. Like the packet sauce too!!!
21:38 07 May 22
The tacos were so good! Loved how friendly everyone was!
Nathaniel Fulks
20:49 15 Apr 22
Terrible food. Bland food. If you have taste buds do not go here. Would give a 0.5 stars if I could. But no one would see it.
18:17 14 Apr 22
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Jaime Alexander
02:16 01 Apr 22
Just as good as it used to be! Such a friendly welcome!
C Moore
04:05 09 Feb 22
I walked in, not knowing what I wanted, so I asked the employee at the counter what he liked. He responded, everything. He then asked me how hungry I was and, after a bit of thought, recommended the stuffed quesadilla. It was great, but I would not recommend trying to eat it while driving.
David Dale
21:20 28 Jan 22
There I was, eating my first taco, when I was taken back in time to the crusades. The low, chants of men, and middle eastern styled singing of women filled the air as I happily munched on my ground beef taco. Then, I was transferred to a Celtic forest, with the beautiful singing of a woman, soft and melodic, as I added more salsa. Just as I was halfway though my second taco, I was on a journey with frodo and the fellowship. I was the Lord of the ground beef taco. My remaining burrito would be eaten to the sound of a 90's movie montage where I learn something that I didn't realize before- I need a refill on my soda.Clearly, the music was great. But so was the service and the tacos. I left happy, and quite entertained at the music selection. I'll be back, but now I have some high expectations! Lol
Alex Villalpando
19:47 20 Jan 22
1st time here tacos were good will be coming back
Jonathan Perez
20:52 26 Aug 21
Food is amazing here. I got the Beef Torta with extra jalapeños.
Robert Smith
20:08 26 Jul 21
11 ground beef tacos, one burrito, & 3 sodas. Good stuff. Great customer service. Even handled our special request with no cheese on a few tacos. Thanks Jimboy!!!
Austin Howland
19:11 10 Jul 21
Really great food! Fast service and friendly staff.
Scotty's E-bikes
03:27 08 Jun 21
Food was really good by my standards, never even realized it was there but am I glad I stopped in finally!! Very good meals..
Chancey Justus
18:19 18 May 21
They were very clean, and they were polite and professional. Best taco salad ever!
Cynthia E. Conlin
20:40 23 Apr 21
Pretty good, a little over priced for tacos but they were good.
20:28 16 Mar 21
Was better then I expected. Went for a quick bite ..just passing though
Stephenie Roper
06:08 30 Jan 21
This is a really good jimboy's They vary from location to location.
Gail Gaughan
19:40 18 Dec 20
Super friendly staff! For our guilty pleasure!
Ronald Worthington
00:23 18 Sep 20
I love their Tocos
Ted Fox
13:25 04 Jul 20
Tacos in the age of "The Rona"... But there was lots of space inside to social distance while you waited for your order to come up. P.S. I branched out from my "California Taco" fix and got the stuffed quesadilla & it was really tasty!
David Bui
05:44 02 Jun 20
Great menu options and best crunchy tacos in the area!
Leland Lindsey
00:40 29 May 20
These guys know how to build a burrito. They make it your way, great food!!
Eddie Rodriguez
02:46 07 Mar 20
Tacos were fire! I was surprised of the taste from the ground beef. I got it with the parmesan on there. I'd eat it again.
Robert Hamilton
22:00 18 Feb 20
Food was pretty good actually, but the prices were a bit steep. For that alone, I wouldn't go back, just too expensive
David Clark
21:32 14 Feb 20
The ground beef tacos are a staple here. So good. And dare to try the taco burger. It's amazingly good
Bradd Hill
04:59 06 Feb 20
Love the tacos here, especially the taco shells. We stop here when passing through Sacramento and look forward to it. Plan to try other items on the menu.
Rob Beecroft
03:41 17 Dec 19
The Parmesan dusting on the tortillas is excellent! Good service, TVs had the game on. No Coke however, but I'm sure it's on order. Nice clean eating area, I enjoyed my stay.
Rosalyn Wilson
18:18 14 Oct 19
I'm going to give it a 5 but I was really upset with the fish toco. It was cremated. Couldn't hardly find the fish. Everyone else was very happy with their food just don't order the fish toco. My husband told me to send it back and I guess I should have but I hate to complain just won't order fish again which is the most expensive. So if you like fish tocos eat somewhere else.
John Berry
21:00 13 Oct 19
The absolute best ground beef tacos and parmesan cheese and chicken quesadillas on the planet I wish you were in San Diego
Jonathan Cowan
21:15 12 Oct 19
Good food . I am glad they are getting more business since thry moved into their new location.
Michael Goodson
01:46 26 Sep 19
Jimboy's tacos are one of those iconic California foods. Their freshly fried tacos are unique, especially among Mexican/TexMex fast food. Definitely try them if you haven't. And if you have, you wouldn't need to read this review.
Cakez 707
00:38 02 Sep 19
I am impressed with the food here. It tasted amazingly awesome. Love iT!
Sal Reynoso
01:52 25 Aug 19
Eduardo our cashier has amazing customer service he knows his product and did recommendations for us. He is an amazing asset to your store.
A Google User
04:36 16 Aug 19
Love this place. young man that took our order remembered us an what my wife likes. Would Recommend
jay Es
16:48 15 Jul 19
First time eating at a Jimboys. Taste and price did not disappoint. Will have to start eating here. This satisfies my "tex-mex" palette. Which is prob what a few other reviewers mean by tastes different
Hank Hickman
05:38 11 Jul 19
I had the ground beef original tacos and they were great as usual. The parking lot at this location is a little confusing for out-of-towners like myself. It was good otherwise.
James Green
23:06 23 Jun 19
Original ground beef taco with medium salsa. Crisp shell coated in parmesan cheese. Need I say more?
Mary Keirsey
21:16 11 Jun 19
Loved the food! I had a grilled chicken taco and California avocado salad.
K. Kay Byrnes
16:33 18 Feb 18
I love the chili relleno. It’s my favorite one out there
Bryant Hines
19:46 25 Jan 18
Very nice location; very clean and modern. Kinda reminds me of a chipotle. Mica was our cashier/server. Exceptionally nice and attentive. Her service alone would be a reason to come back
Sparky Tahuna
22:32 22 Sep 17
Tasty tacos. Haven't had anything else there yet, but will certainly go to a Jimboy's in the future. Would like to try some of their other meats. Not sure how the Italian parmesan cheese ended up dusting a Mexican food item, but it works. Very tasty shells with good ingredients. Try it.
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