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Corey Sullivan
07:44 22 Feb 23
First time here. So I tried the beef, grilled chicken, and carnitas tacos. Got Verde salsa and hot salsa, and some limes from the salsa bar. Tried both salsas on all the tacos.Carnitas were the best meat hands down. Everything was about $1.00 more than what I would expect to pay for them. Got the nacho fries, but was expecting seasoning on the fries instead of just nacho dipping sauce, but it was a pretty good combo.Parmesan dusted shells were different.
David Smith
21:04 02 Dec 22
I hadn't been to a Jimboy's in a long time. The tacos are just as good as I remember, but seem a bit smaller. It was also a little more expensive than I remember. Still, I enjoyed my lunch and will most likely be going back.
Lisa Smith
04:27 15 Nov 22
I got home from Jimboys Taco only to find out My order was missing a few tacos. I tried calling several times but no one answered so I drove back over to tell them. They were very apologetic.While I was waiting for the missing tacos. I was given a drink and some chips and quacmolie Free !!!! Great staff! And good food.
Lisa Ferreira
03:22 14 Nov 22
Always a great flavor you can count on from either place in Yuba City ,and Damn !!!the parmason cheese sprinkled taco shells are hot soft and the best ever tasted
Crystal Collins
03:08 01 Oct 22
Every time I come to California is have to stop here. This place has bomb a** tacos (my opinion) If you haven't tried them yet, I suggest you do
Amy Stapleton-Horn
07:28 09 Jun 22
I use yo go here all the time. They are super good WHEN they can get there orders right. They've messed up the last 3 orders I've gone to get thru the drive thru. I contact the regional office and they always issue a $25 gift card for Jimboys. So I wait a long while before I go again, then I go back. The last time I went they got the order right. But how can you mess up tacos? The struggle seems to come with more "complicated" plates. Taqitos, salads, and such. Like I said they're good when they get the order right.
kenda wessel
00:39 07 Jun 22
This was my first time at jimboy's tacos. My friend took me there I never heard of them. I must say that was the best taco I have ever had! Totally serious! I wish we had one in my area!
05:57 17 Mar 22
Fantastic food! I ordered the chicken bowl and the chicken was fresh and the rice was soft and delicious! Highly recommend!
Terry Kennington
22:37 25 Feb 22
Jimboy's Tacos, is probably the most underrated Mexican restaurant in our area. The prices seem heavy for a taco and I get that but the quality of the meat and cheese and tortilla is worth the extra cost. That's just the tacos try a burrito or enchilada meal.... pretty darn good.
Eric Bevis
22:26 26 Nov 21
Best American tacos. Been eating Jimboys tacos for 50 years and they are always great.
20:17 11 Nov 21
Wow!!! So Jimboys best ground beef taco ever... Today wow the shell so light n crispy nice hearty dusting of cheese juice st amazing I wish my lunch break was longer lol
Jonathan Brown
03:53 29 Aug 21
I ordered 2 number 1's fries and nachos it was all good and the service was really good too I would've tipped but didn't bring cash
Cortney Nickel
01:04 19 Aug 21
First time actually eating INSIDE! Kenia was our cashier and she was so nice! I couldn’t decided what I wanted because a lot of the menu items are huge! She was patient and very friendly!
Lisa Chansler
16:25 17 Aug 21
We love Jimboys! The flavor of the tacos and burritos is amazing ❤
Quinton K
00:58 07 Aug 21
The drive thru fits our box truck It's awesome.
Tim Stewart
23:23 21 Jul 21
Best tacos anywhere! I love their chicken fried tacos.
Snow White
18:28 10 Jun 21
Most of there menu is pretty good, and they are nice too.
Human Robot
04:05 05 Jun 21
Fast and friendly considering it was graduation night. They got their order right.
02:49 11 May 21
Best tacos in yuba city next to Antonio's quick lunch
Aneel Maan
00:15 14 Apr 21
Got 2 veggie burritos here. Burrito taste was decent and price was amazing. Where else can you even dream of getting 2 huge burritos for around 11 bucks? I'd highly recomm be this place if you are looking for a no frills, cheap, and decent meal.
LaShelle Poe
23:18 12 Apr 21
I was disappointed in the crunchy chicken taco this time, it did not taste like my first time i ate one in Nov 2020
Aaron Clarke
23:15 21 Feb 21
Good ole' Jimboy's, fast, tasty, and right on time! That's what's up!
David Little
03:34 09 Dec 20
I have no idea what they do here cause the food is fantastic! Like why doesn't corporate have them train all the stores?
christine cline
02:39 25 Sep 20
Great food, great drive up service..super friendly and accommodating.
Will Stanley
17:17 20 Aug 20
Pricey, but well worth it! They have fried chicken tacos, fish tacos, and a drive through. Friendly staff.
Diane Bloomfield
18:02 09 Jul 20
Omg $19.99 family special to die for. Grew up with jimboys,forgot how good they are. Have our business.thank you
Gail Gaughan
20:39 30 Jun 20
My husband's favorite greasy taco's! We drive a half hour to get them!
Jonathan Muertter
19:36 11 Feb 20
Tacos is what this place is for. Burritos.... well that's not what you go here for but 5 stars straight if u love tacos
Valerie Flatt
11:07 29 Jan 20
I tried the KETO TACO and I liked it, so glad they put this on their menu.
Brandie Harrod
00:07 27 Jan 20
Slow drive thru but worth the wait
Jerry Haase
22:03 14 Jan 20
Great tacos! The food is good and the staff is friendly. The lobby and restrooms were clean. Quick service too. The menu has something for everyone. The Restaurant is right off the higway and easy to get to. They have parking in the rear too, if the front is full.
EZ Off Grid
04:03 06 Jan 20
Great tacos been eating them for 60 years.
Maceo McCall
05:20 09 Nov 19
Love it love it love it. Great customer service. Tacos and nachos mmmm.
Richard ponte
05:03 09 Nov 19
Great food. Accurate service in drive thru
Nick Bohannon
00:53 03 Nov 19
Good but getting on the pricey side.
Judy Goldberg
18:24 31 Oct 19
Great for drive throw fast mex food
Cathy Loar
23:38 08 Oct 19
My husband and I actually come up with excuses to go to Yuba City just so we can go to Jimboy's. Best tacos in the North State,PERIOD! I just wish they would open a store in Chico!
Gabriel Garcia
17:58 10 Aug 19
Good place to eat fast served.good attendants very polite.smiles all the time
Erika Guzman
22:44 01 Aug 19
Shockingly good California tacos, that signature Parmesan is a damn revelation. I could not beleive how big the 5 shrimp in my Taco were. The guacamole was on point, but could use a tiny bit of lime to brighten it up.I will be back for sure.
Erika Guzman
22:44 01 Aug 19
Shockingly good California tacos, that signature Parmesan is a damn revelation. I could not beleive how big the 5 shrimp in my Taco were.The guacamole was on point, but could use a tiny bit of lime to brighten it up.I will be back for sure.
Laura Thomas
04:36 14 Jul 19
Best tacos ever hot filled order to your likingGreat daily specialsAlways clean Pleasant to enjoy your meal
Laura Thomas
04:36 14 Jul 19
Best tacos ever hot filled order to your likingGreat daily specialsAlways clean Pleasant to enjoy your meal
William Willde
18:53 10 Jul 19
Love jimboys,great atmosphere and awesome food
Tyler Ann Sands aka Sister Gramps
21:34 15 May 19
Last time I was there friendly and knowledgeable staff, clean, good prices, restrooms and parking lot
Linda Lee
16:21 12 Apr 19
When I was a little girl our mom would drive to Roseville Auction for Jimboy's Tacos. We loved them then and we love the same great taste now. Keep doing what your doing Jimboy's!!Thankyou for being in Marysville and Yuba City California.
Jay Snyder
23:01 18 Apr 18
Order your tacos extra crunchy...they are not so greasy!
Cory Bland
19:06 16 Mar 18
Good food and fresh. But be clear on what you order cause they don't listen sometimes
Grant Mitchell
14:33 03 Mar 18
Skip the Taco Bells, Del taco, etc. This is the place if you want Mexican quick food. If you want a good quick in and out place with good authentic style menu this is the place for you. Many places offer cold bottle beer to enjoy with your meal. We starting eating at Jimboy's when there was only one or two locations. The food today is just as good as back then. You can tell the kitchen staff is the real deal.
Jared McGee
23:59 11 Jan 18
This location does really well with accuracy of orders, food prep, and guest service. They just updated their menu for the drive-thru, so I will update that with some pictures that I took while we were ordering. Sometimes this location gets a little bit busy, but Yuba City is growing and Jimboy's provides good food so that comes with the territory.
Genny Davis
20:09 29 Oct 17
The very best, Yuba City, especially. Fresh, delicious, great presentation. The people are all so friendly. The best chicken and beef tacos. Chili beanies, unbelievable
Debbie Delany
20:31 16 Aug 17
They have the best food in town. The hamburger in a taco are awesome. (It's a hamburger patty with all the trimmings in a taco shell instead of a bun) We make sure to stop every time we are in town. The restrooms are clean. Friendly service
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