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Alva Hodgson
05:12 10 Sep 21
Always excellent whenever I visit. Wait time might be a while but it's completely worth it. Everything tastes amazing regardless of you get tacos, burritos, enchiladas, or their daily specials. Couldn't ask for a better jimboys tacos
Terri L. Nocco
14:58 04 Sep 21
Jimboys tacos are an institution! Their ground beef taco is perfection. I made room in my heart for their yummy fish taco as well though, fried citrusy bliss. Always a great spot to get your taco fix!
Alicia Pecorella
21:49 22 Aug 21
Great service and food was awesome. Went here around 3pm excellent food
21:10 04 Apr 21
The best tacos in Sacramento. I have been going here since I was a little girl. The quality is still consistent and the taste is still flavor rich.My favorites are the tacos and their home fries which taste delicious with salsa.
05:30 04 Mar 21
I've been going here since I was a kid, I got the grilled chicken tacos and they were so good.
Mandy T
03:24 02 Feb 21
Food is great but they often forget items in the drive thru. Check your order before leaving! I have gotten home multiple times missing things. But: the food is greasy Mexican fastfood at it's most delicious!
cynthia barrows
13:32 15 Jan 21
Love the #7 combo taco meal ,but they should add a drink instead of charging extra for one cuz you already pay extra to have chicken instead of ground beef which bring s your total to almost $12 for 2tacos beans rice salad and a tortilla. Drink extra!?
Ellix Virgo
22:21 30 Dec 20
Crispy beef tacos is worth the price. Very good unique crispy tacos love the dusti g of parm cheese.
keri engvall
21:27 04 Dec 20
Taste great and there fast in drive through most of the time and things are hot and not cold.
Drew Nichols
00:32 23 Nov 20
Great food and they never get your order wrong here. You can definitely tell the workers care about your food.
Dave C
14:06 13 Nov 20
Taco hit the spot, burritos were good. Swift and friendly service for the money, it was good.
Kevin Gowen
04:11 04 Nov 20
I wish they would open indoors. Best Jimboys in area
Trish B
16:51 04 Oct 20
You cannot say no to jimboy's beef tacos & taquitos.
Issac Guerrero
21:35 25 Sep 20
The food was fresh. There was about 8 cars in front of me and it went by pretty fast to get our food.
Cassandra Sharp
19:24 17 Sep 20
Love this place, food always good. A bit expensive but good
Sarrah Leonard
02:37 03 Sep 20
I always get such goos food from here.
09:30 15 Jul 20
The food was delish! The shrimp Diablo tacos are the best!
Mag D
20:51 23 Jun 20
For some reason I have been really craving their tacos lately. Well actually the reason is, because they are fabulousssss! My favorite are the chicken tacos. However the beef is wonderful as well. Awesome food as always!!!
Lilly Ballesteros
01:46 19 Jun 20
Always fresh food, fast too.
Gladys T.
01:36 05 Jun 20
Love this restaurant. Location isn't the best but the employees are great. Food is always delicious.
Zena Miller
18:00 21 May 20
Never can go wrong with tacos.
Anthony Lockhart
15:14 02 May 20
For a fast food restaurant the meal was pretty tasty and the portions of food in the fiesta pack fed 5 people. What a deal for 20 bucks.
DuSharme Thomas
16:56 15 Mar 20
Lobby was closed at 8:30 pm in the neighborHOOD. Drive thru open. Dinner was same excellent!
Tower Reasby
05:23 03 Feb 20
I have always been a special fan of Jim boys I love there burritos
Karl Schaefer
09:40 30 Jan 20
You can't go wrong with Jimboy's Tacos they've been around a long time you still got great quality great flavor
Mary Ann Hamilton
11:53 26 Jan 20
It's always been good for decades. One of my favorite places.
OlgaWhatserface .
23:23 18 Jan 20
So delicious!!! Working on learning to make the tacos like they do and it feels close-ish but never quite like! Haha.
Brandon Moreno
21:33 14 Jan 20
I think this place has delicious food with fresh food which you can taste. I would recommend
Karin Hren
01:23 14 Jan 20
The food is always delicious and the service is great. Friendly staff alwsys
antonio mendoza
16:50 29 Dec 19
Every time I visit Sacramento I grab my tacos, got to have them..
03:09 25 Nov 19
Love the tacos and a lot of other items, but especially the tacos.
Peter Bell
20:01 19 Nov 19
No matter what Jimboys I go to, I always get the same items, bean burrito, bean taco and maybe a cheese enchilada. I love the enchilada here (at this location) but they never seem to put enough parmesan on my tacos here, at least not as compared to the now closed downtown location. : (
Kriss Lane
02:23 19 Nov 19
Best tacos ever and wonderful staff
Larry Iniguez
19:41 05 Nov 19
Love the tacos. No brainier on taco Sunday special.
Kenneth Bates
18:51 23 Oct 19
First time I have ever eaten at Jimboys. I was surprisingly impressed.
Dinah Scivoletti
16:57 20 Oct 19
It’s really helpful direction me to there and missed that taste jimboys taco
Katt Eekakes
04:51 15 Oct 19
Always a 5 star for flavor if nothing else
Kirk Cloyd
23:25 06 Oct 19
Great breakfast burrito! Only the drive thru was open but as we walked to the car to go to the drive thru, staff opened the door & asked if we wanted to dine inside early. Friendly service & really good food.
Eugene Robert's
14:55 18 Sep 19
Like I tell all my friends is the best place to get tacos to go anywhere any Mexican food to go but check your order cuz they always miss one little thing have no complaint excellent food
Gene Hughes
18:34 09 Sep 19
I love it there I’ll definitely be going back for their tacos
Meisum Naveed
07:04 07 Sep 19
Loved their bean and cheese burrito, and as always great customer service
Diana Winner
14:34 26 Aug 19
Always fresh, always tasty. Service is quick
Sherri Hester
21:39 12 Jun 19
I love this place..There so nice especially the gentle Man that does drive through food always fresh and hot
Bill Culbertson
23:31 11 Jun 18
The Monday Special (Enchilada,Taco,Rice,Beans and drink) was very good
WeGro Community
02:25 04 Apr 18
Man there tacos was on point. Took a min. To make a half dozen and 2 rices.
Gwen H
04:11 24 Mar 18
Highly recomend the shredded beef taco salad. Good place
Bear Martinez
02:36 01 Mar 18
The food is good but they are cheap on the salsa at drive through. I found that odd cause if you go inside you can have all you want. I'll be going in from now on.
Donna Gruber
18:12 22 Jan 18
I'll definitely be back. Food is always fresh and service is great !
Joe Williams
23:25 18 Nov 17
Great service better than most Jim boys I've been to fresher salads
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