11065 Folsom Blvd.
Rancho Cordova
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Craig Adams
15:08 15 Oct 23
Not too many franchises do it like this one...other jimboys locations should learn from this location the food is prepared not just thrown together. THANK YOU
Doua Moua
21:14 19 Sep 23
Good place for getting Mexican fast food. Plenty of items on the menu to choose from. We ordered chicken taco bowls for take out and they tasted great. Place could get busy during the lunch hour.
Nathan Vorhes
18:42 19 Sep 23
Ordered Beef Tacos. I got chicken. Not mad, tacos are still Jimboys Tacos. Absolutely slap. A little light on the Parmesan compared to other locations. I rate this place 4 tacos out of 5.
Mick Divine
12:44 05 Sep 23
Been going to Jimboys my whole life. Its is a Sacramento Ca. icon. Love it.
Gerald Brown
14:02 25 Aug 23
The service was slow had to wait about five minutes to be served and I was the only one inside they were friendly enough while serving you I had the street fries with 2 tacos it was good
Veronica Garrett
04:20 15 Jul 23
I placed a mobile order and ended up stuck in the drive thru behind another order that took 20+ minutes. Since my food (nachos) was ready when I got to the speaker, they got soggy by the time I got the bag. The manager (at least I hope they were or will be soon!) was kind enough to remake the nachos and have me pull to the side to wait for them.
Audrey Jones
04:13 07 May 23
I first went to Jimboy's about 4 or 5 years ago. My recent trip was a month ago when my cousins came into town. We arrived around 2:30pm and there were about 3 customers inside. We were greeted by the associate and we placed our orders. I ordered the Tahoe burrito with ground beef and my cousins ordered tacos. My burrito was a nice size and very filling. My cousins enjoyed their tacos and one of them ordered the Tahoe burrito to go. The service was great. Jimboys Tacos gets two thumbs up.
Julie Kim
19:02 04 May 23
1st time trying jimboy's ~ it was absolutely delicious. Atmosphere / customer service.. is what it is.While enjoying my first Jimboy taco, a customer lost it because her order wasn't ready. She threatened the employee with a call to the owner and shouted at them like they were children.The employee did call out her order for a stretch of time with no response, so they moved on to the next order. The customer finally appeared ~ she was in the restroom all this time. I believe the cusstomer was having a bad day already which led to the degrading scene. I hope she reflects and realizes her error and apologizes.Meanwhile, please consider opening one up in Contra Costa county. Though there are many awesome authentic tacos in the area, Jimboy's is such a guilty pleasure.
Michael Caprasecca
16:06 10 Apr 23
You can always count on Jimboy's to consistently have the best American style tacos! 5 stars
Jack Blevins
06:03 23 Feb 23
The food was good, the service could have been better, and they had religious music playing.
Cody Lee
17:17 18 Nov 22
My favorite Jimboy's location. This location makes the best chorizo breakfast burrito. Most locations do not even offer it. And others make a smaller and less tasty version. This is my go-to
George Stolberg
16:49 07 Nov 22
As all the Jimboy's this one has a great taco. I really love the Jimboy taco. I also like the combo plates but my main thing is tacos
Sean “IntoForever” Myers
02:51 04 Nov 22
I grew up with Jimboy's being a treat street going to Denio's Auction in Roseville. Now that I moved and there aren't any around me I stop in when I get a chance. The food has always been good with good service.
Matthew Helmers
21:07 24 Sep 22
Some jimboys restaurants are not very good, but this one was outstanding. Food was delicious. Maybe the best jimboys I've ever had. The service was great too.
Stephen Logan
06:22 20 Sep 22
I love this place.. wonderful food and great service.. people are friendly and seem to love there jobs
Mike Fernea
05:36 04 Sep 22
They have very good food! Better than Taco Bell.
03:12 18 Aug 22
Small location. Closes early. Love their food.This location still has shredded beef tacos.
John R. Hoffman
16:13 12 Jul 22
Jimboy's is a local favorite Mexican restaurant. Their unique tacos (ground beef, chicken or shrimp) are among a few food items that I occasionally crave.Bonus points for offering Mexican cervezas (beer) on tap and bottled.This location is many decades old, but it's well maintained and clean.I give 4 of 5 stars only because that's as many as I can give to any 'fast-food' restaurant.
Kerner Medina
03:30 16 Mar 22
Good old fashioned hamburgers,hot dogs & ice cream. Lots of combo meals to choose from. Customer service .. Excellent!!! Prices were reasonable.
19:47 22 Feb 22
This is one of the best Jimboy’s Tacos I’ve ever been to! The staff is on point. The ownership seems to have a lot of pride in keeping the place clean and ensuring the food quality is fresh and delicious. Staff is very friendly as well. I wish all Jimboy’s Tacos had this level of care in their business!
CK Smith
19:19 13 Nov 21
Great food. Forgot an item in the drive through the past two times, but never before. We've been customers for decades. Fresh food, always delicious.
Hamilton Collins
23:04 09 Oct 21
Yummy tacos and friendly service. I've had better and I've had worse. Definitely worth the stop.
Hank Gallegos
20:30 31 Jul 21
I love Jimboy's, but I don't get to eat there very often anymore because I moved down to Southern California and there are none local to me anymore. Every time I come back to Sacramento I always try to swing by for a couple tacos to satisfy my craving. I went to this restaurant for the first time today with my dad at his recommendation because they are always on top of it with a nice hot fresh food. We got some beef tacos and some bean tacos and I have to say, it was probably the best Jimboy's I have ever eaten. Everything was so hot it burned my mouth, which is exactly what I was looking for. I would highly recommend them and I will definitely be back to this restaurant.
David Loewy
03:21 30 Jul 21
Always good -- only had a questionable experience once, and they were quick to resolve it. As a plus, they sell a couple different types of bottled beers, which goes nicely with their meals. As a plus, they have a great app that gives you a point per dollar you spend, which then after a couple of visits, you get $10.00-$15.00 off.
Chris Hernandez
09:28 22 Jul 21
It's always clean. The food tastes delicious. They also give senior citizens discount.
Dennis Bland
14:46 20 Jul 21
This place treated me really nice and did my car back really good and it's currently doing my Cadillac for me
Rebecca Harvey
05:28 18 Jul 21
Growing up in Sacramento I loved Jimboys Taco's .I currently live in Memphis ,Tn for over 30 years .My plane landed today and I asked my aunt to take me to my favorite mexican restaurant . I really enjoyed the food today ! Thanks for keeping the food as great as many years ago .
Karen Russell
21:15 09 Jun 21
The drive is always a little slow, however, the delish food.makes up for it. Jim Boys food is always worth the wait!
Cheryl Parton
11:38 31 Mar 21
The Ground Beef Taco Salad is the Best Freshest Yummy ...,with a flour tortilla shell Everything Is exactly how it was to be,,I love fresh Avacados,it had a good amount.,olives,sourcream,Beef,homemade,refried beans, cheeses.thank you later evening Staff..
Lesley SAwyer
02:26 25 Mar 21
Love love love Jimboys. Everything on their menu is amazing. I usually order the chile relleno but it wasn't on the menu. I've noticed lately many Jimboys have removed it. Why? I love it when I'm not in a meat mood perfect for my vegetarian days. I ordered the taco salad, which was good but not wat I wanted. Now I have to go on a hunt for what u no longer have.
Dan A
23:29 15 Mar 21
They always have good food and very nice employees. The food was quick and just wish it was a little bit bigger on certain portion sizes. I still come back there each time I am in the area.
Jenn W
02:23 06 Feb 21
My first time at this jimboys. Tacos were great. Just like a I want a jimboys taco
Adam FourTwenty
15:39 13 Jan 21
Excellent for a fullsize drive thru traditional burrito. Definitely still fast food.
Renee Davis
06:50 08 Jan 21
Cant go wrong. Food is delicious..The beef tacos are some of the best tacos i have ever had..and the price is not to bad
J. Young
05:52 03 Jan 21
Clean restaurant, comfortable atmosphere, good customer service, delicious food!
Email God
01:13 27 Dec 20
Parents enjoymeticals for a safe rendered movement of a qualitica evening ; thank you .[173].
Victor Parra
02:30 21 Dec 20
Bestest tacos in california ......
17:27 06 Oct 20
Very good customer service. Chips was not the freshest but good
Karen Teague
21:01 05 Oct 20
Consistent. Quality. Service. Staff. Food.['19-10 1st review 5 Star, '20-10 updated review the same.]
Monica Longbrake
05:19 01 Oct 20
It's a cool spot, usually go in the evening. Drive thru is available. Friendly staff, always. This is one of my husbands favorite places to grub! I love their tacos with parm! Extremely yummy! The only thing is, when I'm full I don't want to stop eating!
Tyana Campbell
18:06 08 Sep 20
Jimboys is it
Taeshia Jackson
21:20 29 Aug 20
Very good
rosemary rincon
01:41 27 Aug 20
Love this location better then the one off Madison and San Juan.
Dave River
02:26 26 Aug 20
Good foodCustomer friendly
kat wies
23:36 17 Aug 20
The nacho is the big meal bargain!
Leticia Paz
10:24 09 Aug 20
I love the gorditos w the works food is always made to order fesh n hot I was a little let down all the ingredients on my taco were consistent w jimboys except for the ground beef it tasted like it had been watered down the texture was noticeably mushy and bland . My brother ate his food he was happy he had 3 carne asada tacos I had. Also ordered chips n guac chips,they were warm n fresh and my gauc was good salsa was fresh . This was the first time I was let I will go back and give that gordita another try... I have been going to jimboys since the late 70s and that was the first time my taco did not meet my expectations
Ally Watson
21:45 01 Aug 20
If you've never had Jimboys and your thinking of trying it for any reason let me help you.....DO IT! You will NOT regret it!
Erin Baity
01:04 27 Jul 20
This is of of the original jimboys tacos and has been In this location for at least the last 30 year's. Still the same great food and a well seasoned grill, which if you've ever had jimboys tacos at the auction in Roseville then you know that's the key to their perfectly fried tacos. Yum!
Norma Negrete
00:21 19 Jul 20
Customer service is great. The food is always on point.
Richard Nahigian
20:52 24 Jun 20
One of the best Jimboy's in town. Good food every time.
Rich Jordan
19:24 18 Jan 20
The food is always the best tasting tacos every time, I go there because I know I won't be disappointed, like some other food places.
02:08 25 Dec 19
Great taco salad with shredded chicken. The service was great and the location was very clean. Saw an act of compassion when someone that worked there helped someone going through a hard time. Would recommend for a quick meal!
Richard Huston
18:46 13 Dec 19
I was curious and then quite surprised on how good the Jimboy's Original Taco is.They seem to warm up the corn soft taco shell and then dip it in a cheese powder and fold it so that the cheese is on the outside. Then stuff it with the season meat, cheese and lettuce. Definitely quite tasty and worth stopping in and giving it a try. about $2.50 ea.
chubbynoah .
12:52 04 Dec 19
Great service by beautiful sweet women,the food was great as always at this location
T. Farris
00:34 02 Dec 19
I was looking for good Tacos while in Sacramento and I found Jimboy's. It didn't disappoint. Had the classic Asada Burrito, good.
Janet Kiddie
23:33 22 Nov 19
Best tacos ever! Great service! Clean restaurant.
07:22 15 Nov 19
Food was good service was good. A good value for a complete meal.
Valanah Martinez
17:19 18 Oct 19
Jimboys is my favorite ! I don't usually go to this location, but I can agree with my taste buds that I enjoyed it very much.
Michael Stewart
19:39 06 Oct 19
I miss their "The works" option. The menu has changed and I'm not sure it's for the better. The staff is very friendly though and they cook the food well. Its a bit pricey. A single taco will run you $2+ and a family meal is $40+ without drinks.
Mark A. Jones
02:59 07 Sep 19
Bottom line the best taco for fast food. Well worth the price, order a box of 12 and divide them up and enjoy. Place is always clean and service is good.
Arix Zajíček
16:20 05 Sep 19
I came here while waiting for some work to be done at America's Tire next door. I didn't want to go to Brookefield's because that's a bit expensive for me, and this Jimboy's wasn't too far of a walk. I don't generally eat at Jimboy's, at all really, but I was rather pleased with the food. I ordered a veggie burrito, and it was much larger than I expected, especially for the cheap price. And, it tasted really good; I think I prefer it over some higher end Mexican restaurant's burritos.As for the staff, the lady who took my order smiled when I walked in and seemed really nice. The restaurant seemed clean, and salsa bar orderly, so it looks like they take care of the place. However, some of the placement of straws and lids were strange, since they were on the opposite side of the room as the soda machine. It's not a big deal, just I could see someone getting confused.Lastly, the restaurant felt a bit weird to me. The TV and candy machines seemed out of place. It didn't feel like they belonged in a restaurant. I get that the owner added those for the convenience of the customers, but they kinda detracted from the experience. It just made the place feel dated, as if they didn't get business and they were trying to attract people. That said, there were quite a few people who came in during lunch, let alone through the drive through. And I don't think the TV or candy is what broght them there. Oh well.
Reyna Escobar
08:31 01 Sep 19
This Jimboys has good customer service and the food is delicious
Reyna Escobar
08:31 01 Sep 19
This Jimboys has good customer service and the food is delicious
Cheresa Butler
03:13 29 Aug 19
Man there food is si delicious wonderful customer service
Jim Jamzz
04:45 27 Aug 19
Good tacos but wow, they have doubled in price...
Kristopher Cromwell
07:22 16 Aug 19
Great police friendly staff clean bathrooms
Katy Lindsor
17:03 07 Aug 19
Good food..prices a little high but it was close to my errands.
porkyzilla .
21:17 21 Jul 19
Always good service, clean facilities, good food just a little pricey.
21:17 21 Jul 19
Always good service, clean facilities, good food just a little pricey.
robert martinez
23:54 29 Jun 19
Great tacos. Street fries were good too
Stephen Gierek
02:33 26 Jun 19
The classic ground beef burrito is the best! The fries are also delicious.
Will Gay
05:10 05 Apr 19
Tahoe burrito and some of their famous tacos!! I love Jimboy's, and this location didn't disappoint. Clean restaurant and great food
Jason Williams
20:55 08 Jun 18
Jimboy’s tacos are the best. Hands down! I try to find one anytime I am in Sacramento. This place does not disappoint. They have a cool twist on the taco. The shell is fried and Parmesan cheese is on the outside. Fantastic!!
Leo Swordsman
20:08 08 Apr 18
Great taco place if you want to get away from taco trucks and taco Bell. I rarely find great tacos and this is the place to go for something new! Far as I can tell every taco shells has sprinkled cheese and mozerella cheese inside. My favorite was the burger taco. Soda 3/5, Horchata 1/5 (love mine with a lot of cinnamon and sugar). Thier burritos are great also. Great place for a quick lunch.
Jon C
15:41 31 Mar 18
There are not many jimboys around that still offer ranchero sauce, but this one does. I love that stuff. I have been eating it since I first ate there in the mid to late 90's.
Jason West
18:41 07 Mar 18
Don't have these in AZ so anytime I'm in Sacramento I hit it up at least a few times. Great food. Never disappointed.
Ressie 221
08:43 24 Feb 18
I have eaten at this restaurant regularly for years. The staff is the best. A few times they have made an error with my order but they always correct it and replace the messed up item and even give me an extra discount on the rest of the food i ordered. Their customer service is excellent and the tacos are very tasty.
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