3845 Elkhorn Blvd.
North Highlands
CA 95660


Esteban “E” Martinez
22:59 28 Mar 24
Fast and friendly service from the ladies working the day my roommate and I went. And of course the wonderful tacos! Yum yum yum!
Kate M.
19:14 01 Jan 24
We went to this location twice while we were in town visiting family, and each time the food and service was excellent. Thank you!
Jarid Warren
05:07 13 Dec 23
This place doesn't get enough praise for how good it is. Better than most so-called authentic Mexican restaurants. Particularly this location, as I cannot say the same for other Jimboy's locations. Carnitas Tacos are crazy good.
Kelly Crites
20:42 11 Dec 23
Balbina is the best!!!! I’ve been coming here foreverrr and am always happy to see her smiling face. Delicious burritos. Great service.
Tec Now
14:37 06 Nov 23
Friendly staff, and I don’t ever remember them messing up any of my or coworkers order for years now. It’s time to say thank you ones again publicly and that me and our staff love this place!
Bud Widdowson
00:47 03 Nov 23
LOVE Jimboys. Got 3 of each style of taco for a late lunch party and it was a perfect grab. Can't go wrong here.
Joel Bivens
23:50 25 Oct 23
Great time, good food and service went to lunch with a friend.
Jeanna Gold
21:48 01 Oct 23
The people who work there are so nice. Food is so good.
Jamie Moyle
01:10 24 Aug 23
Great food we got the stuffed quesadilla and the bean tacos highly recommend it
Brandon Ledbetter
02:24 05 Mar 23
Freaking jimboy's tacos why you got to be so freaking good!!!
Josh MOnthei
10:04 05 Jan 23
Classic tacos that'll never disappoint and have some kind of parmesan cheese or something on the outside. That makes it so good
That One Guy From Sacramento
05:42 31 Dec 22
These tacos are so good the beef tacos and the shredded chicken. The ladies inside are always so nice and the food is so delicious and fresh. I like the value and the prices are not bad for the food.
Arturo Rodriguez
03:17 28 Sep 22
It's been awhile since I've had jim boys. I recently stopped in and was very impressed with the new menus. The food was outstanding. They still had the old style tacos and burritos. But the rest of the was impressive. Thank you Google
Randy Cooley
02:00 25 Aug 22
The Chicken Enchiladas are Delicious get a plate with two and beans rice and salad
Carole Dittmer
23:00 14 Aug 22
Love the tacos but they're getting pricey.
Dennis McGuire
23:01 08 Aug 22
The food is really goodEasy in easy outLove it
Karen Saunders
01:10 25 Jul 22
Jim boys is right around the corner. We really love their tacos, but I usually get tacos for hubby while I love the taco salad. Some of their completion stop serving the salads, so I stopped going there.
Eric Harper
15:08 07 Jul 22
This is a good restaurant for fast food. The food is always good
Kimberly Howell
06:08 21 May 22
Clean, very friendly. Good food. The chicken taco didn't look anything like what the picture showed though. But still tasted good.
Mike Rosales
04:25 21 May 22
Great food just sometimes they take to long to get your food
Tina Reis-Leveron
04:50 28 Apr 22
Good food, even though they changed menu, I tried the Burrito and it was good!
Sharon Abbey
03:08 20 Apr 22
Love the carne asada dish but they don't use plates now
Mrs Love
17:40 15 Apr 22
This is my go to. They have good food and good staff but my reason for going here is the soda machine. Very rare for me to find diet cherry Dr pepper. Thank you!!
Damien A
05:30 12 Apr 22
Fast service inside but drive thru a little slow and indoor pick up closes at 8:30. Service has definitely improved.
Gor Vala (G0rski996)
17:35 13 Mar 22
Chicken burrito was very good. Great service and prices
Robert RaceFWD
21:56 07 Mar 22
Best location. Busy because it's very good. Try this location. The staff is great.
Lynay Boykin Harwood
10:16 02 Mar 22
Best tacos!!!! I absolutely love the bed tacos. They are One of a kind !!! Jimboy's needs to expand to the Bay area.
lora hayward
19:52 05 Feb 22
Taco's always good and fast servest.Door sticks though. You think its closed because of it. I recomend this place.
Damien A
05:39 17 Jan 22
Ok service but drive thru slow and indoor pick closes at 8:30. But on this day they closed inside at 8pm. No consistency.
Steven Owen
10:49 11 Jan 22
Ninety-nine times out of a hundred this place has excellent food
Nicki Berry
19:05 20 Dec 21
Best dang tacos I've ever had hands down.
Clinton Short
04:58 11 Nov 21
The food here is simple but great. I love the beef tacos, enchilada plate and the kids love the quesadillas. I've been to this location probably about 10 times and the food is always good. I will return the next time I want tacos but don't feel like making them. Taco Tuesday for the win
Sherri Gordon
08:27 08 Oct 21
Craveable tacos as usual. Ordered at the drive through and received my food quickly. Tacos were lightly crisp and flavorful. I'm hungry again just thinking about them.
Jim Marxmiller
21:01 14 Sep 21
Friendly servers and the food was made well and fairly quick.
karyn E
00:48 08 Aug 21
Taco was very very good! Made to my order. Crispy. It was not skimpy and it was hot! Good job!
D Gonzales
20:51 16 Jun 21
Always clean and very friendly staff. Food is ready in a timely manner and delicious.
Mick Divine
03:04 04 Jun 21
LOVE THIS PLACE. Been coming to Jimboys for 45 years I will continue to go the rest of my life
Denise Johannes
21:45 21 May 21
Excellent. As usual. Always great food and friendly service.
kelley swindle
02:26 21 May 21
Jimboy's is always good but the best Jimboy's is from Denio"s Action in Roseville ❤
Edgar Estudillo
01:58 21 May 21
Jimboys always delivery never disappoint, good foos
Afrika Malik
02:31 27 Apr 21
Really clean. Had indoor dining and restrooms available. Food was good ,service friendly
robert young
02:41 25 Apr 21
Have always been a big fan.Always buy about six beef burritos and love the flavor.Some may think they are kind of priceybut it's worth it.
Phyllis Tinner
15:16 07 Apr 21
Very yummy food & very clean & totally awesome server & employees (Very professional)
01:51 25 Feb 21
Much better than Del Taco and Taco Bell that's for sure....I loved the cheesiness of the grilled chicken taco
Michael Barber
00:33 20 Dec 20
Good service can't complain. Jimboys is good but they are kinda on the expensive side but they are very good. No one else I know dust their outer shells with grated parmesan. That makes a big difference in the taste of their tacos.
Frank Ruiz
13:55 02 Dec 20
First time visiting a Jimboy's and I will be return. The Tacos I had were rich in flavor for a fast food type place. Place was very clean and orderly.
Braylen Fritz
21:36 16 Nov 20
This place is worth a visit. They serve large portions for reasonable rates. Always clean and with excellent vibes. Would recommend to others.
HOSS Duran
15:11 23 Oct 20
What is there to say about jimboy's tacos besides that they're one of the best
Julio Perez
15:16 09 Oct 20
Amazing tacos and burritos im from Idaho and we dont have this place there it was really good thanks guys
Adam James
06:00 26 Sep 20
The best beef tacos in the world!! I love the beef El Gordo taco too. Huge flour shell taco.. put a bunch of Jimboys taco sauce on for perfection.
Carina P
02:49 03 Sep 20
Paul Masopust
21:09 02 Sep 20
Fast and friendly service
Kathy Davis
14:25 01 Sep 20
There Tacos are delicious
Shalanda Ramsey
06:58 25 Aug 20
Fresh and f a st
David Dunn
01:26 15 Aug 20
Very busy very busy But it went pretty fast Their food is always good
Richard Christie
16:24 30 May 20
This place is a solid 6 maybe 7 out of 10. Why you ask? Well the OG taco ladies work during lunch and the newbs work dinner. So there is a skill difference. Tacos had during lunch are always crisp, full of flavor and just all around delicious. During dinner they can tend to over produce or sand bag to beat a large crowd, which leads to soggy, greasy tacos. They are still tasty.
Keara Hendricks
15:26 15 Feb 20
Jimbo's tacos are the best, if you're eating fast food. Greasy as hell, but flavorful! The cream filled churros are on hit too.
Bronson Francis
21:17 30 Jan 20
Definitely a place worth trying, the food is fantastic and well prepared, the cost is fair and it is consistently clean in here. Fantastic work.
Bob Shaw
14:50 05 Dec 19
The best tacos around everything I've tried is good to excellent sit down quality with a drive thru
Korbin Shea
17:13 14 Nov 19
This spot never fails to impress. They serve fantastic dishes for affordable prices, there no long wait even when they are loaded.
sandy s
03:24 11 Nov 19
Delicious food. I like the chicken tacos, and the chicken avocado salad, my family likes the beef tacos. Casual atmosphere
eric poole
00:26 03 Nov 19
I love Jimboys. This location has the strangest drive through ever... The price is high and the taco is the only really worthwhile thing but they are that good. I could probably eat 5 in a row. I have eaten them since I was a kid. Love them.
Tanya Rodriguez
00:42 01 Nov 19
Drive thru took a bit longer thus time. Otherwise 5 stars
Dvion Brooks
05:08 16 Oct 19
Service is ALWAYS welcoming and they take the time to REALLY cook their food how it is suppised to be ill drive neighborhoods and pass other jimboys locations just to get to this particular location i feel welcome everytime i come there FOR SURE. DEFINITELY a recommended location to get ur Jimboys fill
Dawn Bammel
13:09 08 Oct 19
So good, but tacos are so geeasy/wet the bag was a leaking mess and the cheese came off the tortillas. Inside is very nice.
Jason Fair
19:29 06 Oct 19
These tacos are insanely good. The tortillas are tasty, that cotija crust is nuts, and the ingredients taste good. This is the perfect fast food taco that is better than anything else you'd find around. Damn good. I couldn't stop eating these things.
LadyJaz The Queen
07:09 04 Oct 19
Great food. Good service
Tina Carter
22:20 26 Sep 19
Very clean interior. Staff very nice and friendly. Food very good. Quick service.
apples seven
12:24 18 Sep 19
Ive alwats loved jimbots tacos there food is almost never disappointing
Susan Ogburn
21:41 10 Sep 19
My Whole Family LOVES Jimboys! Forever
Melis C
05:00 01 Aug 19
Good customer service and decently cooked food!!!
Jessica Miller
23:35 17 Jul 19
We always get the classic beef tacos when we come here and they are delicious, greasy but I feel like that's what I'm looking for when I come here to eat. My husband is not full celiac, but had a reason to gluten and he can eat the tacos here without any issues.
Jacob Sewald
21:03 10 Jul 19
Cause sometimes you just gotta have a real taco!
Lucas Flaten
04:37 02 Jul 19
This location is very nice and modern. If you've never had a Jimboy's taco, your are missing out
Rodney Kellum
06:01 20 Jun 19
Just as good as I remembered it from 20 years ago. Tastes great, and hits you in the soul.
Alicia Linares
15:56 14 Jun 19
I love their original meat tacos. I would like them to be just a little more crunchy. But other than that, I love them.
Ken Torri
03:33 04 Jun 19
Very clean. Authentic food. Good service staff. One of the best Jimboys in Sac area. Good job staff and kitchen folks.
Orest Yaslinskiy
03:57 07 Apr 18
This Jimboys is fancy. I felt like I was at sizzler.
Desiree Turner
05:06 04 Apr 18
Always great..try tha salsa!!*dez
B Koehler
22:12 18 Mar 18
The cashier was extremely helpful. Although tasty, the steak burrito doesn't come with much steak. For that price I was surprised to see I had a very light burrito.
Ashley Kondrad
18:11 19 Dec 17
Good food. Had a big order recently, the woman working was really nice and gave great service. I don't know if they view these, but my suggestion for big orders is mark items and don't put non-meat items next to meat items.
Rina Gifford
18:47 27 Sep 17
They are doing a "Tacos For Heros" promotion for the whole month of September 2017 for Military, Fire, Police & EMTs. My taco was great and the cashier was nice! This location is not closed !
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