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Diane Hawkins
16:30 11 Sep 21
This place has excellent food, but in your photo of the taco burger it's showing a hair in the food. That's not good for business. Check your photos before posting!
Patricia Russell
05:05 19 Aug 21
The convenience of not having to wear a mask and not having to get out in the heat and smoke make the drive-thru very appealing.
Michele Woods
19:38 18 Jul 21
Great food! I love the new menu with Tahoe Burritos! I wish all Jim Boys would convert over. The drive-thru oder was taken quickly, accurately and the gentleman was extremely pleasant. Keep up the good service and food! We will be back.
Kyle Basnett
21:58 08 Jul 21
I love Jimboys! I've tried other things from the menu, and am always happy, but I always go for the classic beef tacos.
20:17 13 Jun 21
Their food is quite different than the typical Mexican food. They're stuffed quesadilla is out of this world. The price is a little up there but the quality matches. If they were closer in my house I'd be there more often.
18:38 05 May 21
Best fast food around. Super friendly staff.We have eating here for years. They have never messed up our orders!!!!!
D Diane Wells
15:26 02 Apr 21
I live most of the time in Orange County so a trip to Jimboys here in the Sacramento area was special and brought back good memories of lunching there when I worked up here. Enchiladas were really good but the salad was exceptional, so fresh and so crispy . . . SO good - perfect dressing too.
Cindie Braden
17:25 05 Mar 21
Great friendly service, order was correct and I didn't have to wait very long. Would for recommend you visit this location.
james Haury
04:19 25 Feb 21
We go here all the time. The food is always good. This time they forgot one item but they are only human and we all make mistakes. Love those keto tacos. :)
Pattie Chaffin
23:39 18 Feb 21
Yummy food. Love the tacos. But had a veggie burrito and its was awesome.
Isaac Ochoa-Scott
03:38 28 Dec 20
I always come here because they give excellent customer service and are quick. Thanks guys!
Trevor Sparks (Medessec)
22:25 26 Nov 20
Overall okay. Their Tacos are excellent, burritos are okay. Not a fan of their churros. The service is good.
Casey Alexander
02:49 05 Nov 20
I kept getting Facebook ads for the taquitO-M-G, so I went and got it. Boy was it worth! I was very happy. I just needed a bigger helping.
Dave Thompson (Happy Dave)
09:23 03 Nov 20
Jimboys is always good. But don't expect it to be cheap. A 6 pack x2 cost a little over 30 bucks!
Dennis Maksimov
02:11 29 Oct 20
Awesome food and speedy drive thru, I like them more than Taco Bell.
Francis Callahan
23:46 18 Oct 20
Best tacos in the Sacramento area. Have to get a couple to keep up my strength up. Nothing like them
Cheri Hensley
03:00 08 Sep 20
Friendly service, and tacos were perfect!
Ryan Shaw
05:16 04 Sep 20
My wife is from Sac and grew up eating Jimboy's tacos. I'm from San Diego and am particular about my mexican food. Defintely not traditional mexican food but super tasty and always hits the spot. I now make it a point to swing by whenever we are up in NorCal
Michelle Blackwell
01:35 02 Sep 20
I have always loved Jimboy's. They didn't disappoint.
Lefrance Stokes
15:28 30 Aug 20
I had came here years ago and wasn't that impressed .. however..I recently went back and it was REALLY GOOD actually. Idk what I was thinking. I'll be going back real soon. The fish tacos here are amazing. Also the Tahoe Burrito.
Jenifer Bradford
01:25 29 Aug 20
There's usually a line but I always go for the tacos and a side of queso to dip them in.
Rodel Romero
03:58 27 Aug 20
Taco Tuesday is awesome! $2.22 for original ground beef tacos.
Clinton Short
03:54 16 Aug 20
Awesome beef tacos. The rumors are true. Will get them again
Lone Wolf
22:58 10 Aug 20
Always a good affordable meal. Probably not a place for you if you have an aversion to greasy tacos though. It's one of those places you either love or hate.
Roger Fleshman
04:37 25 Jul 20
Good food great service. Prices could be a bit lower but overall it was good!
Dolores Casas
02:41 15 Jul 20
They have Fair very good family pack foods
Andrew Goforth
01:36 12 Jul 20
Tacos are bomb! Even the new fried chicken taco!! Delicious. Not into anything else on the menu at this point though.
Star Kemp Van Ee
06:36 29 Jun 20
Portions were big, service was good
You are beauty
02:55 09 Jun 20
The food was very good. And the employees were very nice.
Brittney B
21:55 18 Feb 20
I've been here 3 different times. 1 drive thru which was an ok experience but let me tell you. The 2 different times we ate inside. There is a women who is consistently cleaning-up and taking orders. She takes such great pride of it and also maintains a good attitude. The food always comes out hot and always fresh. Because this is a fast food chain I wouldn't really call it a restaurant but definitely one of the nicest fast foods I've ever sat inside and ate at.
Hank Rollins
14:43 26 Jan 20
The spot is great and roomy, the meals was yummy and the rates were very affordable. fast, efficient service and very affable waiters. I recommend this place.
Christal Bell
03:45 08 Jan 20
I am a taco freak! And you can't beat jimboys for tacos! They are always fresh and yummy. The service is fast and friendly . The restaurant is usually very clean. I had to take off one star because I think they are over priced for what you get.
Jake Myhre
03:25 06 Jan 20
Jimboys is awesome, always has been. This place was quick the food was hot and delicious. Thanks guys!
Joan Wright
22:52 27 Dec 19
Ok Jimboys has some great food. I have a few favorites. Their chicken tacos are melt in your mouth wonderful. Then they have a veggie burrito. Now with that you have to order it with the works. OMG so good. Then they have these nachos to die for. People now I'm hungry. I know where I'm going... hope to see you there.
Jim Earl
13:35 19 Dec 19
We always get the #2 (2 yummy beef tacos, rice, beans, salad & drink) for about $10. They even throw in a warm flour tortilla (wrapped in foil to keep it warm) in case you want to make your own mix. They also have many choices on drinks.
Clayton Taylor
04:46 26 Nov 19
The young man behind the counter deserves 10 stars! The cooks here know what they're doing, the food is so good. He I am a day later with nothing but compliments for this resturant. Do yourself a favor, bypass drive-thru. Even the bathroom was clean. Managed well!
Michael Smith
03:07 19 Nov 19
Friendly folks serving up fresh food. Real American Tacos! Tasty!
Rogelio Riggs
17:16 08 Nov 19
Very well organised and accessible spot. They provide big meals and for fair rates. I loved the meals a lot and the waiters were very amiable and chatty. Will definitely recommend this place.
Wild Wolf
04:10 25 Sep 19
Jimboys!!! Heck YES! Perfect tacos! Mr/mrs chef making peoples dinner this tuesday evening , Sept 24th, 2019, ask your boss for a raise! You made it perfect.
Brian Irwin
03:54 22 Sep 19
They still have great food , and u can get a family pack to save some a few bucks...
Tracy Baker
03:04 14 Sep 19
Beef tacos are very tasty, costs are just ok. Can't eat there to often cause I can't afford it..
Randy Marcom
22:31 31 Aug 19
Great as usual. Had a regular Taco in an El Gordo. Good stuff
Michael Gerlt
19:23 25 Aug 19
It was awesome, the always make my food the way I want it.
Kenneth Smith
03:03 24 Aug 19
Bruh, this is the best Mexican chain in the world. #ChickenTacos #CremeChurros
Ana Johnston
03:01 10 Aug 19
This location is the very (Madison and San Juan, Citrus Heights, ca) great service! Wonderful and the food was amazing! Salted onions, generous size of guacamole! Delicious salsa and fresh meat! I am definitely coming back!
g croyle
19:49 09 Aug 19
Very good food. Accommodating staff, clean and cool.
Amee Mattarolo
16:00 03 Aug 19
Everything was hot and fresh! Although they're a little pricey, they're delicious! Delicious!
Amee Mattarolo
16:00 03 Aug 19
Everything was hot and fresh! Although they're a little pricey, they're delicious! Delicious!
Wendi Robinson
05:26 31 Jul 19
Jimboys is an all time favorite. Love them.
carlos916ify .
12:59 23 Jul 19
6 pack tacos were very good. Also got a ground beef combo burrito. Fast drive thru.
12:59 23 Jul 19
6 pack tacos were very good. Also got a ground beef combo burrito. Fast drive thru.
Mark Worrell
00:06 17 Jul 19
Taco Tuesday is great. Best tasting Taco in town.
Medina Baker
19:35 06 Jul 19
Great service. They also have a new beef brisket taco
goat hammer
22:28 03 Jul 19
Much better than taco Bell and a step above most fast food.
Brittany Thomas
01:01 21 Apr 19
Delicious! Some of the best chips and queso. I had the taquitos and they were delicious. My husband loves the bean burrito.
Brittany Thomas
18:43 20 Apr 19
Delicious! Some of the best chips and queso. I had the taquitos and they were delicious. My husband loves the bean burrito.
The Bearded Kemosabe
16:57 25 Jan 19
I love the Original Tacos. I really don't get anything other than that. Four tacos for about 8 bucks isn't too bad. Please know that they are greasy and cheesy, but that is exactly why I love them to be honest. I highly recommend them.Oh, and the staff at this Jimboy's particularly have always been very polite and fast. All around great team it seems.
17:37 12 Mar 18
Staff is always friendly both in the drive thru and while dining in the restaurant. Food is always consistently great.
Lori Auchard
12:01 10 Mar 18
I think their tacos are better than most other fast food places not the cheapest but very good.
Ressie 221
08:44 24 Feb 18
Always great food. I have never been disappointed with their quality and freshness. The price is fair for the food you get.
Kara Mayfield
02:54 09 Feb 18
Jimboys has been around for a long time and they are still going strong. Service great food even better.
Gary W.
02:09 01 Feb 18
Nice variety of food. Great tacos and sauces. Employees are very friendly. Nice atmosphere to take a break to sit down and have lunch.
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