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david Blaque
12:50 23 Nov 23
Believe it or not these guys have a killer chili relleno!! The tahoe burrito is bomb and their taco burger is pretty bangin' too (as soon as i yank the pickles out of it. But thats just me.) Seriously, eat here the food is bomb ! Ive seen faster drive throughs but those places dont cook it to order. I just bumped it up from 4 stars to 5 stars. I dont just give 5 star ratings away. We all want the ratings to be accurate. ;D Smile and say "chili reileno"! Works for me. Oh i dont know about the atmosphere, never went inside. ...ha!
Rooster Crow
18:19 22 Nov 23
I Was passing through Reno NV. I saw this Jimboy’s tacos while driving through town and I was stoked to try it out because many years ago there was a Jimboy’s tacos off Aliso Creek Rd and Glenhurst in Aliso Viejo CA.They’re tacos were to die for. The ground beef wasn’t watered down or skimped out on and they would sprinkle a generous amount of Parmesan cheese onto the taco once it was prepared. The tacos were perfect and I was expecting the same experience at this Jimboy’s in Reno but I was disappointed because it was not at all like my experience in Aliso Viejo Jimboy’s which has been closed for over 5 yrs.Maybe the Jimboy’s in Aliso Viejo were barely turning profit because the way they made they’re food it was as if my grandma or dad had prepared it, with care.All in all my food was still good but not what I was expecting from past experiences with Jimboy’s Tacos.
20:10 17 Aug 23
Soo good all the time. Clean bathrooms and pleasant staff. Definitely will return!
Steve Boyer
20:51 02 May 23
Wow ,I had 8 tacos 6 ground beef and 2 shredded beef.They were great .I used to work at Jim Denios farmers market and auction in Roseville Ca .I cooked the Chinese food next door to jimboys.These tacos taste as good as they did in 1978.
John E
01:22 28 Apr 23
I really like the way their food tastes. Had a steak burrito and soda for less than a nasty big Mac meal! You can see the ingredients are still close to their original state (less processing)
Jo Ann Young
17:51 09 Apr 23
I eat here a lot a couple times a week.Love the spicy shrimp tacos. They have a real kick to them...super yummy. Love the taco shells...very good and different. Love the cabbage and the taco sauces. Also like the Tahoe burrito. I get it with chicken and ask for minimal rice. My only issue is the bathroom have to use a code and last couple times Ive needed to use it, the wrong code was given...and I just need to pee, and can't stand the way I can't get into the bathroom. It's ludicrous...and I can't hold it. If I'm spending over 30 dollars in your restaurant, please let me use the bathroom without codes etc. Not everyone is using drugs in the bathroom. I say this because I've heard that's why different places have locks on bathrooms and make it difficult to get in there.I will still go there...
Mark Phillips
09:04 03 Apr 23
I live a long way from here and there are good people here that make it worth the drive up
R Jackson
23:00 02 Feb 23
Long time customer! Before you get to the front door the parking lot is always clean! Inside is spotless clean also. We are always greeted and place our orders with a employee at a clean counter. Our food and respective orders great. The tacos could use allot more meat compared to other times we ordered. My burrito over the top!
Teresa Cafe
20:33 06 Jan 23
When I was on my way home from Reno this Christmas I was looking for somewhere to grab a quick bite but I wanted something better than mainstream fast food. I was super surprised when I found a Jimboy's. They are normally only found in California mainly So Cal but there are a few in the Sacramento area too. When I went inside to order the cashier told me that this was actually the first Nevada location and it had only recently opened. It didn't take long for my order to be ready. The food was delicious. So happy to find another good place to eat in Reno.
Nicholas Ledbetter
00:54 29 Dec 22
The food here is amazing and the employees are super nice! We had a great experience.
Jeremy Spencer
18:34 04 Sep 22
I have always loved Jimboys food. Unfortunately sometimes it can be excessively greasy and when it comes to the Lemmon Drive order has been messed up 4 consecutive times spanning over a year. Never going to that one again.
Jeremy Spencer
16:20 03 Sep 22
I always have love Jimboys food. Sometimes however it can be excessively greasy and when it comes to the Lemmon Drive order has been messed up 4 consecutive times over a year span. Never going to that one again.
T Wright
16:09 29 Aug 22
The food is cooked fresh, always tastes great. New menu items. Highly recommend.
Chase Hart
20:06 23 Jul 22
Tastes like franchised street tacos! The fish one was delicious, helpful customer service and clean location. Ideal for a quick lunch or dinner to go while traveling.
Scott Riggs
19:43 20 Jul 22
My first time at lemon valley Jimboys. Great as expected.
Matt Lusak
21:30 13 Jun 22
Great food. not your normal tacos. Green salsa is a must! Staff was very energetic. Thanks guys.
Lesleigh Pendery
22:54 05 Jun 22
Freshly grilled soft corn tortillas, stuffed with beef, cheese, lettuce, and sauce. Add some diablo and Verde for the perfect flavor combo! Chicken tacos were good too! The signature parmesan on the shell makes the flavors over the top good!Service was good, and speedy.
richard hainsey
23:33 31 Jan 22
My girlfriend had Jimboys the first time and she is hooked now. I been a fan since I was little. The best tacos anywhere
Art de Werk
06:52 20 Jan 22
In my humble opinion, Jim Boy's Tacos has the best tacos as compared to the other fast food places specializing in tacos. My only complaint is that their franchises are not widespread, so it's rare that I come across one of these places. I might add that the employees are particularly friendly.
Danny Morgan
17:08 23 Sep 21
The food is very tasty and the service was friendly. I wouldn’t plan on being in a hurry here though. It did take a while to get our food. I suspect it’s because it’s made fresh because it sure tasted that way.
Chuck Halfacre
20:01 23 Aug 21
There food is pretty good! When you have a lot to drink the tacos are not as good the 2nd time. So make sure not to Drank so much your food comes up. LOL Other then that they do have some great food I don't think it's worth the price? But to stop in once a month then I guess it's OK? Just my opinion. PEACE PEEPS MASK UP AN STOP THE B.S. because you're ask to put one on!
Shana McGowan
20:52 06 Aug 21
Omg this place was crazy good. We live in WA and we would love if they had one here. The daily specials were awesome. The portions were huge and cheap!
Day and Knight Ej and Lynn
17:53 30 Jul 21
The food is amazing, the staff is very friendly and courteous, and they have tons of locations in the area. I’m so glad that they have this location for all the people who live “in the hills.” You get so much food for a decent price too. I’m making my way through their menu and so far really love their tacos and nachos.
Tricia Staats
05:22 20 Jul 21
Great Mexican fast food but taste home made. Love it for a quick meal.
Alex F
04:16 16 Jun 21
I've always throughly enjoyed their tacos, however recently they are soggy and not as crispy as they have been in the past. That does not take away from the amazing flavour they have just the overall experience. Still would recommend to anyone looking for a good meal.
Keith Denny
01:40 14 Jun 21
Great made to order chicken tacos. Service was a little slow but that's how it is when food is made to order. Great food.
Patrick Derry
23:21 08 Jun 21
It was great. I even got some extra chicken so I could feed my pets and the employees were very helpful on how to charge for it.
Tina Bell
23:36 20 May 21
Huge portions! Great price! Excellent customer service!
Philip Galbraith Reno Historian
07:56 12 May 21
Great food. Friendly service. Bit of a wait and prices are a little steep
Philip Galbraith
09:16 18 Apr 21
Good food. Nice prices. Cute and professional service
Rogamatic Agan
01:46 14 Apr 21
Jimboy's is always good. Great restaurant, super clean. Drive thru is always speedy and double check your orders. One if my favorites
Cold Springs Queen
22:32 31 Jan 21
They were really nice. Fast and order was perfect
shook_nasty Nasty
21:23 30 Jan 21
Fast service.Delicious food!
shoto cosplay's
03:16 21 Jan 21
This place has really good food and staff love it.
00:02 18 Jan 21
Ordered 30 tacos a chk bacon avo salad 2 burritos and was in and out in 20 minutes food was amazeballs
William Zimmerle
19:52 17 Jan 21
Always good food, a little expensive, But under 7 dollars for a bean Super Burrito. In the drive through the menu does not show all the offered food, it is better knowing the secret menu from other Jimboys
15:43 18 Dec 20
Food was on point, this Lemmon valley location is the best jimboys out there!!
Wendy lee
07:17 16 Dec 20
It was great the food is awesome and it's right close to my home I love it.
Ayla Jay
03:55 07 Oct 20
Best tacos.!! Just the normal ground beef taco. YUMMY!!
loren kutsch
07:36 19 Sep 20
The food is always soo good I recomend the beef tacos. Yum and the fries are really good too
Photozbyjim Lee
10:10 18 Sep 20
Never had a taco burger?Why? Get on board
Jenifer Harding
19:08 08 Sep 20
The girls that work here are amazing they work hard and fast ....
William Staples
22:05 07 Sep 20
I like jimbo's tacos or burritos are tasty they're a little bit Greasy but I think that only make them better.
Tim Hawkins
02:34 07 Sep 20
YUM! Classic burrito loaded and the famous tacos.
sickenly sweete
00:06 28 Aug 20
Great as always!
Mike McCown
05:16 25 Aug 20
Great service, the tacos were bomb!
Nathan Homistek
04:46 21 Aug 20
#3 might be my new go to. First time trying one of their plates and I was not disappointed. #3 is an enchilada plate btw.
Jennifer Gorden
15:55 18 Aug 20
This location was thw bomb. Food was fresh, hot and the way it should be. We have been to other locations that weren't as good .
Annie LananCrain
22:15 07 Aug 20
This place was skeleton crewed when we came by, but the food was amazing as usual. Classic ground beef taco, delicious. Chicken tacos are also to die for!
Griffith Gilles
21:15 04 Aug 20
Excellent tacos excellent service if you want some tacos that taste like home cooking best place to go
23:58 22 Jul 20
Great food. I wish it was a little cheaper but otherwise the food is great and plenty of options.
kim rafanan
20:05 23 Jun 20
Food was good but the young man at the drive thru needs more training. Every item we ordered he would say is that all. Every item. Drove me crazy.
Carrie Rothe
21:37 16 May 20
Decided to try Jimboy's Tacos today. First place I ve eaten since Reno Nv partial opening of businesses. They had 6 tables in the lobby spaced as per CDC guidelines. I ordered the original Jimboys Taco. I absolutely loved them! Joshua was very friendly. Food was hot & delicious.
Carrie Rothe
19:58 15 May 20
Decided to try Jimboy's Tacos today. First place I ve eaten since Reno Nv partial opening of businesses. They had 6 tables in the lobby spaced as per CDC guidelines. I ordered the original Jimboys Taco. I absolutely loved them! Joshua was very friendly. Food was hot & delicious.
Cory Coppock
15:17 07 Mar 20
I go to this Jimboy's at least once a month. The food is always great, the service is always good and the staff is nice. The restaurant always seems to be clean and maintained. The only negative thing I can say is about the drive thru wait times. On a few occasions I've been stuck in the drive thru for more than 10 minutes. Although, each of these occasions were on a Friday or Saturday night.
yoshimitsuiix .
08:38 18 Feb 20
The food is good, portions are smaller as of the chains new look/design, waiting time is fair. Overall enjoyable.Tip* the nacho containers are abit unproportioned, the bottom plate should be a little bit deeper in depth.
Molly D
04:04 17 Feb 20
Best Jimboy’s in town, worth the drive. It’s VERY clean inside, like insanely clean, and really fresh. It’s a completely different experience inside with updated new decor than other locations in the area. People that work there are helpful when you can’t decide what to order. :)
Tye Sussmann
23:23 13 Jan 20
Clean store and I love their tacos. There is a drive through and an area to eat outside as well.
calvin collins
21:48 25 Nov 19
Best Junk food Tacos, Ever!Don't come here for healthy food. Amazing!Now we need a few locations in Texas!
christopher covell-taddei
17:44 31 Oct 19
Clean, fast and delicious. The Tahoe burrito was great. Cleaner than the one on Sullivan Lane in sparks
Sharon Spaulding
20:00 23 Oct 19
All I can say is WOW!!! These were the best tacos I have ever had. Most places skimp on their taco meat and load up on the lettuce. These were just the opposite. Plenty of meat on both the corn and flour tortilla tacos. Just all around awesome tacos. Plan to visit again as this was my first visit.
Tom Prunty
22:45 16 Oct 19
The drive thru is kinda slow, so I usually go inside. It's nice and clean, it peaceful, and the tacos good.
Timothy Hawkins
13:58 15 Oct 19
Classic burrito, loaded with their famous tacos. Always delicious! Love the new location on Lemmon drive. But any location, you can't go wrong!
Darroll Hicks
19:08 10 Oct 19
Quick service I beat the rush of people. If it wasn't for the useless construction going it would have been pleasant.
Carolyn Burns
15:35 25 Sep 19
Great selection of items from the menu! Always hard to decide, but a great "problem" to have. ☺️ We've been to the newer location on Lemmon Drive in Reno a few times now and the service is consistently good, and fast! Of course we love the tacos and the choices of meat, but ground beef is always a good choice. The last time I was there I had the enchilada and taco platter and there was plenty of food! I actually got so full that I shared some with my husband. The rice and beans are so good and having a small salad as well is always a nice surprise.
david frost
19:37 21 Sep 19
Great food. Vegetarian friendly. Lots of options. And if you haven't had a jimboys taco you haven't lived!!
Mike Baumgart
01:45 14 Sep 19
Always great food. Fresh made. Best fast food around
Love America
01:14 04 Sep 19
A-OK. Good food. Clean Restaurant. Every day they feature a daily special. Entree, rice , beans ,salad and a drink for $9.50
Rocci Doria
23:30 31 Aug 19
Love this place. The best greasy taco anywhere dusted with cheese, a higher class of asada than you can get at any drive-thru and now you can even get a burrito bowl... And old favorite just got even better. Plus, this location is SCREAMING fast compared to the other one off of Clear Acre.
Deborah Deroche
13:28 13 Aug 19
We love tacos. You guys are the best in the Northern valley ! Hot fast fresh n friendly! Thank you!
Ken Ballone
19:50 03 Aug 19
The chicken soft tacos, are my favorite. The Spanish rice, and beans, are an entire meal. Whatever cheese they coat the taco shells in, makes them really tasty.
Brian Robinson
01:45 07 Jul 19
Best Mexican food I've had in years. Better than any sit down restaurant. Wish I had one of these back home.
Charlie Lozano
20:36 21 Jun 19
Very clean, good food. Just wish the hot sauce was hotter
Kenneth J. M.
16:11 08 Jun 19
Great fast Mexican food. Food is always consistent the Chicken tacos are awesome. Just put some more sauce in the bag!
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