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01:43 10 Dec 23
When I place an order via the APP they have always gotten the order correct. Quick. No issues. Employees are quiet, not too talkative, but not rude either.
Mary Feryan
01:28 11 Oct 23
Friends of ours had stopped by the previous night for a quick meal. They loved it & highly recommended that we also try it. So we reluctantly decided to try it. The place is nothing fancy, BUT the tacos ARE delicious! It was prepared & served quickly. We were NOT disappointed! We will stop by if we come back to Elk Grove!
j js
04:00 23 Aug 23
The lady they got cooking when I went knows her way around the kitchen, the food was great for my whole group, service good and the place is clean, can't ask for more.
Kirsten Ireton
02:14 25 Apr 23
This Jimboy's location is very clean, large and the service is always friendly. The tacos are consistently Jimboy's great. You can't expect a Mexican taco, because they aren't that, they are a Jimboy's taco.
20:28 30 Dec 22
I ordered the Fish Taco and Avocado Salad, the taco was soooooo good and I'd definitely get it again. The salad wasn't anything too crazy or special, but I'd suggest adding chicken to it if you choose to get it (I can't because I'm Muslim haha). The bathrooms were SOOO clean, I was actually shocked. The food was ready by the time I got out of the bathroom. the place was so empty tho :( It's a good spot if you'd like some time away from lots of people, but I think this place deserves more customers.
Curtis A
03:40 26 Dec 22
The restaurant is a little larger than normal. The food is still above average. But if you love the tacos, it was worth the wait and price.
Jeremy Hardesty
22:55 10 Nov 22
Typical Jimboy's. If you don't know, they're famous for their tacos. Ground beef, melty cheese, lettuce and parm on the outside of the tortilla. Everything here is good.
Juan Gardenia
20:33 13 Sep 22
Love these tacos. Me and wife come from Stockton CA just for them......
Dennis G. Diede
18:34 20 Aug 22
Unique "Mexican" food. Unlike Taco Bell. Nice staff
James Garvin
05:24 01 Aug 22
Yes yes yes! These are the tacos you are looking for. Delicious, yummy, delectable, just down right scrumptious.Their beans are top notch and they have good veggie options.
Lorrayne G
09:34 22 May 22
Carnitas and ground beef tacos were hot and fresh and wonderful. I miss the shredded beef the El Gordos and the Chipotle salsa however.
Colin Metcalf
19:21 07 May 22
Delicious food, fairly simple but always quality. Would recommend if you need a quick, good place to eat.
Michele Woods
00:42 16 Feb 22
Food was good, easy to adjust what was in the taco/burrito. Service was great. The wait was a bit long, but not bad. I would go here again when in the area.
Elizabeth Halford
20:49 15 Feb 22
Amazing as always. Tried the taquitos with queso avocado and sour cream. Good, but nothing is as good as their carnitas fried tacos! It's why we come here.
Carolina Smith
09:16 15 Jan 22
Tacos were delightful scrumptious salsa tasty and flavorful the place was clean and the lady was nice can't wait to get my next taco
Thomas Kenney
00:51 20 Dec 21
Ok so the name just throws me off like, "do I really want to eat there?" I mean it's a chain so it's got to be decent. Glad I tried it! They are a different version of a taco and don't try to pass it off as Mexican. Tried them out it's pretty good!
Lorrayne G
16:05 02 Dec 21
Carnitas and ground beef tacos were hot and fresh and wonderful. I miss the shredded beef the El Gordos and the Chipotle salsa however.
Tenissia Evans
00:59 15 Sep 21
It's been ten years since I had a Jimboy's Taco. And Man, it was amazing now as it was ten years ago! Thanks for sticking around for all these years! You making coming home familiar!
07:30 01 Jun 21
Love the hell out of this place. My most favorite place to eat at..
Melissa Clark
15:02 19 May 21
I have not been there in over a year. Great food. Love their taco and burrito.
Duane Wilcoxson
17:55 27 Apr 21
Great food! Fast, friendly service.
Judi Lema
04:52 08 Apr 21
absolutley love there tacos and potatoes which they would bring Jimboys back to Lodi California
Theresa Morris
22:08 06 Mar 21
Limited dine in seating. Must wear a mask, unless you are eating. Fast friendly service. The person who took our order was wearing a mask and gloves. A little expensive for fast food, but tasted great.
Sandra Smith
00:26 02 Mar 21
Always loved jimboy's every location is good to me tried the kettle taco last week it was delicious
Lysa Morgan
18:45 20 Feb 21
I'm torn. Do I tell everyone I know about how great this place is, or do I keep this local treasure to myself?
Brad Casias
21:30 12 Feb 21
Small parking lot but great food! I eat here 3 days out of the week and I'm never disappointed!
Michael Embry
03:57 11 Feb 21
Food is good. Easy to do takeout from here.
My Moor
06:11 23 Nov 20
Ground beef tacos n grilled chicken tacos were delicious .. with parmesan cheese was a great touch.
Raj Shah
16:51 02 Oct 20
Tacos are amazing, pretty fast, good drink selection.. love the dusting of parmesan on the tacos..
Sarah Eshetu
02:28 15 Sep 20
There tacos are ok price are nice
cragar 1967
22:26 14 Sep 20
good food
Er Bradley
23:00 31 Aug 20
Messed up our order, then fixed it. Very greasey get lots of paper towels.
Danielle Glynn
02:46 16 Aug 20
Carnitas tacos are the best from here.
Vince Leong
22:57 15 Aug 20
Very good taco salad to beat the heatcand cravings...
Jeff Bayne
13:58 20 Jun 20
Always great food.Leaving Ca, had to make a last stop at Jimboys Tacos!!!
Able Calderon
21:45 30 May 20
Best beef tacos in town a little pricey but worth the money
Paul Cano
16:37 18 Feb 20
I have to say for a fast food establishment I am really surprised at the quality and flavor of their signature beef tacos! I live in the bay area and we do not have a Jimboys. Why are we not fighting to get one! As I travel I will be looking for these tasty treats to fill my belly!
Paul Romero
05:47 08 Feb 20
Love jimboys tacos... This location is good and the staff are friendly.
Debra Kiriu
21:40 16 Dec 19
The ultimate taco experience, so tasty. Not like any other taco made. Used to eat at the original location on Hiway 50 in South Lake Tahoe in the '60's and they are still just as delicious. Other foods are offered but the tacos are still my favorite!
Lue Hang
23:21 11 Dec 19
Taco were original and better than others that I have had.
Rosa Garza
18:09 08 Dec 19
Jimboys serves one of the best tacos ever yummm
Jane Bailey
19:16 03 Dec 19
One of the FEW taco restaurants I will visit. Not only is it clean at ALL times, but the staff is always very friendly, yet extremely professional and polite. Additionally the ground beef is excellent quality, as well as is the chicken. I never liked tacos until I had them from this restaurant. Even the tomatoes are fresh and sweet. I just love everything about this store. No other Jimboy's can compare
Fatimah Hayaa
15:00 01 Nov 19
I really like there specials and burritos it is nice and quiet in there.
17:10 11 Oct 19
Pretty much a staple in the Sacramento area, Jimboy’s hasn’t ever let me down.
Jay M
03:16 02 Sep 19
They have the best tacos. Service has always been great. I've had enchiladas and other items to which were good also. But the tacos are my favorite.
Jay M
03:16 02 Sep 19
They have the best tacos. Service has always been great. I've had enchiladas and other items to which were good also. But the tacos are my favorite.
Alec Salazar
07:45 21 Aug 19
This place is great. Cheap, tasty, and fast. Wish it was open late night though
Alec Salazar
07:45 21 Aug 19
This place is great. Cheap, tasty, and fast. Wish it was open late night though
21:26 08 Aug 19
Love going to this Jimboys. Great for quick and cheap bite to eat.
Angel Pinard
14:34 03 Aug 19
Love jimboys. Reminds me of childhood. Just wish they were a little more affordable. Maybe a daily special like other locations have.
Andy Iseri
09:36 01 Aug 19
Have loved Jimboys for decades. This location is one of the best. Just enough drip.
mario silva
01:25 27 Jul 19
Best place to have a taco and burrito with a beer. Steak asada plate is flavorful. I love the enchiladas.
Randall Reichenberg
01:07 22 Jul 19
A long lived stalwart of local fast food, consistently excellent, I can remember even as a kid it being scrumptious.. Js
Lucinda C
16:02 23 Jun 19
Ate Jimboys's growing up . Glad to see that Jimboys's close to me. The customer service was great as well as the food. The inside of the restaurant was nice and clean.
Shawnese Devereaux
09:01 11 May 19
Great staff! Yummy food! We arrived (by we, i mean 4 of us) about 7 min before closing on a Friday night. The staff were super friendly, helpful, and not only did we all enjoy our foood but they did not make us feel like they were ready to home. Great location!
lori pagel
15:00 17 Apr 19
We love Jimboys!!! Hardly ever get them, so really enjoying them! We always have the tacos, love them.
04:22 26 Mar 18
The tacos are always good but I also like the salary bar.
Jay Aldrich
23:34 24 Mar 18
Their ground beef tacos are awesome. Been eating here since I was a kid (at the Denios auction location). A very unique shell on the taco you just can't get other places. Not the cheapest tacos in town but some of the best.
GJ Benamati
22:17 12 Mar 18
Good place to eat. Very good food.
Kay Norris
02:43 09 Feb 18
Food and service was good. Place always clean
Vicki Lomba
23:18 06 Nov 17
If you want chicken tacos,beef tacos,shrimp tacos,chicken tacos, they got them all. Then coming to Jimboy's Tacos now for about 15-20 years very satisfied very quick in the service very satisfied with the taste of food very nice place to visit to and it's never ever empty. Cheese enchiladas, beef enchilada, side dishes rice, and bean. All great!!!
Justin M
23:20 28 May 17
Always good tacos. This place is pretty nice inside, too! Very kind staff, and fast service. The chicken combo burritos are awesome!
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