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Richard Mercado
07:21 07 Nov 23
This one like the other one we went to last week was also very goood.We will be at Fairfield this weekend.And they have a Jimmy's there,can wait to eat there again.Sooo Goood
Cat Lover
19:59 18 Oct 23
We used the drive-thru. The food was excellent. I've never seen a restaurant put parmesan on the taco shells. I do this at home. This made the tacos taste even better. The proportions of the food was just right. I loved the small salad, the pico de Gallo was fresh.
Shelley Rubinger
19:39 13 Jul 23
I had the beef taco & bean burrito combo... super good, hot! I missed the good! My city they were all shut down! Glad I came in! No photo cuz I was so excited to eat, I forgot!
River Bacon
03:59 09 Jul 23
Food was good and service was quick. The way they built the inside gives it a weird empty dehumanizing vibe.
Jeffrey Wheeler
14:23 23 Oct 22
They make a consistent and non-authentic taco. I really like it though. Nice inside eating area.
Sandy Smalley
00:39 27 Sep 22
This was by far the best jimboy's tacos I have ever eaten at. It was fresh and amazing and it was right before closing. I will be back
Neil Salem
23:32 17 Sep 22
If you're looking for authentic Mexican tacos, this is not the place for you. But if you're interested in trying an original All American Taco, this place has you covered. It's a bit on the pricier side as opposed to Taco Bell but the ingredients are worth the extra cost.
Austin Rasmussen
02:44 04 Feb 22
I love the burritos and of course the tacos here! Food is a little greasy but is taste good haha. My favorites are the Tahoe Burrito and ground beef tacos. It’s always been clean inside and the staff are friendly. I like how they remodeled everything several years ago. The old jungle design was cool too but now it feels more modern/Californian!
Patricia Anderson
18:06 08 Jan 22
The food I ordered was fantastic! But it is quite expensive. Great Job for those awesome workers! I purchased enough for 2 meals for myself definitely delicious and hot.
Fleegle King
22:54 15 Jun 21
Tahoe burrito is fantastic with good portions; I chose ground beef as my protein which was above average (good) in my opinion. Since it was taco Tuesday, I tried the steak taco and carnitas taco, both were 5 stars for me! I have a feeling a steak or carnitas tahoe burrito would be even better. The taco sauce had great taste and the hot sauce is the perfect amount of heat; I combined both of them on my tacos and I would recommend anyone who enjoys spicy food to do the same.
Brandon Smith
00:47 16 Apr 21
I have a friend who started working here a while back, I love Jimboy’s but my only problem with them is that their prices are too high. YES it is better than Taco Bell, but is it really worth the price?
Valerie Hall
17:53 19 Mar 21
The food was great but the cashier Patrick was not friendly. He didn't smile or even say Thank u. I will go back but at a different time then I did today.
L Hernandez
00:22 19 Mar 21
Yummy guacamole salad with house guacamole dressing! Unsweetened Tea is available behind counter. Sit down inside available.
Camron Huang
19:43 27 Jan 21
I absolutely loved their dishes and customer service, awesome area very close to where I live. The cashiers are always very kind. I highly recommend this place.
Ian Pitts
20:51 22 Dec 20
This place simply knows how to serve their clients. Always with a kind approach. The food is fairly priced, always delightful and clean.
Vince Augusta
03:19 25 Nov 20
Second time we have been here when in the Folsom area. Fish and chicken tacos are the best. Great service.
marly michaels
05:24 06 Nov 20
Love Jim boys. Always good. Not traditional Mexican, more California Baja but the tacos go down easy. Great salsa bar and they serve beer. Not gourmet, but Much better than the fast food competition overall.
janice johnson
01:23 05 Nov 20
I LOVE Jim Boys!! The people who work there are always so nice and the food is great.
Mirranda Baker
00:43 06 Sep 20
Good food, good service.
Joshua Thompson
16:48 27 Jul 20
Tacos are more of an American style taco. Parmesan cheese grilled into the tortilla. They have a fried chicken taco which I thought was pretty good. I believe Guy Fieri highly rates this chain, so if that’s up your alley then this is for you.
Phillip DiJoseph
19:38 23 Jul 20
Fast service, friendly staff but a longer wait in drive thru. Thankfully not too long. About 10 minutes.
John Testa
05:54 18 Jul 20
Spanish tacos? Ok. Love em!
Amy Mills
04:15 08 Jul 20
Awesome food. Great prices
Mike Borso
18:04 15 Jun 20
The food was great, wish we had one in Pittsburgh.
Lisa B
17:07 29 May 20
Yummy! Very clean, friendly staff and plenty of room to eat, in and outside.
Adam Davenport
18:26 26 May 20
Clean, fast and friendly service. Might be one of the only places I haven't noticed a negative change in the quality of the food since the start of the lockdown. Highly recommended.
Karuna Sharma
01:33 07 Mar 20
I loved their veggie masala they've discontinued... that's so sad...but they're good quality so I might try something else... I will always miss the masala veggie tacos though
Ryan Hiebert
14:49 29 Jan 20
A very nice jomboys. The cream filled churros were absolutely amazing! They had quite a big line when I went and still they got the food out pretty quick! I would recommend this place!
Jay M
22:25 19 Dec 19
Love there Original tacos. Love the cheese on the outside of the shell.. Hamburger has great seasonings.
01:32 04 Nov 19
Was nice. Food good I would go back.
Sean Marsula
09:43 26 Sep 19
First time in after the renovation. Still putting out some of the best fast food tacos. As always, love the Parmesan shell grilled tacos. Tried some tacquitos which were pretty good (I hear there is like a tacquito burrito secret menu item which I may have to try at some point). We also got some guac on the side which was creamy with a slight kick. Only thing I didn't particularly like were the fries which were a little over-seasoned. Still our family's go-to fast food taco.
Denise Shanahan
19:26 13 Sep 19
This review is long overdue. I received WONDERFUL service from Theresa and her crew last month (Aug '19) when they helped me put together an order for a "thank you luncheon" to show my appreciation to a nearby Title Company. The food was delicious, prepared on time, and bagged perfectly in catering containers for easy carryout to my event. THANK YOU JIMBOY'S! I'm thrilled you are open for business again in Folsom!!
Mitch Fahlenkamp
22:13 22 Aug 19
The tacos and burrito I had was delicious and filling. I highly recommend this place.
Julian Sakhanakiy
03:12 25 Jul 19
First time at Jimboy's Tacos and I loved it! This location has amazing staff. When I entered, I was welcomed. Asked for a recommendation on a salad and Pablo recommend the Taco salad. Pablo knows his stuff and is very energetic to be working at the restaurant. Food was amazing. Although the restaurant was a little difficult to find it was worth it. Loved it
14:38 16 Jul 19
These are, hands down, the best tacos I've ever had. I was in town for four days, and ate here four times. Twice in one day. I'm sad I had to leave Jimboy's behind. It was the absolute best.
20:42 30 Jun 19
Best service of any Jimboy's I've been to. They've really stepped up their game! Had a very pleasant time here.
Kristin R
23:11 20 Jun 19
Still a favorite of mine! I wish they would expand locations. I always stop for the original taco when I'm in California.
Robert Jauss
22:03 30 May 19
I got a Tahoe Burrito, and had them add taquitos to it off their secret menu. This thing was gargantuan, but damn it's tasty.I'd recommend this only if you're coming in starving, you get a LOT of food for your buck, and it's all delicious.I'll be coming here again, but maybe ordering smaller portions, but definitely worth it!
01:01 08 Apr 19
New location for me to encounter and yoooo!! We caught them at closing. Stay was dope especially the two young ladies that assisted my partner and I on menu selections. We hit up the secret menu. Got the Tahoe-rito-burrito and the shrimp salad, and of course some tacos!! Food was great as expected and atmosphere was definitely pretty picturesque
15:30 07 Apr 19
New location for me to encounter and yoooo!! We caught them at closing. Stay was dope especially the two young ladies that assisted my partner and I on menu selections. We hit up the secret menu. Got the Tahoe-rito-burrito and the shrimp salad, and of course some tacos!! Food was great as expected and atmosphere was definitely pretty picturesque
Troy Gardener
01:15 22 Mar 19
Great tacos of wide variety, some trial and error required to find what's best, I loved the fish and chicken best, the beef enchilada was a bit bitter earthy and vegan masala taco I think was just meh compared to other veggie focused I like similarly
Teresa Smart
10:27 29 Sep 17
Nice fast food with seating if you're interested!
Dawna Monckton
01:37 05 Sep 17
Had the Monday Special - taco, enchilada, rice & beans oh and a salad for $8.99.. can't beat it. The food was great and the service was great also. The restaurant was clean only reason I'm not giving them 5 stars is because the air conditioning was not working and it was very hot inside the restaurant.
David Deponty
20:02 12 Aug 17
They take a secound longer, BUT,the food is fresh and cooked rite then. If you've never had an El Gordo, or original ground beef taco at Jimboys you haven't lived. I really like their Chili relleno.dinners. it's on the secrete menu
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