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Kathleen Little
16:04 10 Jan 24
They had good food, friendly staff that even though my app wasn't working for the free taco, he made it work somehow. I would recommend this location to everyone! I love Jimboys!
Robert Post
20:35 14 Nov 23
This location is always on time for online orders, always friendly and the food is correct. Quality is on par with other Jimboy's. Which is to say it's far better than an "American taco' place should be. So freakin' good and I really don't know why. Best fast food in the Sacramento area.
Jill Spencer
18:14 29 Aug 23
Went for my birthday reward $5 and put that towards my loaded ground beef tacos..... I LOVE these tacos and they are really loaded!!!!
Sherry Thomas
00:23 28 Aug 23
The tacos are addictive! The service is great. They usually get the orders right - but they'll fix it no problem if you need them to.I recommend this place.
matthew Smith
22:14 29 Jun 23
This location's tacos were a taste of my childhood. My wife and I are visiting the Sacramento area from out of state, and we're wanting a taste of when we grew up in the Sacramento area. Jimboy's has kept their tacos the same as I remember from the 1980s and early 1990s. They had a winner back them with the tacos and still do. Thanks, Jimboy's for keeping these delicious tacos, they are not the traditional Mexican tacos with onions and cilantro, which I love but I also love Jimboy's tacos. The French fries I hadn't had until this visit, wow they are really good. I highly recommend if it is your first visit to try the tacos and the French fries, they are well worth the cost.
Nena B
23:59 25 Jun 23
Those tacos are as good as I was told by Joey.
Macy Thornton
20:05 22 Jun 23
This place is always great. I prefer this location over the Bruceville one. This location has the grill seasoned just right!! ❤️
Melinda Alvarez
17:18 19 Jun 23
Everytime I go to the Sacramento area, this place is a must for me. I enjoy the tacos & the bean and cheese burritos. So far no matter which Jimboys I go to, I haven't been disappointed.
David Vallerga
18:59 26 Apr 23
They are in no danger of getting a Michelin star rating.It's good fast Mexican food. When you want a decent quality, basic dish to scratch that taco itch... This is the place.Grab a friend or family member, order what you want (plus some chuuros and one more taco than you should), and be happy.
ed Tallman
02:46 29 Mar 23
Yah know, the tacos were good and we want out of our way to go there. Maybe it's the younger generation and lack of service experience. It wasn't bad but when you argue of what was ordered (a single taco), it's not worth the customers business. I've been in the customer service business for over 30 years ,it's just not worth it. Always think long term , unless the customer is obnoxious and out of hand.Food was good if in area by chance might stop by but won't make a point of it.
G Zizzel
02:32 20 Feb 23
I ordered two chicken tacos and a side of guacamole. I got home and the tacos were beef, not chicken. And, they gave me a knife for my guacamole instead of a spoon. I have been going to this Jimboy’s since at least 2007, and normally everything is great. I shouldn’t have to open up my tacos or burritos to see if the meat is the correct type I ordered. **Employees – – please make sure you make the food as ordered by the customer** I guess I should have looked more closely at the receipt because I now see my order was entered as beef. How do you confuse the word beef with chicken?
pat byrne
01:44 13 Feb 23
I made it a point to stop at Jimboy's Tacos to eat on my last trip to Sacramento area. I like the taste and style of taco's they serve.
Philippe Renaud
18:07 17 Jan 23
The best tasting beef tacos in the Sacramento area are made by Jimboy's, which is one of the fastest restaurants in the building's back at the intersection of Marconi and Eastern. One of their more recent locations, albeit not very noticeable, is nevertheless worth visiting! It won't be a regret.
23:00 10 Dec 22
This location has no Samsung Pay. But has two high chairs if a family needs one. And this location very clean. And pretty good guest service.
Monica Robinson
21:18 25 Oct 22
First time at this location. Wow they did a great job. Even the presentation of the food. Food was great. Made the other locations look bad.
Steve Sumner
14:24 31 Aug 22
First time I've stopped in to try after years of seeing them around. Food was really good for what I would consider "fast food" with a friendly staff. Will be back next time I'm in the area.
AutosNow4Sale Buy Sell trade
18:29 23 Aug 22
Pretty good, but it would be nice all places not just jimboy's but all places spread out the condiments throughout the whole burrito so it's not all in one lump sum in one area other than that it was great.FYII appreciate corp office response, by the way JIM BOYS I still eat there often :) its not only Jimboys it is a lot of places that do not spread the ingredients throughout the burrito you know?It should be the same in every bite :)
Donna Sutherland
06:02 13 Aug 22
Tasty tacos, not traditional Mexican food if that is what youwant, but good and unique with the parmesan crust. I tried the fries and they were well seasoned. I didn't know that they were wedge fries so that was different. I recommend you give it a try!
R. Holdaway (Chipandsalsa)
01:22 31 Jul 22
Dude! This was freaking good! My buddies and I came up to Sac-Town to see Hatebreed and stopped in to Jimboys under a recommendation. We are all super impressed. Fantastic food. Didn’t expect this! Nice job!
James Garvin
03:08 20 Jul 22
Fantastic food. I love their vegetarian options and great burritos. Fast, affordable, and delicious for sure.
HerMajestyQueenMarcia martin
20:20 18 Jul 22
Something was different today. We live over an hour away but always make a point of stopping here for chicken tacos. In the past it's been the taste you crave plus hot and affordable and always tidy dining and washrooms. The taco was hot, but just didn't taste the same. I can't put my finger on what's different and since we got it to go, didn't have a chance to ask what had changed. Maybe I'm wrong, but I was really disappointed... Maybe they forgot something or the cook was new. Anyhow, again, it was hot for sure , had parmesan cheese on the outside, and it was grilled with melted white cheese and lettuce inside with the chicken. I'm not sure whether there were other seasoningsYes, I'll try again next time I'm in Sac. Meanwhile I was glad I was eating it, just not thinking about how yummy it was the entire time like I usually do. Also it took a long time for someone to come to the counter and take our order even though no other customers were there. In the past, there's been a line, and the cashiers have been really upbeat and on point. Again.. this may be a fluke an I'll definitely go back. Their former fare has been excellent! And I love that it's hot!
Jonathan Evans
02:41 01 Jul 22
Their tacos are fantastic, particularly the beef and carnitas. But if you're looking to go crazy, get their taco burger and some fries with cheese... it's amazing! Also, those are all gluten free!!! Much of their menu is gluten free.
Norbert Davis
04:26 27 Jun 22
Great tasting food at a decent price that doesn’t seem like fast food but rather sit down style.
Colin Metcalf
02:46 10 Apr 22
Good, simple, quick food. Nothing to write home about, but it sure is better than most fast food places. Definitely recommend this place to everyone.
07:29 28 Feb 22
They consistently do a good job with the food. The original taco is always good, and the Tahoe burrito with carnitas is the best
Kelly Alcorn
04:47 31 Dec 21
Always good would have gave 5 stars but still no salsa bar
Mary Cassatt
06:02 01 Dec 21
Jimboy's Tacos are the best in the fast food business. Their distinct seasoned meat stuffed into their parmesan rolled tortillas give their tacos a unique flavor that can't be beat. Their menu features combo plates with your choice of entree along with salad, beans & chips. Every item is as good as the first.Jimboy's serves authentic Mexican cuisine you'd expect in a fine Mexican restaurant, but serves it up fast through their drive-up. It is worth the price when you want an extra-special meal, fast.
Lauro Hinojosa
20:42 13 Sep 21
Tacos where good, I've been to this location many times and always great, this time just good.
Daniel Nelson
00:55 08 Jun 21
Jimboy's Tacos are hands down the best taco I have ever had. The tacos have a parmesan cheese sprinkle on the outside of the soft corn tortillas, and it makes a difference. My go to is the ground beef, but have had shredded beef, and pork with no complaints.I'm glad I don't live closer, or it would be a weekly stop for lunch, where I could easily put 6 tacos down without needing a nap afterwards.
Michelle m
05:02 01 Jun 21
Delicious food. The drive thei line was long but moved very quickly. Friendly staff. Will be back again soon!
fernando franco
15:02 28 May 21
i always hear good things about this food chain bit I never tried till yesterday a tbh is really good I love the way they warm and slightly fry the tortilla and the cheese crusted to it
Chancey Justus
18:17 18 May 21
I love jimboys they have a very great flavor that nobody else has.
Aida Barnes
00:53 09 May 21
Great food and service. The staff is friendly & efficient!
Twisted Alder
18:14 16 Apr 21
Love Jimboys. I had moved to Washington for awhile and can't tell you how many times I wished for a Jimboys Taco @
Lauryn A
09:31 06 Feb 21
This place is definitely a hit or miss. I like their chicken tacos, they are my favorite thing since they got rid if their shrimp tacos. This place is definitely a but more pricey, I mean $5 for a cheese quesadilla that had almost no cheese!?!?! Was definitely a bit of a disappointment. Normally they are really good. I guess it just depends.
Chris Henningsen
01:31 04 Oct 20
Tacos were great! Havent been to Jimboys in close to 10 years, and it seems like there is a little less meat than I remember, but the flavor is still on point!
Josephina Contreras
18:26 19 Sep 20
Sharon Galbert
00:31 15 Sep 20
The new loaded taquitos are great!!
Deborah Fox
06:18 12 Sep 20
Good food great customer service
Rodolfo Boate
03:07 10 Sep 20
Best tacos
Bret Matney
23:42 08 Sep 20
meat is a little greasy. but their tacos are to die for.
cragar 1967
23:04 29 Aug 20
Very good food and service = good value !
Raj Shah
02:47 05 Aug 20
Love the tacos... best kept secret in Sacramento.. it's all about the parmesan!!
thomas holguin
23:57 04 Aug 20
I'm always up for Jimboy's Tacos! They're all great but rolled ground beef tacos and the taco burger are stand outs for me. Love this place.
Jose avila
00:22 19 Jul 20
Love those tacos. Just wish I didn't have ti eat inside my vehicle.
Nanda Cande
02:27 21 Jun 20
The carnitas burrito was delicious but that's all it was just meat, I thought I seen more in the picture. Their tacos are a MUST TRY. Tacos were my reason for going but had a long drive so ordered more. This location has the best bean and cheese burritos I've had since 10yrs ago when I lived in another city. Would've got 5 stars if they offered custard filled churros because we remember them as always being cream filled or maybe they don't have them anymore. Also would have prefered a friendlier drive thru employee. She wasn't rude just had a 'Don't want to be here' quiet attitude. Which made us want to get our food quicker and leave. But we know what it's like working in customer service and food service, it's draining.
Daniel Hughes
20:26 05 Jun 20
Amazing food, high prices, small portions.
18:29 30 May 20
Exelent food,curbside pick up still means you have to go inside,other than that it was great
Arthur Robinson
23:42 24 May 20
Pop and I went for a taco a lemonade, was good.
Janelle Lynn Gluesing
03:20 18 May 20
Great food I just miss their shredded beef tacos
David Pulcifer
23:48 27 Dec 19
I never knew how much I loved Jim Boys until I moved south where they don't have them.Their tacos are delicious and different than any other place in the state.
Walter P Hopkins
20:23 11 Dec 19
Great location for this Jimboy’s. Convenient for the local Elk Grove residents. Food is great and service is fast. Nice people at this restaurant.
Jane Bailey
18:32 03 Dec 19
If we are in the area of Jim boy's,we have to eat there. The food met the great Jimboy's standards.The beef tacos are always a must and they were awesome.Had the ground beef burrito for the first time and this too will be a must along with the tacos every visit. Very friendly employees and great service.Drink fountain for free refills too.
Walter P Hopkins
21:14 20 Nov 19
Great location for this Jimboy’s. Convenient for the local Elk Grove residents. Food is great and service is fast. Nice people at this restaurant.
Cindy Vallerga
03:05 15 Nov 19
Jimboy's located in the rear bldg at the corner of Marconi & Eastern is one of the fastest & makes the best tasting beef tacos in & around Sacramento area. This is one of their newer locations & it's not highly visible but well worth the visit! You won't be sorry.
Tom Rogers
00:43 27 Oct 19
Don't try to customize your order. Keep it simple. Best Mexican in town!
Rosie Lewis
23:14 19 Oct 19
The hubby has always loved their tacos and I'm happy to say they now serve healthier options...My avocado salad was excellent. This location's drive through is efficient and friendly
Michael Snell
20:19 07 Oct 19
Jim Boy's advertises that they are the original "American taco", and I think they may be right!Their tacos hearten back to the sixties, when every one's mom made tacos once a week and pan fried the corn tortillas. The spiciest thing on their menu is the Spicy Veggie Masala taco. Nice touch of curry heat and flavor.Another kind odd-- but very good-+ item is their hamburger taco. It comes with a hamburger party, mustard and fill pickles. Quirky but tasty!Both the Laguna and Elk Grove Avenue locations in Elk Grove. Have large, clean dining rooms. Elk Grove Ave. also has a drive through window.Helpful and friendly staff.
Rachel Songer
06:19 05 Oct 19
Best tasting Nachosi have ever had. I ordered them with chicken. Delicious!
Janiece Gwynn
05:23 03 Oct 19
Love their tacos and their beans and rice. So much better than Taco Bell. Plus you can get enchiladas! Plus the meat looks like you cook at home.
S Brown
05:06 27 Sep 19
One of my favorite places to eat when I am in the area. I remember when a JimBoy was in my city. It didn't last long. Too bad. The best food to get when you feel like Mexican fast food. Beats Taco Bell hands down.
Joe C
22:49 22 Sep 19
I absolutely love Jimboy's Tacos. I stop here every time I go to California to visit family. Great Amercan tacos!
Gloria Barrett
15:12 09 Sep 19
A long time favorite w authentic Mexican food and decor. The fish tacos are perfect. All food here is great. Very clean. Good location, close to Nugget grocery store, Rite Aid.
Sandee Lee
22:34 04 Sep 19
Best ground beef tacos anywhere. Today I tried their chicken quesadilla. So good!
Gavin Bhakta
13:56 20 Aug 19
For "fast food" / drive thru tacos, I was impressed. I was expecting something bland like another fast food place that has tacos, but these definitely more taste than their competition.
Matthew Smith
00:25 06 Aug 19
Hands-down best Mexican fast food I've had! I had original ground beef tacos and my wife had enchiladas. The tacos were top-notch and incredibly addictive. The enchiladas were good and held their own against lower tier sit down restaurants. Clean dining room and fast friendly service to boot. I wasn't expecting much going there for the first time, but now I'm a fan!
Bill Newbold
23:54 05 Aug 19
Not the best Mexican food around, but definitely a great value and way better than other chains like TB.
Matthew Valenzuela
05:01 02 Aug 19
Quiet location. Consistently good tacos.Taco Tuesday every Tuesday- get $2.00 original ground beef tacos.
Art Howell
21:09 31 Jul 19
For the most part it's clean and employees are friendly, the food is good also cooked to order. And they have fresh salsa.
Ed Potter
06:40 27 Jul 19
Pretty good. I only had tacos. Seasoned meat with lots of lettuce and stuff. Big and tasty.
Alex R
15:12 20 Jul 19
Really good Jimboys restaurant. One of the best in California.
Jeremy Clabough
15:00 23 Jun 19
Great Food as always. Service was friendly and fast. Kinda expensive for a taco joint
Paul Buethe
17:33 14 Jun 19
Great food. Decent price. App has problems, but you can still order online.
Mitchell Geer
20:20 05 Apr 19
Fantastic original chicken tacos. Some days better than others ofc since its not always the same people cooking. "Spanish rice" is simple and on point. So good!
Bruh Duck
05:47 31 Mar 19
This place has really great tacos and is placed in a generally great area so traffic isn’t a prob.
Gregoria Ponce
03:56 28 Mar 19
Beef and chicken tacos!! Rice and beans. Tuesday special on Wednesday. Easy ample parking, outdoor/indoor appears maintained. Clean, open seating, ADA friendly, and quiet atmosphere. Family friendly and the salsa bar is amply supplied.
Deborah Bonilla
04:43 22 Mar 19
Been craving JimBoys for a while so stopped in with my grandson & ordered us a Kids Bean Burrito meal & 3 if those famous Jimbiys ground beef Tacos that comes with parmesan cheese sprinkled all over room, that really makes them good . Grew up in Southern California, moved to Sacramento 30 years ago been going to a Jimboys ever since. Always take out of town family here to enjoy them.
Nina Price
08:25 07 Mar 19
I'm very pleased with the service we received. It was very nice to be help by such a beautiful smile face.
Hilda Plascencia
19:35 05 Mar 19
Home made cooking. Excellent customer service. Clean.
Mrs Smith
03:05 18 Feb 19
Food was great. Bring a coat there's obviously no heat in the restaurant. It's freezing in there.
Kelley Booker Shelton
00:26 18 Feb 19
Can't beat Jimboys taco Tuesday !! Fantastic Tacos
17:05 12 Feb 19
A hometown favorite. The taco there is one of the best I have ever ordered from a fast food joint!
KaileyJane Wilkinson
04:18 12 Jan 19
Great food also workers are very nice
Patrick Hilsabeck
19:44 04 Jan 19
Great breakfast burrito, used real scrambled eggs and the American tacos are fantastic. Tasty, real and fast. Perfect
cherie Street
02:13 28 Dec 18
This one was better than the last time. I actually tasted something other than the tacos. I like the goat cheese.
Richard Selby Jr
02:01 21 Dec 18
American Tacos, I love the El Gordo Tacos, I can't get enough of them! These are nothing like Taco Truck Taco's, they have a flavor all of their own. Once your hooked, your hooked for life. I've been eating these Tacos since I was a kid growing up in Sacramento. 5 stars all the way since day 1.
Richard Selby Jr
04:46 20 Dec 18
American Tacos, I love the El Gordo Tacos, I can't get enough of them! These are nothing like Taco Truck Taco's, they have a flavor all of their own. Once your hooked, your hooked for life. I've been eating these Tacos since I was a kid growing up in Sacramento. 5 stars all the way since day 1.
Brandon Hamilton
18:16 19 Dec 18
Love this place. The original taco is still outstanding!
Zack Wald
05:30 19 Dec 18
This was my first time eating jimboys! Wow great food! This place is s must
Andrea Lara
05:18 16 Dec 18
I Love this place. Always great customer service.
Jason Beno
04:14 06 Dec 18
Good food, getting a little on the pricey side for what you get.
Jason Giles
04:03 03 Dec 18
Usually good food, decent service and fair on speed. Overall I like them.
DJ Fox
06:04 17 Nov 18
Didn't eat tacos or burgers was doing a video so I only got the creme-filled churros
Louie Rios
04:09 25 Sep 18
I love the food, especially the carnitas tacos and burritos! My wife always gets the enchiladas/taco plate with rice and beans! As good as the food is, the customer service is lacking! I will still come and get my food here as the quality of food really outweighs the bland customer service (not mean or bad - just blah!)! Try the carilnitas (really good and crispy! If you want a plain bean and cheese burrito, you won't be disappointed and they got a good taco Tuesday deal!
Oscar Colchado
20:33 26 Aug 18
The tacos are very tasty, a little over priced, but they are good. The salsas are nice and spicy. The shredded beef are awesome
Crystal magallanes
01:02 19 Aug 18
My boyfriend brought me for the first time. I've never even heard of this place. Honestly it's really good. Tacos really aren't that bad and beans are good. Would go again for sure.
John Locke
01:03 18 Aug 18
Great food, always get great service here. Usually get the ground beef tacos and bean burritos, occasionally might get the cheeseburger. Best fast food Mexican place in Elk Grove and South Sacramento area.
Evan Ferguson
08:39 03 Jul 18
A nice take on Mexican fast food. Excellent rice and beans. Can't wait till it branches out further south. Real quality food here.
Cameron Grace
04:24 07 Jun 18
Food and service were good. Price to quality is good but not the best.
Jaci J
17:55 29 May 18
Tacos were great this time around. Ordered chicken tacos and a carnitas burrito, which was only meat and cheese...for the price, great deal because there was plenty of pork meat. Drive thru was efficient and quick.
Josh Camarena
19:26 19 May 18
Love jimboy's tacos. If I lived closer I would eat their everyday! All the food is good and the fresh taco sauce is very good.
20:30 10 May 18
The store manager is very nice and helpful. The worker turn over might be a little higher than some places, but they are always provide great customer service to me and to other people. I have witnessed it several times.
Ron Shaw
03:32 26 Apr 18
Awesome service. Yummy and filling meal at a very reasonable price. Clean bathroom and dining area.
Rylle Jones
05:03 04 Apr 18
Best tacos ANYWHERE. It does not matter how nice the restaurant, or how much you pay for the tacos. The parmesan cheese on the outside of the taco is brilliant.
Cheyenne Rader
21:28 25 Mar 18
We love Jimboys and eat here almost weekly! I really like the taco salad with chicken.
Andrea Clark
17:45 14 Mar 18
My husband & I love Mexican food. Jimboy's uses all fresh ingredients & everything is made fresh every day. There is a wide range of foods to choose from, both ala cart & full meals. The staff is always friendly & helpful.
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