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Dan Mazza
01:04 09 Jul 21
Tuesday special my favorite still as good as its been since 1995. One of my favorite places in town
Pat Laizans
21:57 29 May 21
I love their tacos. Surprising because I think they have Parmesan cheese on them. Or maybe it's a Mexican hard cheese. Also love the combination burrito. I usually do not like fast foods, but I love theirs.
Parvenu Management
17:42 27 May 21
For a midnight dinner the food presentation was very inviting. It looked very healthy by adding a small green salad as a side course. I could appreciate that special touch while being unable to cook a dinner after a late shift.
John Schutz
06:30 09 Apr 21
We went for taco salads and burritos. I love how everything is made fresh and doesn't taste like it sat out for days. People are always nice and the prices are worth it (even though it's not expensive at all). Will definitely continue to go there!
01:16 27 Mar 21
I love Jimboy's Tacos! Every time I go through Reno I stop at this location, it has a nice dining area and it's pretty big. They're always very friendly and the food is delicious! I always get a bean burrito and a ground beef taco with mild salsa cups. Classic and amazing! I'll be stopping by again in a couple days on my way back through town. Can't miss it!
Margie Theis
10:39 25 Mar 21
This is my favorite Jimboys out of them all. They are super quick with your order (I've only done drive through) and the food is KILLER. Greasy, but Killer. Also one of the best double cheeseburgers and fries (best potato wedges EVER!!) EVER!!! The late night guy is a great dude too. everything was excellent, highly recommend
Rex Rhonchi
20:20 08 Feb 21
No nonsense. Real meat. Savory shredded chicken. I love how informal they are at the drive-thru. Has a decidedly non corporate feel and great chicken tacos.
Nathan Homistek
03:00 07 Dec 20
Decent I only go here b/c it's convenient though. Prices are a bit high for the quality of food.
Stacy Grimes
19:38 18 Sep 20
Delicious...yunny stuff
Tyler Root
21:58 10 Sep 20
While the food was fresh, I don't feel like it was fully prepared properly. The tacos were lacking the powder parmesian cheese, and the beans were undercooked. However, there was only one worker. So given the circumstance, it was still a decent quality meal.
sharon p
02:17 07 Sep 20
Food was tasty but don't get the guacamole unless you like your guac the consistency of split pea baby food.
david taylor
21:53 03 Sep 20
Great fast Mexican food!
Terri Van De Mark
02:12 26 Aug 20
Craveable tacos! I love them. The parmesan on the shell takes them to the next level.
Sean Montgomery
23:35 21 Aug 20
Food good but service wasn't. Very Unfriendly but these days who isnt? Sad
Christine Lee
17:14 02 Aug 20
I just really really like to eat at Jimboy's Tacos. I've eaten here twice and get the #6 . It's my go to place.
David Wilkins
06:44 12 Jul 20
We happened on this place while traveling through. Food was decent and filling. One bonus for COVID-19 times: outside seating available. Not a lot, but we were the only ones who stayed. Everyone else was to go. Main reason for docking a star was the stuff in the bag got a bit greasy because some items were only in a paper pocket rather than securely wrapped.. And we only had to walk a few yards.
Misty Wirth
06:02 04 Jun 20
These guys have exceeded the normal customer service that most restaurants provide in my opinion. You can tell that they are dedicated to their loyal customers
Dex KyzR
02:54 30 May 20
If you don't already know why I love Jimboy's, you probably don't know me. That's fine, just go try it. Then we can be friends.
Ralph Cantin
19:50 17 Mar 20
I had an excellent in this spot. We liked the excellent ambience and the menu. The staff members are very attentive. I’m happy we finally managed to eat here.
Aimee Boocks
21:18 14 Feb 20
We love this Jimboys! We go out of our way to go to this location. They are friendly and fast.
Shane Dailey
02:23 14 Feb 20
Ground beef tacos are greasy but absolutely amazing. This is the only place I will eat ground beef tacos.
Kevin Lemus Vargas
02:06 04 Feb 20
These tacos are amazing been eating them since I was a kid! Getting on the pricey side now! $2+ a taco is a hefty for those greasy tacos we love in Reno
Lisa Macdonald
20:39 01 Feb 20
Its not fast food pre processed with preformed shells long term employees bilingual treat all with respect even us old disabled women who can't make up their minds Live in Silversprings and stop when leaving VA always Much better then the Sparks
James Moore
20:12 01 Jan 20
The meats were different than what I get in Sacramento. Still good.
Stephanie Zuniga Tullock
18:47 26 Dec 19
Yummmy. Yummy in our tmmmy. the owner is super nice. Big heart for his community.
N Jeffres
16:58 27 Nov 19
Love this place. Hands down the best Mexican fast food around
Jason hikes and stuff
20:58 26 Nov 19
Great place for quick & straightforward Mexican food. Prices are quite reasonable, even on the low side. Never had a bad experience with these guys or this location. Got the chicken super burrito & as you can see from my pictures it is quite a burrito! My friend from the East Coast came to visit & I told him he could not leave Reno without experiencing Jimboys.
Jason Eberle
20:57 26 Nov 19
Great place for quick & straightforward Mexican food. Prices are quite reasonable, even on the low side. Never had a bad experience with these guys or this location. Got the chicken super burrito & as you can see from my pictures it is quite a burrito! My friend from the East Coast came to visit & I told him he could not leave Reno without experiencing Jimboys.
Nick Antoni
04:59 25 Nov 19
Just greasy, delicious, cheesy, great food from here. Top notch hangover food. Consistantly a good place to go.
jason flores
06:32 23 Oct 19
Its convienient, open late, the employee at night does an excellent job especially for being alone. Quick and accurate service. People often forget what it takes to do a job like that. His ability and service is 5 star . giving 4 is to leave that constant remonder that we all have room to grow and find more ways to be better and better at what you do.
Todd Maupin
12:07 12 Oct 19
Best late night option for tacos or Mexican food in general. A little greasy sometimes but the food here tastes great and has lots of flavor.
21:30 28 Sep 19
This is the best jimboy's location I've been to. Food is delivered quick and the quality of it was great.
JT Satterfield
22:55 14 Sep 19
A Tahoe original that has grown to an awesome chain that makes American Tacos. Yes, I said American Tacos... Their offerings are admittedly a twist on the old favorite.
Shawn Dodd
01:21 06 Sep 19
Love Jimboys in general but this one is very special. I would not call it fast food it's excellent and kinda quick. Keep up the great work...
Christina McKean
22:59 31 Jul 19
Friendly staff (the 2 guys that helped me). I didn't care much for the tacos oh, but I am very picky. My mom liked them though
Christina McKean
22:59 31 Jul 19
Friendly staff (the 2 guys that helped me). I didn't care much for the tacos oh, but I am very picky. My mom liked them though
Jenn Jenn C
06:30 06 Jul 19
Great food! Nice area in back with huge tv.
Manjot Banga
02:42 01 Jul 19
Food was made decently fast and was very delicious! Restrooms require a code which is given upon purchase and is perfectly understandable. Decent prices and food is authentic, more so than taco bell lol. Customer service is great and am always served with a smile. Honestly I would recommend visiting this store 100%!
Tina T.T. Moore
21:49 18 Jun 19
Still the best greasy taco ever! I've been eating these since the 70's. Nothing else taste as good. Hope they don't try to make them healthier! Cause it's all those yummy juices that make the tacos and burritos soooo good! I love 7 hours away now, it's still a must stop every time we visit relatives!
K.B. Shaw's
03:30 06 Jun 19
Good shop. Run down, and old, bit the food was really good. Only complaint is the cheese was like cheep American cheese. Tacos are awsome, so was the burrito...
Gaylene Gott
20:39 23 Mar 19
Who doesn't love Jimboy's tacos? This particular trip I had gone or but shrimp tacos, delightful they were absolutely delicious! The people at Jim Boyce tacos are always speedy and offer service with a smile. The location on Wells is almost always busy. They can get you in-and-out rapidly, or you can dine in . Always a yummy bite to eat.
Rebecca Valdovinos McKnight
01:39 14 Mar 18
Nice size big plates. Worth the money. Could have better beans
Bon Quaintance
02:40 03 Mar 18
The best-tasting comida español rapido around! There is not one item on their menu that fails to make my mouth water! Good Grief! Del Taco, Jack in the Box, Taco Time and all the other places who purport to make and sell fast-food-type tacos or burritos might as well give up. NO ONE makes a quick taco as yummy as Jimboy's! Deliciously unique largely because of the cheese on the cooked-to-order taco shells and mouth-watering sauce that drips from the slow-cooked chicken and beef, you will WANT more! No one can create a quick burrito that leaves you wanting another one is a ditto as well! Jimboy's has been around for a long time for a dfarn good reason. Their food is THAT GOOD! The next time you are in the mood for a quick taco, burrito or even a platter that includes rice and beans, zip over to Jimboy's. I have been a fan for as long as I can remember. Jimboy's and I go back a L-O-N-G way and I hope they never go away. Hmm...while I am writing this, all I can think of is, "I wonder if I have the time for a taco, combination burrito and a side of guacamole?" Yup. I'll say it again! Jimboy's IS THAT GOOD!
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