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Jeremy Hardesty
03:14 06 Jan 24
A NorCal institution. Don't miss out on their Parmesan covered tacos filled with ground beef, melty melty cheese and sauce. Of course there's lettuce in there too, but I take most of that out. Their beans and cheese burrito is amazing, as is their taco burger. This location was clean and had friendly staff.
Lori Mullin
00:50 05 Dec 23
The food in wonderful, freshly prepared by the some really great people!!! Kind and caring!!! They have a senior discount and treat yourself to some tasty food!!!!
Bernd Koepke
18:09 21 Nov 23
It's Jimboys so food is typically always good. It's my opinion that the only thing that changes is the level of Customer service that changes more often than not.
Marcia Marie (Marcy)
21:50 28 Oct 23
We had a great Saturday lunch. Very fresh, large portions and a nice clean restaurant.
Lorre “Lorrelvschocolate” Carver
23:04 12 Oct 23
It's getting better! Yeay!! It was so good a few years back. And then went wayyyy downhill. Decided to give it another try and was happy!! My only complaint is that the queso dip was very very thin! So thin it wouldn't stay on the chip! Lol! The queso dip in auburn is fantastic! Thick and rich!It brought back memories of when I worked at a restaurant and my manager would go around watering EVERYTHING down. Lol! If it could be thinned ,he would be thinning it!!
james simms
02:08 22 Feb 23
I do love a good jimboys taco. Sometimes they are not too good. This location is pretty consistently good. I wish they served Mexican coke and played some decent music.
Denae Gomez
21:20 06 Jan 23
Food is always good when they have it it this is my 1st time having their avacado salad and it is tasty
Sharee Golly
05:37 01 Jan 23
Great location, food was made with love and drive thru was friendly! Combo burritos with some sour cream and the classic tacos were amazing. I would revisit.
Myra Souiade (FatimaNMohamad)
20:07 23 Apr 22
If it's not considered fast foodThen it's OKIf it is fast food they suck and the taco lacking flavor very little meat like 1 tablespoon only mostly head lettuce actually taking in little flavor from the meat even less ..Jimboys used to be my favoriteBut it's changed and not for the better
Keith C.
16:24 24 Feb 22
Hot and tasty food but a little greasy. New post -- some items not available. Apparently problems due to lack of sufficient employees.
Jessica Orr
23:38 12 Dec 21
Love their tacos and burritos so much! Delicious quick meal
23:12 07 Nov 21
I haven't had jimboys in a while so I forgot how yummy their food is!! Oh good Lord.... I wish I could go there more often!! I make everyone i know go there too! Yummy!!! If I went more often I would give them 5 stars FO SHO!
taper candles
19:14 06 Jun 21
Very friendly drive-thru staff. I've always found the service and food good.
cameron machado
17:40 25 May 21
Carnitas tacos were very good, but really greasy. The Guacamole was also great with the side of chips.
Judy Lee
14:40 06 Jan 21
They have great Tacos So They have a lunch crowd but you can chat in the drive through.
Eric Larson
02:14 23 Dec 20
I love Jimboy's. Great food. I've been eating Jimboy's since I was a kid. The original ground beef taco. Do it.
Raphael Porter
23:07 17 Dec 20
Love the stake burritos wish they were a little bit bigger
David Simmons
21:21 13 Dec 20
Jimboys is great fast food. If you’re in a hurry, they’re considerably better than fast food taco chains like Taco Bell.My only complaint, it says they have done in and that’s not correct.
06:57 11 Nov 20
Delicious hard shell tacos. Always consistancy in flavor and crunch.
Valerie Walker
05:07 07 Nov 20
I started having Jimboys Tacos in 1964 at the Roseville auction. They are still delish!!
Lorna Launius-Elve
01:30 31 Oct 20
I love the soft chicken tacos! A little pricey but worth it.
Dennis Patterson
00:56 14 Oct 20
Wouldn't call jimboys fast food it's to good
Robert Frantz
17:18 29 Sep 20
Good tacos as usual. Nice and clean and great staff. Nice place to stop and eat or take it home.
Jayjay Rindog
22:43 26 Sep 20
Kinda pricey but good food..great tacos...
Roman Rudy
21:56 03 Aug 20
Shells were a little burnt , but still tatested good.
20:33 26 May 20
Really enjoyed the Tacos, didn't get the hot sauce I ordered in the drive through! My local Jimboys seems to have a few problems based on two visits!
Bob Fary
17:33 06 May 20
The food was great and attendant was very pleasant and even offered me a free drink because the wait in line was one and a half hour.
Rich Kestner
16:55 18 Mar 20
For being a chain fast food, they make a great taco
Carolyn Wilcox
03:51 17 Feb 20
Drive-through a little bit Slow But they got some truly great food though yum yum
Chris Lee
20:10 29 Jan 20
The food is always good. The atmosphere/ambience was a little dark which makes the restaurant feel dirty/greasy.Customer service was just ok.
Gary Staves
01:53 22 Nov 19
Everything was great but to much grease in the hamburger. As the tacos cooled on the way home, orange grease began to form. Despite this, they are still my most favorite .
Rick Pebley
20:24 21 Nov 19
Very clean good food served in a timely manner I will go there again
Leslie Lorenzen
03:26 10 Nov 19
I eat there all the time. Food is good.
Sam Silverdollar
04:06 30 Sep 19
Nachos where really good. Tacos were okay they had an old oil taste on the tortilla.. But the filling was delicious...
Steve Thomason
00:38 18 Sep 19
Excellent food. Great service.
Brent Thomas
20:43 25 May 19
I like pretty much everything about this place. Good food and reasonable prices. The interior was better under the Aztec temple theme but now it is very generic looking like the inside of a Chipotle. But the food is good and consistent.
Sheri Abbott
05:09 01 May 19
This chain serves one of the best tacos around. Every Jimboy's I visit provides the same quality, delicious, made to order food and personal service. Better than fast food.
Julie Smith
17:13 11 Apr 18
Yummy carnitas tacos, shrimp were good too. kids loved the crunchy beef tacos.
Connie Barchus
00:12 29 Mar 18
We eat there at least once a week, good food. Service is good
Nikki Waters
01:59 21 Mar 18
Fast and tasty. We usually stop at the one on Watt Avenue when we are traveling through sacramento for nostalgia (a family favorite for 20 years). This location was new to us, but the food as good or better than our memory. It makes a difference that everything is cooked from scratch that day. We were impressed with the daily special (enchiladas ) and the ground beef tacos were surprisingly excellent for the price. Wish they were closer!
Keith Lozier
05:24 20 Mar 18
What can I say. The food is great and the employees all make happy. Why else would I go back so often?
monica dacosta
01:27 31 Jan 18
$2 Taco Tuesday! Love their tacos! Lightly fried corn tortillas dusted with parmesan cheese. Yum!
Blanca Diaz Houle
01:57 01 Nov 16
The manager is very friendly. Checks to see if you are happy with your meal. Glad they serve breakfast all day! The huevos rancheros were awesome!
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