3033 Arden Way
CA 95825


16:51 31 Dec 23
Nice little spot. Always loved their food. A well known Sacramento favorite.
Dalton Moffat
19:45 26 Dec 23
Was told about this place by a friend, great for a quick bite and for some really good stuffed quesadillas. Jim boys is a Sac Staple for sure!
Joseph Romo
00:37 26 Dec 23
Thomas La Pointe
23:08 05 Nov 23
Very good and 5 starts if you can handle the heavy grease that comes from I assume thier meat.
Alexandra Smith Reiner
00:06 06 Oct 23
Good food. Hungry early lunch, my normal 10:30 am meal. Bean tacos and went for guacamole & chip side. Really delish guacamole!
21:52 20 Sep 23
Super good food, the environment is clean! And I love the friendly staff
22:09 13 Jul 23
My sister and uncle were in town for a funeral, but that didn't stop us from keeping a, hard to believe, 40+ year tradition alive of going to Jimboy's and of course, it was a great experience for us, both keeping "tradition" alive and also enjoying such delicious guilty food :-)
William Duke
01:40 28 May 23
I just ordered that stuff quesadilla and it is the best quesadilla I've had ever tasted the spices and the ingredients made it taste credible I highly recommend ordering it
Mike P
23:39 17 May 23
Every time I come here it's clean. Hot food. And great service. Whoever is managing this place should be happy
Mark Bekoff
01:39 17 May 23
This is by far the best Jimboy's I have ever been to ... I got the special of the day it was the Tahoe burrito it was a nice big burrito this special came with rice beans and a salad I also had ordered a couple of taco's which were also very generous in all the fixings the meal also came with a medium soda I ate until I stuffed my self and had to take the rest home who doesn't love a great Jimboys taco stop by for a great meal I think you will love it....
Nathan Barstad
19:04 14 May 23
It’s a great day when we go to Jimboy’s! Love their fish tacos! And every taco has some kind of great cheese sprinkled on it!
Randy Chalenor
01:34 13 May 23
Not all JimBoy's are the same, this location:Has a salsa bar (see picture) many don't.Is nicely furnished, very clean. And they made me a better than average Jimboy Taco (see picture)Jimboy's my favorite taco joint in the greater Sac. area.Ya gotta get the ground beef taco, ta die for.
Lisa Pevc
20:04 17 Apr 23
This location has the best tacos. Always clean, always friendly, always great customer service... And the salsa bar is always full!
Evan M
03:25 10 Apr 23
The food is fantastic and the portions are bigger than I expected. Two tacos, a Tahoe burrito, a beverage and dessert came to $23. It was enough food for 2 people, and I ended up taking some home. Waiting time was short, the restaurant was clean, and the staff was helpful. Can't wait to go back.
Trevor Gillette
03:04 13 Mar 23
Awesome tacos. We really like the steak and ground beef tacos. Service could be better, the guy at the front could be friendlier but he's not rude.
Lica Tanee
02:51 26 Jan 23
Love the fries my favorite. First time having the quesadilla and I enjoyed it
22:05 04 Dec 22
This jimboys is easily the best one in the area, if you go to Roseville or other nearby locations they give you way smaller portions, like up to 40% smaller on things like the 3 cheese quesadilla. The food is almost always cooked perfect here. Portions are large. Prices are good. Don't door dash from the other places. Just drive here and save the 10 bucks and get better and more food
Tracey Chappell
14:43 25 Jun 22
Always wanted to have a Jim boy taco and I finally did I think they're pretty good I will definitely go back .
Donald Wylie
03:39 24 Jun 22
Had chicken tacos salad and a chicken taco haven't had any tacos for over a month they were wonderful
Cristin Eiserman
21:08 15 Jun 22
Love the new menu. Good food. Nice staff
Jesse Dias
18:22 13 Jun 22
Great authentic food and great service. Friendly staff.Always a good stop for good food and good time.
kenneth self
01:40 03 May 22
Food is always very good and all but 1 employee are awesome and haven't encountered the Cranky lady lately so that's a plus! Great Jimboys.
Breeana “Bree” Reyes
16:14 31 Jan 22
Fast, friendly service. The food is as expected, yummy and greasy, but that is Jimboys for you.
Ildiko Carpenter
21:23 30 Nov 21
Probably the best Jimboys experience I've had. My food was hot, fresh and delicious.
Nikki Dickinson
16:38 25 Nov 21
Clean restaurant, friendly staff, decent prices, & food was made to order quickly & tasted great! I'd recommend for sure!
13:47 29 Oct 21
Great food for a good price. Good environment. No loud music. Very nice service. Good for dates.
Sebastian Michael
22:42 25 Sep 21
A Jimboy's mainstay location. Good food, good location, and while service is adequate but not above and beyond by any means, it's worth visiting. I drive to this location, no matter where I am in Sacramento, because of the food quality and temperatures, and type of cheese they use.Be aware: This location does not have a drive-through. Dine in/carry-out/Pick up only.
John Facino
18:16 17 Sep 21
Great service and food. Young man Dakota was pleasant as always and had some fun chit chat with me. Food is great and always fresh and hot.
Don Maine
00:00 17 Sep 21
You can never go wrong with jimboys tacos...mmmm
05:29 23 Aug 21
I really like this place they cook with care and flavor. My only complaints would be it seems overpriced but I understand businesses have to do what they have to do to stay in business. The competitors probably take shortcuts but they serve great ingredients.
Emma Fox
19:19 27 Jul 21
Some how this location was yummier than another Jim boys I ate at just a few weeks ago. It was also really quick at lunchtime (noon). I always loved Jim boys but I’m impressed with this store.
Jeffrey W.
15:23 26 Jul 21
When you stop here you'll appreciate the care they take, because it shows in their happy repeat customers faces, that will make you smile too!
Lesley SAwyer
19:53 24 Jul 21
Love love the chile relleno. I've been going to numerous Jimboys for that and sadly many no longer make it. I was lucky and caught it on the Friday special. No drive thru but that's ok.. everything was extra hot and fresh.
ya sin bait
01:58 16 Jul 21
I ordered six of those Jimboy's Tacos cuz I was hungry I was fresh out the hospital been a long day and I needed something to eat
Cierra S. White
03:45 01 Jul 21
Best tacos I've ever had! The parmesan on the shell and extra cheese in the taco was perfect for a picky eater like me.
Robert Epling
21:10 12 Jun 21
We were surprised to find that we could eat inside. I wanted something with both hamburger and beans and wish advised to eat The supreme burrito. We enjoyed the food and the friendly service.
bo purdy
16:51 27 May 21
Great people that work is fantastic...fresh and'd a staple in my diet...
Tammy Lynn Tomasini
23:37 17 May 21
Jimboy's has the Taco of all tacos but I remember when they were 99 cents now they're almost $3. But the tacos are always delicious
Shahbaz Khan
01:15 16 May 21
Good tacos but the hottest salsa was not hot.
Keith Schmelzer
03:09 01 May 21
Jimboy's tacos are my favorite!Every item on the menu is hand made every day! The food is clean, fast and reasonably priced. Begun in Placerville it is a Nor Cal gem!
Michael Lee
21:09 30 Apr 21
I always enjoy a Jimboys taco. Got the combination plate... however the beans were very very dry
Deanna Russo
21:44 13 Apr 21
Love it. Wish we had one in our town.
Rachel Davis
04:13 06 Apr 21
Cannot get tired of Jimboys. Location is clean and service pretty good all around.
Stacey Johnson
22:38 03 Jan 21
Love this location. Very friendly and patient through the pandemic. Tip!
Vicki Harper
02:48 03 Nov 20
I absolutely love these tacos. Nobody makes them like Jimboys. I sure wish there was one closer to my home. Place was very clean. COVID-19 precautions were in place and utilized. I was comfortable to stay inside to eat. Nowadays I generally always take my food out.
04:09 19 Oct 20
The Carne Asada Tahoe Burrito is da'bomb diggity.
Ingrid Alvarado
04:11 12 Oct 20
So freaking good. The carne asada is my favorite and it was my 1st time there. I'm from SF so I don't get to enjoy places like this, thanks to my boyfriend for taking me.
A Google User
05:59 17 Sep 20
The food here is incredible! You won't find anything like it any other place. Unique, great tasting, fresh ingredients, friendly service and affordable great prices. If you like tacos please make sure you go to Jimboy's Tacos.
Win Again
22:26 14 Sep 20
Love these chicken tacos
Mark Lizcano
16:28 11 Sep 20
We always have great didn't when we order food from here. The staff are really nice people.
Michèle Hardre
00:22 10 Sep 20
Best tacos in the universe!
Nyisha Carson
19:52 08 Sep 20
so so so good!!!They are best if you eat them ASAP. I ate mine in my car in the parking lot and THEY WERE SO GOOD!!!
13:31 06 Sep 20
Always good service and the best bean/rice/ guacamole burrito ever!!
Kristopher Pometta
03:37 05 Aug 20
Absolutely amazing vegetarian bean Tacos. If your a carnivore, you'll love the rest of the menu.
Terry Wilson
17:41 30 Jul 20
Lunchtime can be busy, kitchen and counter staff keeps yummy foods rolling out the door during this time of pickup and go.
Christiaan Bertulfo
17:44 24 Jul 20
Good gut bomb food. I've yet to walk away from this place with any issue. Remember it's not true mexican food, still delicious.
Lance Pierce
02:17 20 Jul 20
Being born and raised in Sacramento, I'd been going to Jimboys for years, since I was a little guy. This is the actual Jimboys that I always went to since I never strayed too far from the Arden/Arcade and Campus Commons areas. I visited this Jimboys in September of 2019 and was happy to find that the tacos hadn't changed. Not one bit. If I had the money, I'd open a Jimboys here in North Dakota. They don't know Mex food up here. Is Jimboys authentic? Nope. I've been to SoCal and lived in Nevada so I've got a pretty good idea of what authentic is, but Jimboys is darned good and I so miss it. One of my regrets of no longer drinking the koolaid of California is missing out on some of the better cuisines to be found there. Jimboys is one of them.
Vincent Gonzales
17:23 18 Jul 20
This small building is dated but the comida is still the same great Jimboy's food that we've enjoyed for decades. Covid responsible.
John R. Hoffman
05:23 01 Jul 20
Jimboys is one of those places you either love or you don't. I've been a fan of their ground beef tacos since my early years of drinking, when I learned of their magical hangover powers.Really though, they're greasy & they're great!
Amber Fuller
22:01 01 Jun 20
Everything you love about Jimboys Tacos. Great food, friendly service.
Caesarae Morales
05:48 27 Feb 20
Customer Service is always great. The food is bomb! Tuesday= $2 tacos. Not authentic mexican but pretty damn close that it keeps me wanting more.
Steven Brenner
07:19 19 Feb 20
Always nice to see the cooks who have been with Jimboys for over twenty-five years; all the staff was friendly and happy to see old acquaintances and happy customers; delicious food - consistently remain loyal to standards of preparation at a the Arden Way Jimboys
Dodie Booth
01:23 16 Feb 20
Great location, and who doesn't love Jim boys? My son had a full plate and quesadillas on the side, I had their bacon avocado salad, yum! The portions are on the larger size, excellent place!
Kyson Hess
16:47 15 Feb 20
This restaurant is clearly one of the finest place in the region. Every time I go there I am profoundly glad. They preserve their high level service and the topmost level of cooking they provide. You surely will enjoy this this restaurant. Very recommended.
Julia Rios
05:45 28 Jan 20
Tacos are amazing as always!!! Fast service and abundant and clean salsa bar.
Trentyn Simon
03:46 23 Jan 20
Very clean and well maintained. Cashier is always very nice and not to mention there fabled taco's!
SacKing .
12:12 16 Jan 20
Very nice people on the night shift plus fresh product.
Lorraine Ho
19:43 15 Dec 19
I love Jimboys! The ppl at the Arden location are fast and friendly. It's a good thing it's on the pricey side, it keeps me from going there too often and makes it more of a treat when we do go. Taco Tuesday is a good deal with $2 tacos, and the beef and cheese burrito is my favorite.
13dougr916 .
06:46 11 Dec 19
The beef tacos were good, it's nice they are open 'til 10.
Austin Mchenry
20:49 09 Nov 19
Great place for a quick bite to eat
Patrick Bong
22:00 03 Nov 19
The original taco is good. It needs a bit more salt, but that's hardly a complaint. What is truly spectacular about this place is the carnitas taco. Next time I'm skipping the original and ordering the carnitas and shrimp.
Josh Stephens
18:29 02 Nov 19
I visited the 29th St. location before it closed. Probably lots of bummed out bus drivers and Midtowners that have no place to dine out at. Nonetheless, it was a good location when it was open.
big c
05:50 19 Oct 19
If you like Taco this is a great place to eat 10 Stars
Teresa Hartson-Dahle
15:38 05 Oct 19
I grew up in Sac. Now living out if state. Jimboys on my lust if old haunts to visit.... further up the food chain than in & out. Yep. You read that right!
Alan Kostyshak
19:34 30 Sep 19
Besides the good food T this location, the store owners and staff are so nice. It's nice seeing familiar faces, and adds to the ambiance.
Ryan B
05:11 13 Sep 19
This is one of the good Jimboy's Tacos. The restaurant is clean, the servers are friendly and helpful, and the food is hot and tasty. The restaurant can get kind of crowded but most people are standing waiting for takeout. I've never been the only one in the restaurant but I've never had trouble getting a seat either. In order to use the bathroom the servers need to press a button to unlock the doors outside. No drive-thru but plenty of parking.
04:00 05 Sep 19
I got the carnitas tacos and they were really good. This is a very busy place... as we sat there eating our food people were coming and going.
04:00 05 Sep 19
I got the carnitas tacos and they were really good. This is a very busy place... as we sat there eating our food people were coming and going.
Benifrum Yutsack
04:24 08 Aug 19
By far the most marginalized of the big franchised tacorias. They've had a good jump in business over the years. I hope they come with better prices when they realize they are ahead of the pack in quality and taste.. I mean I'm just sayin'
Christian Dryer
18:45 26 Jul 19
I have loved this place since I was a child. Wish all location still served beer. Papas and beer is the best.
C Wood
18:39 14 Jul 19
I always go for the ground beef tacos, delicious!!!They fried their taco shells well.Friendly staff. What's not to like?
C Wood
18:39 14 Jul 19
I always go for the ground beef tacos, delicious!!!They fried their taco shells well.Friendly staff. What's not to like?
Shannon Fritz
17:28 06 Jul 19
The is the BEST Jimboy’s! The cashier, Nan, is always very friendly. They have these Tahoe burritos that they fill with fresh deliciousness and toast the tortilla. We drive across town past two other Jimboy’s to come here.
Janis Hernandez
19:07 19 Jun 19
Good shrimp tacos! The sauce is really great and the fresh salsa bar has many varieties for your choice of Temperature
Stephanie Carrasco Eskeli
16:49 18 Jun 19
Love Jimboy's Tacos! It is a place to go when you're in Sacramento every time. I'll put your pants
Dusty Mc Cowan
01:01 11 Apr 19
One of the original Jimboys in Sacramento. Sadly they just lost their lead employee who was the equivalent to their rock of Gibraltar. They do still make a darn good taco and you can’t go wrong with the burritos either!!!
Dusty Mc Cowan
21:55 10 Apr 19
One of the original Jimboys in Sacramento. Sadly they just lost their lead employee who was the equivalent to their rock of Gibraltar. They do still make a darn good taco and you can’t go wrong with the burritos either!!!
Alisa Takeuchi
02:01 14 Dec 18
The Monday Special (Enchilada,Taco,Rice,Beans and drink) was very good
Alisa Takeuchi
02:20 09 Sep 18
I kept hearing about Jim Boy Tacos and always wanted to try it and finally had the chance. I think it's good for what it is. Coming from Socal where the Mexican food is SO good, it's hard to compare. I had the original taco and the fish taco. Both were good. I liked them fine. I'm not sure I'd go back again on my own, but if I was invited, I wouldn't say no. The staff was very friendly and plenty of people go there to eat.
Henry Sosvielle
01:19 02 Apr 18
Prices went up, but still as great as when I was in high school.....I'll be back for sure!
Madeleine Clelland
04:44 14 Mar 18
Good atmosphere. Hole in the wall but high quality food, unlike some other Jimboy's such as the one in South Natomas. Tacos are crispy and full and just right. Pepper poppers could be more... Peppery, but are crispy crunchy as well. The booths are all very private and the layout of this location is very nice and spacious despite the relatively small size of the restaurant
Will Gay
23:14 29 Jan 18
I love Jimboy's. The tacos, Tahoe burritos, just amazing. Faithful customer for decades. This location seems to make heavy tacos, very filling. Love it
Grant Bos
22:05 20 Jan 18
Arden Way always friendly and welcoming. Food is equally consistently delicious. Try the daily specials. Great eats for a great price. You absolutely will not be disappointed. We love this place.
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