4010 Sunrise Blvd.
Rancho Cordova
CA 95742


Nicole Milam
02:12 05 Nov 23
Alex at the Rancho Cordova location is a great kid. He went above and beyond to see that I was happy with my order. Seriously amazing kid
Brandon R
19:28 13 Oct 23
Great service. The kid that works the front during the day is super helpful, friendlyand keeps the front looking clean. The food was great as well. Overall great experience.
David Orosco
16:43 29 Aug 23
It's been a long time since experiencing a Jimboy's. It was clean, service was good, and the chicken tacos were quite tasty.
Daniel Alameida
02:17 19 Jun 23
Classic Jimboys tacos. Everything was great. Fast service and cool atmosphere.
Cherie Schaeffer
20:58 16 Jun 23
This was actually a pleasant surprise, I was looking for more of a restaurant type of place, so when I walked thru the door, I almost walked right back out because it seemed to be more of a fast food type. But I decided to give it a try and was happy I did. I ordered a combo plate that consisted of a carnitas taco and an enchilada plus beans and rice. Everything was delicious. The employee that took my order was very polite and patient with my indecisiveness, and helped me out with settling for my order. The one thing I was a little dissatisfied about was the chips and salsa. They charge you extra for a small single bag of stale chips and the salsa is in tiny little containers that you have to get 4 or more of just to eat with the chips, and then 4 more for the meal...seems like a lot of stuff going into the landfill...but all in all I left with a full, satisfied belly and a smile on my face.
Tim Kelly
14:47 26 May 23
Jim Boys are always good for that plucky American Taco ... not much here is authentic Mexican cooking ... but it's good all the same when you need a break from normal Taco habits ...
Anne U
18:39 23 May 23
Nachos was flavorful and authentic. Pleasantly surprised I had thought it was one of those "fast food" Mexican food like a taco bell but I was wrong.
Larry Gonzales
22:38 22 May 23
Service at this specific store is always nice. The young kid is always kind and in a great mood
Robert Du Gaue
19:17 13 May 23
Inconsistent food during the week vs. weekend. Way too greasy on weekend, different cooks maybe? Tacos are the in town.
Whitney Ramirez
23:19 08 Apr 23
The ground beef tacos were so good and fresh. The Restaurant was super clean to. I would drive back to this location just because it was that good.
Jason A
03:36 07 Dec 22
The staff here is very friendly!The food here is, well, different from other Jimboy's.It's still Jimboys, but, different.Maybe it's because of the neighborhood?Maybe it's the management?Maybe, I have no idea.The tacos seem drier, the cheese is less melty.The taco paper is always clean when I'm done at this location.Some may like this better, no judgement from me. I was raised on drippy red grease all over the place.Maybe they are trying to make them 'healthier' or something?It's still good!The staff is great! The salsa bar is always stocked!Just wanted to give my opinion, so you know.Thanks guys!
Ehsan Esmaili
21:50 11 Oct 22
Chicken tacos are delicious, but not so much ground beef
Thomas Correa
16:57 20 May 22
Good customer service. Very clean place. Good location to get other shopping needs and have lunch.
Justice Clark
15:43 02 May 22
Ordered ahead online and order was ready on time! Great food! SUPER CLEAN INSIDE!
James Angelo
02:41 22 Jan 22
Awesome tacos! I love the fresh crispy shells dipped in Parmesan cheese!
Lorrayne G
10:37 20 Jan 22
The tacos were hot and fresh. I miss the shredded beef El Gordos, but I had a ground beef taco and a carnitas taco. They were very tasty. And this Jimboys had Chipotle salsa which many restaurants no longer carry.
Mike Kelley
21:30 23 Sep 21
You just can't go wrong with Jimboy's Tacos. Never disappointed.
Michael Huckleberry
15:41 29 Jul 21
Taco Tuesday. The greatest pairing of words in the entire English language. And Jimboy's arguably makes one of the best tacos in the world. It's simple ingredients, but their results are superior. Try as I might I cannot replicate the magic I find in these tacos, and I can't really find other places that measure up to what Jimboy's gives you. This location is was good as any, the service is good, the food always comes out good. You just need to be on them with the sauces, but since that's a subjective thing I can't mark them down. Overall, spend your money here and get good food.
Joshua Corey
00:44 12 Jul 21
Best tacos ever I will come back
mardi wally
18:03 21 Jun 21
Love their tacos! Not five stars because we ordered 18 tacos and they were very inconsistently put together. They would have been perfect for the three bears - some too full, some not enough, and some just right.
Rick Harmon
02:52 07 Mar 21
Very nice people and great food. Easy I and easy out. Put some of the other Jim Boys to shame.
Rachael Watkins-Martinez
01:02 23 Feb 21
Friendly staff and very inviting environment. Food is good.
Carolina Smith
22:02 08 Feb 21
Jimboy's has great food avoid taco day tacos are not acceptable on that day I know I've tried many times
Levi Bingham
00:56 07 Dec 20
Food was better than the jim boys in South Sacramento. And salsa bar was better than expected with at least 6 different kinds to choose from. *
Leandro Addarich
02:30 05 Oct 20
Excellent size for the price, food was good but need a little more taste.
Chris Marx
22:53 19 Sep 20
Great place to eat, very friendly and the food is hot. I Recommend this place.
Nick Quiroz
21:39 30 Aug 20
Never disappointing. Fried chicken tacos were an awesome treat
Dr Dre& scott Woodrow
08:27 15 Aug 20
I know that everyone who ever tried a taco from jimboys knows how amazingly good they are, and this location is a good example
John Locke
21:50 23 Jul 20
Great food, nice to know there is a Jimboy’s on Sunrise Blvd in Rancho Cordova. The burritos have that cheese that hits different!
John Colleton
01:00 15 Jul 20
Great food and service best of all jimboy's around
Doug Wison
15:57 27 Jun 20
We love Jimboys! Restaurant quality with fast food convenience. A Sacramento treasure.
Michael Anderson
18:10 02 Feb 20
This is a new place as the Raley's shopping center was just built a few years ago for the housing that's going up in the area. My companion and grandson eat here a lot. So, when I went with her to pick him up, we stopped and ate lunch there. She said they have the best Jimboy's tacos. So, I got the 6 taco basket and she was right. Filled with the right amount of everything and not greasy at all. The owner works there and you can see he really cares about his product. Stop by and eat if you're in the area.
Kenny Dentley
04:33 27 Dec 19
I can honestly say this is the only fast food restaurant that has never messed up my order great job Jim boys
Tiffany Adair
06:29 10 Dec 19
Its always great. I love their tacos! Its always hot and tasty. My only gripe is the price for a taco, its over $2.50! Other than that everything is excellent!
Dan Watt
07:23 07 Dec 19
This is about the best Jimboys I've ever been to, the family and friends running it are doing a great job. Orders are put together well and they seem to be keeping the quality up too! Keep it up guys!
James L
04:37 11 Nov 19
Pretty good food, prep time is a little slow, but worth it if you aren't on a tight schedule.
Tiffany Hull
01:43 31 Aug 19
Food was great! Store was nice and clean and the staff was suer friendly definitely will be coming back
00:09 06 Aug 19
Friendly atmosphere food was good the reasonably priced
Mark Krauhs
22:20 02 Aug 19
It was great. Great service and friendly staff. Good food.
Crystal Huckleberry
15:46 16 Jul 19
Constantly delicious! They don't skip out on the ingredients. Friendly, helpful staff.
Patricia Brier
01:19 16 Jul 19
Friendly helpful staff. Tasty reasonably price food.
Mike Pursell
02:04 15 Jul 19
I've gone to Jimboys for over 20 years. The taco shells have a grated cheese on them, that is a killer. Absolutely the best fast food tacos anywhere. !!!
Donean Pursell
14:46 14 Jul 19
Very clean and really nice employees. Food was fabulous!
Houston Martin
01:43 19 Jun 19
Went there last week & our going to go back again tonight. Wish we had one in Fresno! Really good tacos, very good service. & very friendly staff!
Ali Olshan
03:32 09 Oct 18
California avocado salad and ground beef tacos is a must at this place! Jayden is an amazing server! Love it and coming back!!
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