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Sara Waeltz
18:12 12 Aug 23
As a Texas native, I get a little suspicious when a California taco joint moves in, but I have to give credit where credit is due. They are pretty dang good. First impression was that the place was clean and I liked the atmosphere over all. The taco shells were crispy, probably deep fried, with powdery cheese coating the outside. I've never had a taco like this before! I also got the rice and beans, which were pretty good. The special came with a side salad, which was also a first. I will say, they don't give you enough chips to go with the order of queso. I was coating it on thick and still had a lot leftover.
Harvey Davis
22:47 23 Jul 23
Have been to jimboys many times while visiting California and glad to see jimboys in Texas now. Keep up the good work. Sorry my pics were half eaten...
Ginger Philips
17:14 12 Jul 23
This was my first time eating here and I had the best experience. The people working were so nice and their customer service was really good. I got the taco plate and these were the best tacos I’ve had in a while. The rice and beans on the side were soooo delicious. Plus I got a side salad with it that was great as well. All together this place was really tasty. I’m surprised they weren’t very busy. Will definitely be going back again!!
Daniel vann
20:21 28 Jun 23
Wanted to try this place out for a while now. Not bad. Loved the parm crusted taco shells. I got few taco plate that comes with an enchilada, rice and beans. I also ordered the Garnitas taco.
Douglas Ogan
13:50 15 Jun 23
First off, the tacos are THE BOMB! Great ingredients and taste. I ordered the nachos too which would have been just as good but the chips were STALE. Fix that and it would have been a 5 star rating. All in all I would recommend going for the tacos because they are stellar.
Travis bennett
22:19 03 Jun 23
For a fast food Mexican place I've never had anything with more flavor and as fresh as this was. The tacos were hot, loaded with ingredients and flavorful. I ordered a steak taco, carnitas taco and a bean and cheese burrito. After eating the tacos I wish I would have ordered a different burrito because the tacos were so tasty. Overall the restaurant was spotless, house made salsas were delicious, and their Taco Sauce was spicy and a nice condiment. They have alcohol, teas, and fountain drinks. I'll be back over and over.
Lauren Rhyne
00:17 02 Apr 23
We love Jimboys. We first had it out in California/Nevada. Definitely a favorite. Was really excited to have it in Texas and so close to home! The been & cheese burrito wasn’t made exactly like the other locations in California/Nevada. Too much bean and didn’t have the extra cheesy taste or crispy tortilla. Hopefully next time I go will be better!
Adam Plost
19:10 16 Jan 23
I give them 4 stars for being unique and still pretty tasty. But if you're looking for a "taco joint", this isn't it. I got a chicken and a beef taco. They had more of a cheeseburger in a taco shell vibe to them. Hamburger meat & seasoning with American style cheese. Once again, really good and uniquely different. I'll definitely go back. But if you have a "taco" craving. This isn't it.
Kyle O'Neal
23:54 10 Sep 22
I enjoyed the tacos they were great i loved the crispy most the parm flavor in the outside is great. The enchilada was ok but didn't like the red sauce, seemed processed so they could improve that.Churros are great too. Thanks for the friendly service, you don't get that much nowadays.UPDATE-Ok just went back today and found out they make French fries and queso to dip them in. They were so good, I just keep living this place more and more!!!
02:22 14 Jul 22
Tried for first time. Although they missed kids food in drive through. It was still amazing and great. When I called to notify, a worker met me outside to give me my kids meals so I could be on my way. Super nice. Must go. Great food and workers
Falicia Necole
21:19 08 Jul 22
Went when they first opened up, wasn't very impressed. But I went today and everything was super good. Very fresh. Chicken tacos had lots of filling. Churros were a delight. Customer service was good. Will be back.
Christy Borders
20:41 17 Jun 22
A new friend of mine, who was originally from California, suggested this place for lunch today. Their tacos are absolutely amazing. The guy who took our order was extremely nice. Everything was very clean and our order was ready very quick. I will definitely eat here again when I am back in this area. If there was a Jimboy's where I live, I would probably eat there every day!
Tracy Gilbreath
16:28 04 Jun 22
Wow! Definitely adding this to the rotation. The ground beef taco is AMAZING! Can’t wait to try everything on the menu. They also have catering options. The staff is friendly and very helpful. Stop in, you won’t regret it.
B Wiggs
18:09 16 May 22
Heard about this place coming to town online and the pictures looked a little like fancy Jack in the Box tacos. This place is phenomenal! Highly recommend the fish tacos! All of the food was delicious, the salsa complimented the tacos perfectly and the staff was super friendly, will definitely be back! It's a shame there aren't more of these closer to my house!
Gianni Ontiveros
18:08 23 Apr 22
These California style tacos are way better than the typical Tex Mex tacos you get in Fort Worth. perfect mix between a crunchy and a soft shell taco. they have great flavor, and juices but not too greasy.We will definitely be back for more.
Raquel Gonzalez
23:46 06 Mar 22
My daughter says best tacos ever! I love the Parmesan dusted tacos are so good! I also tried the fried cod and it was delicious! Hubby got the taquito burrito which is part of their secret menu and so good! The rice was probably the worst out of everything but I can totally do without it.
Brann Jeter
15:24 24 Feb 22
Love this place! The tacos are so good that I've never tried the other menu items.I describe the tacos as similar to Jack in the Box, but with fresh ground beef (instead of that mystery mush), crisp lettuce, and crunchy shells.Bottom Line: If you like Jack's tacos, you'll love these!!
Jordan Js
01:53 25 Jan 22
This place is so dang good. The tacos taste like my grandma's homemade tacos. This has become my favorite place for tacos.Also, the fries!! Omg best I've had- not kidding. I don't know what they do to them, but they're delicious.
Danielle Arrold
04:49 07 Dec 21
One of my favorite Cali taco spots of all time. Grew up eating these and I am so happy to see them here in Texas! Super tasty beef taco and the hot sauce is amazing!
Michael Espinosa
21:05 26 Nov 21
Food was good. Nothing great tho. The person that took my order was very cold and unwelcoming. Shelby the manager was great tho. so was the person that brought out my order. 5 stars for them
Sarah Snow
20:26 23 Nov 21
Not sure where or why this place has been hiding randomly passed by and was starving and I love tacos and trying new places. Went through the drive through and ordered the classic #1 (what they are known for” HOLY SMOKE, fresh, hot amazing tacos. I will be back very soon!!!!!
Jonathan Hubbard
17:23 08 Nov 21
I highly recommend you dine in if you get the tacos. The tacos do not have much time before they get soggy and not as good. The burritos were good (both the chicken and beef) We did not try the vegetarian menu yet. We will be going back but for dine in to get the experience of the food fresh out of the kitchen. The pricing isn't too bad either
Mark Richards
06:27 08 Oct 21
This spot was really good. I had the ground beef tacos and they were great! The taco shells we're different yet good, and the melted cheese really took the tacos to a different level. I will say not a fan of the verde salsa but that's personal preference. My wife had the avocado salad and it was great. Surprisingly huge! The staff was polite. Though the employee checking me out didn't quite know all the buttons at the register (had to get help putting in my salad order), it quickly got figured out and all is good. The manager was really helpful as well helping me understand some of the menu items. Store is very clean and the food came out fairly quickly. Will visit again for sure!
23:50 25 Sep 21
Excellent Experience!I used to frequent Jimboy’s Tacos in the past when I lived in Nevada. I was very excited to see that they opened one in Fort Worth. I live in Austin and absolutely had to go.I was worried that it would not be as good as what I remember. I was very happy to find that they have the same great taste, menu options as well as a well layer out dinning room that was very clean. Additionally, they have an excellent staff who were friendly and helpful.I will be making the trip from Austin to Fort Worth on a regular basis to enjoy such excellent food.Great job Jimboy’s Tacos for bringing an excellent establishment to Texas!
Allie Weber
21:42 17 Sep 21
Really loved the food, but the service was so good. We went opening day and naturally the wait time was a little long. The staff was very courteous and willing to answer all questions. They profusely apologized for any wait and thanked us over and over again for coming in. Can’t wait to go back!!
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