Kid's Meals

Menu items may vary at different locations


Jr Hamburger

A savory all-beef patty with American cheese, pickles and our special burger sauce on a warm hamburger bun.

Jr Hamburger Meal

This meal includes a Jr Hamburger, tortilla chips and a small soft drink.  A toy surprise completes the meal.

Jr. Burger & Chips : Calories: 320; Total Fat (g):15; Sat Fat (g): 5; Carbs (g): 25; Fiber (g): 0; Sodium (mg): 550

Ground Beef Taco Meal

Your child will enjoy one of our signature ground beef tacos, tortilla chips, a small soft drink and a surprise.

Ground Beef Taco & Chips : Calories: 610; Total Fat (g): 23; Sat Fat (g): 8; Carbs (g): 83; Fiber (g): 5; Sodium (mg): 1100

Jr Bean Burrito Meal

A smaller version of our popular bean and cheese burrito along with tortilla chips and a small soft drink make this delicious kid’s meal.  Add a toy surprise and the meal is complete.

Jr. Bean Burrito & Chips : Calories: 710; Total Fat (g): 27; Sat Fat (g): 6; Carbs (g): 105; Fiber (g): 8; Sodium (mg): 1200

Cheese Quesadilla Meal

A great meal for your little ones.  Includes a cheese quesadilla, tortilla chips, a small soft drink and a surprise!

Cheese Quesadilla & Chips : Calories: 780; Total Fat (g):35; Sat Fat (g): 14; Carbs (g): 97; Fiber (g): 5; Sodium (mg): 870