Menu items may vary at different locations


Breakfast Wrap

Warm flour tortilla wrapped up with one egg, cheese & choice of ham, bacon, chorizo or green chile.


Breakfast Burrito Grande

Large flour tortilla with two eggs, cheese, potatoes, mild green chilies and choice of ham, bacon, or chorizo.


Breakfast El Gordo

Giant breakfast taco in a grilled flour tortilla with one egg, cheese, lettuce, pico de gallo and choice of ham, bacon, or chorizo.


Breakfast Bowls

Bowls include one egg, cheese, potatoes, Spanish rice, whole pinto beans, mild red sauce and a flour tortilla.  Available with : ham, bacon, chorizo, steak, and mild green chile.


El Macho Breakfast

Three scrambled eggs, potatoes, 3oz slice of ham, extra beans and Spanish rice and an extra tortilla.


Huevos Rancheros

Two fried eggs served over two warm corn tortillas and topped with red sauce and cheese.


Fiesta Platter

Mild green chile and cheese wrapped in scrambled eggs & topped with more cheese.   Includes Spanish rice, traditional pinto beans and a flour tortilla.