Jimboy’s Tacos Celebrates 60 Years

Local Restaurant Chain Marks 60 Years in Northern California and Nevada on Wednesday, May 21

Sacramento, CA –Jimboy’s Tacos, a local fast-casual American-style Mexican food restaurant chain with nearly 40 locations throughout Northern California and Nevada, is celebrating its 60 year anniversary on Wednesday, May 21, 2014.  Festivities will be held at the Folsom restaurant on 708 E. Bidwell Street with family members of the founder gathering to celebrate the milestone occasion.  In honor of the anniversary, customers who buy a ground beef or bean taco on May 21st can buy another for .60 cents.60 Anniversary Badge 250x250
“We are humbled by the customer support we have received over the past 60 years,” said Karen Knudson-Freeman, president and CEO of Jimboy’s Tacos and daughter of Jimboy’s Tacos founder Jim Knudson.
The milestone anniversary will be celebrated with family flying in from around the country, including Hawaii. On hand, there will be children and grandchildren of the founder, Jim Knudson who passed away in 2011. Family members joining Knudson-Freeman for the festivities include the founder’s wife, Margaret “Mrs. Jimboys” Knudson, Scott Knudson and Norman “Ty” Knudson – sons of founder, and Erik Freeman, Patrick Freeman, Sara Knudson and Liv Knudson – grandchildren of founder.
Throughout the day, there will be family activities planned including a coloring contest, balloon twisting, magic show, air tattoo artist/face painting, and a bounce house.  The GTO Car Club is showcasing vintage cars in the Jimboy’s Tacos parking lot. 
Knudson-Freeman credits the quality and freshness of the food largely for its success.  “My dad was a pioneer when it came to freshness and quality – now everyone is doing it,” said Freeman.  “There is a “craveability” when it comes to Jimboy’s food.  It has the perfect blend of flavors and textures that complement one another, our food is made with premium and fresh product, and all of that creates one perfect bite.”
2 GB Tacos
- Jimboy’s Tacos Philosophy: Quality matters. Quality is everything.
- There is integrity in the quality and freshness of Jimboy’s food because founder Jim Knudson believed that’s how the food should be prepared.  
- Ground beef is always fresh, never frozen, and cooked fresh throughout the day in small batches to insure the best quality.  It is of the highest quality, 100 percent pure America beef purchased from Harris Ranch with no additives, fillers or preservatives of any kind.  The high quality beef required for Jimboy’s cannot be found in supermarkets.  All meat must be approved by Jimboy’s inspectors before it is allowed to be used for Jimboy’s products. 
- Fish is wild caught cod from Alaska – it is not farmed fish.
- Corn tortillas are made with stone ground corn, not corn flour, and has no preservatives. Dozens of different tortillas were tested before selecting this one.  It bursts with corn flavor and crisps up nicely for the tacos.
- Spanish rice and Pinto Beans are made from scratch daily at Jimboy’s.  There is nothing dehydrated, converted or canned.  Everything is made in smaller batches to be used within a few hours. 
- Guacamole is made fresh daily from fresh avocados that are hand cut, mixed with a special spice blend, and mashed by hand.
- Jimboy’s original taco sauce is made from scratch every 2-3 days at the store.
- Onions, tomatoes, lettuce, cilantro are all hand cut fresh daily.
- Salads are made fresh daily.
- Cheese is freshly shredded daily.
- Chicken is all-natural, minimally processed, no artificial ingredients, hormone-free, raised Cruelty Free, raised Cage Free, Allergen and Gluten Free
Jimboy’s Tacos recently entered into a long term partnership deal with Krrish Group to open franchises in India.  The Krrish Group, as Master Franchisee of Jimboy’s Tacos, will launch the multi-store opening in India later this year.  The first restaurant is slated to open in September 2014, with 7-10 more restaurants opening in the next two years.
Jimboy’s Tacos had humble beginnings, debuting in a small trailer on Kings Beach in Tahoe, California in May of 1954.  Started by Jim “Jimboy”  Knudson, it began with Jim’s recipe for his signature taco, packed with the perfect balance of flavors and textures, all encased in his famous crispy, Parmesan dusted stone ground corn tortilla.
Traffic began to pick up, fueled in large part by positive word-of-mouth from locals in the area.  In the spring of 1958, Joe King, owner of King’s Beach and a huge fan of Jimboy’s Tacos, built a small building on North Tahoe Boulevard for the sole purpose of giving Jimboy’s a more permanent home.
Celebrities performing in the famous CalNeva Lodge in Tahoe, including members of the famous “Rat Pack,” Dean Martin, Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford, began hearing about Jimboy’s Tacos and making trips to the new storefront.  All three stars from “Bonanza,” including Loren Green, Dan Block and Michael Landon, were sometimes seen at Jimboy’s Tacos. They would send someone to order tacos for the crew and stars, when they were filming in the area.  Countless other stars of the 60’s and 70’s began discovering Jimboy’s Tacos at the same time.
In 1969, Jim began franchising and the Jimboy’s Tacos phenomenon grew from a small trailer on the shores of Kings Beach, into almost 40 locations throughout the Sacramento and Tahoe areas.  
Jimboy’s Tacos has built a large and loyal following of fans because the commitment to using fresh, quality ingredients has never changed.  Looking back over the years, Jimboy’s Tacos was ahead of its time in going farm-to-table, which is now a trend in many restaurants.  From the very beginning, Jimboy’s Tacos focused on freshness and quality, using only fresh, premium local ingredients, preparing food from scratch daily, and cooking in small batches to ensure freshness. 
While Jimboy’s Tacos is perhaps most famous for its signature crispy, Parmesan dusted tacos, the grilled burritos have also earned a loyal following.  Stuffed with fresh, good quality, homemade ingredients, our classic burritos are then finished on the grill to seal them shut and give them a nice crisp exterior.  Enchiladas, salads, burrito bowls, breakfast entrees, and our signature “Taco Burger” are also inspired by Jim and his commitment to focus on “fresh, quality ingredients with the best taste at an affordable price.”
In addition to the food, Jim Knudson focused on helping people who worked hard to make their own way, because that was his philosophy.  He was always helping out employees who were struggling financially, either with a loan or just paying a bill for them.  He was extremely fair minded, and both Jim and his wife Margaret would go out of their way to help others, even in a moment’s notice.   They also believed in giving back to the community that welcomed and supported each new store to their neighborhood. Whether it was through giving donations to local charities, engaging in philanthropic activity, providing jobs for families in the community, it was important to always give back and thank the families and communities that supported Jimboy’s Tacos.  
Madison-School-Dine-OutJimboy’s Tacos recently launched a “Dine and Donate” program, offering a charitable donation to local organizations that host a dining event at any of our nearly 40 participating locations. Our contribution is based on 20% of the net sales from guests that bring in a “Dine and Donate” flyer for the organization’s specific event. Since the fundraising takes place at the local Jimboy’s Taco restaurant, the money that is raised will benefit the communities in which we live, work, and play.
Although he wasn’t actively involved in the operations in his later years, Jim was always very concerned about, and closely monitored, the style and quality of the restaurants bearing his name up until his death in 2011 at the age of 95.
Jim’s vision and philosophy is a guiding force for his daughter, Karen Knudson Freeman, who took over as President and CEO of Jimboy’s Tacos in 2010.  The number of Jimboy’s Tacos locations continues to increase, but our menu still reflects Jim’s distinct and unique cooking style and commitment to freshness and quality.  
In 2012, Karen revealed that Jimboy’s Tacos would remodel all of its nearly 40 restaurants to reflect a fresh, new adventure-themed prototype by the end of 2016.  The adventure aspect reinforces Jimboy’s branding efforts around a fun, entertaining place to eat, while maintaining the food’s integrity and commitment to freshness, quality and the perfect balance of flavors and textures.   
Jimboy’s Tacos recently partnered with real estate company, The Krrish Group, to bring Jimboy’s Tacos to India.  The Krrish Group, as Master Franchisee of Jimboy’s Tacos, will launch the multi-store opening in India later this year.  The first restaurant is slated to open in September 2014, with 7-10 more restaurants opening in the next two years.
We’ve worked very hard to maintain the quality of our food and customer dining experience while building our brand and keeping it new and relevant.  After 60 years, we’re proud that we’re still getting rave reviews, and creating a crave-able food experience is a big part of it.  We will always care, and we will always work hard, to ensure that Jim’s vision is carried through, and our customers continue receiving the quality of food and service that led us to celebrating 60 years in business. 
There are nearly 40 Jimboy’s Tacos in Northern California and Nevada- many of whom are celebrating our 60th anniversary with the special offer Tell Us “Happy Anniversary” on May 21st, and when you buy a ground beef or bean taco, you get the second one for only .60 cents.
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